Apr 29, 2013

PS I Love You

Clayden started the blog long time back to write about Beau & Clayden... Lots of silly conversations. Lots of funny tiny things that, well, had it not been jotted down, would have been forgotten. But like many has realized, it's all these little little things that makes life wonderful...

But long distance relationship and work had taken toll on both of us as well as the blog, although the later is not even of a concern. Reading back the old posts, memories were brought back. And yes, those good memories reminded me of what this relationship was based on...

This relationship has grown. It was shaken. It was tested. It was altered. But one thing remained the same. PS. I love you...

Apr 27, 2013

On the Stalk of "flower"!

So in a relationship, guys get the girls bouquet of flower on Valentine's or anniversary or birthdays or something special...

While Clayden was in KL for the week off from work, he'd been out and about with Beau. One night close to their anniversary day of their 4 year-relationships, they went to a restaurant for dinner after working out. Upon leaving, Beau pulled out a balloon from the balloon stand at the exit.

Beau: Dear, for you...

Clayden: Eeee hehehe... Young kid...

Beau: Don't want ah? Then I'll put it back...

Clayden: Want want!

And so... Beau's first stalk of "Balloon". LMAO.

Mar 8, 2013

Mar 4, 2013


Do u think so?

Feb 27, 2013

Feb 22, 2013

FF Member

 Im sure one of you guys know him.

Tell him I say HI. :D And I think he's super hot. Love his big manboob.

Feb 18, 2013