Apr 29, 2013

PS I Love You

Clayden started the blog long time back to write about Beau & Clayden... Lots of silly conversations. Lots of funny tiny things that, well, had it not been jotted down, would have been forgotten. But like many has realized, it's all these little little things that makes life wonderful...

But long distance relationship and work had taken toll on both of us as well as the blog, although the later is not even of a concern. Reading back the old posts, memories were brought back. And yes, those good memories reminded me of what this relationship was based on...

This relationship has grown. It was shaken. It was tested. It was altered. But one thing remained the same. PS. I love you...


Unknown said...

It's amazing isn't it!!!! Looking back at all the good old memories, it reminded us how silly & madly we were in love. (Not that we are not, at the present, it's just, different)
Going through your post, make me think of, what's going to happen with me & my bf. He will go away, soon. And I'm tormented at the present, of the possibility of our wonderful connection at the time being, will be spoil by the long distance & little mini thingy that we share at the present where we won't be able to in the future.
Do keep us posted, with your part of love life. Where I worry I may fall into the same, one day.

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