Mar 30, 2011


Clayden: A bunch of kids.

Beau: College kids.

Clayden: Nah. I think they've just gotten their STPM results. Coming out celebrating.

Beau: How do you know?

Clayden: Well... They look like they are... acting mature. Know what I mean?

Beau: =.="

Mar 28, 2011


Clayden: That PT is gay.

Beau: How do you know?

Clayden: I know...

Beau: What did you guys do?

Clayden: Nothing! I just saw his thing...


Clayden: He has a profile on the gay social website...


Mar 26, 2011

Personal Trainer

So one day in the gym...

Clayden's eyes followed a muscular guy...

Beau: He's a PT.

Clayden: Yeah I know.

Beau: How come you know?

Clayden: Last time asked him to measure my thing in KLCC



I went to the PT station for the body weighing stuff dear... Don't get so jumpy! LOL

Mar 24, 2011

Manwatch 001

Clayden gets itchy with the new phone again and started man-watching.

Spotted this manly guy in office wear in the fastfood restaurant one day. 40s probably. But gosh, his body was to die for!


Mar 22, 2011

Fat Beau

Clayden: Dear... you got tummy jor...

Beau: Where got where got?

Clayden: Got... just now when you were standing at the counter... can see your tummy protruding out... especially since you tuck in your shirt...

Beau: Oh my God.... Don't wanna eat anymore...

After a while...

Beau: But really... I've been feeling quite fat lately...


Time to work out!

Mar 20, 2011

GO-GO Show

So we were planning to go to Bangkok for a week for a weekend. Beau decided to call up a mutual friend of ours to ask if he was interested.

Beau: He would definitely wanna go to those kind of places. (meaning the 'boys' show)

Clayden: Ah... Then dear you don't go la... I'll go with him.

Beau: Yer! What's that supposed to mean?

Clayden: You don't wanna go... but I wanna go mar...

Beau: Yer! Cannot cannot... I also wanna go...

... to keep an eye on Clayden! HA-HA!

Mar 18, 2011

Physique Bias...

The beau is... physique conscious. Especially when it comes to an instructor. For him to agree to join a cardio class, he wants to know how the instructor looks like first. More often than not, he ended up in the class of an instructor who had been teaching for ages.

Partly beacuse, the 'old' instructors are alrady toned... And more shaped...

So one evening, we headed to the gym for RPM, only to noticed that both class were replaced by new instructors. I suppose they're those who've just cleared their trainings... We headed in anyways. But it was one hell of a torture...

Beau: Was counting for the class to end...

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Boring to death... And the instructor is so fat...

Clayden: So bias...

Beau: It's only natural for a PT or an instructor to have a nice body. Otherwise, what's your asset to convince other people that you're good?

Point taken there... Hmm... Maybe I should get that long time bodybuilder personal trainer to train me up?

Mar 16, 2011

City Boy

Beau: Dear... you're a city boy.

Clayden: Definitely...

Beau: That's the reason you should go to someplace more... Natural... The beaches or the mountains...

Clayden: I like my traffic jams and concrete buildings... Feel more... secure...

Beau: What is so secure about that??

Clayden: Cuz... if you go to an island, what if suddenly there's a tsunami?

Beau: =.="""

Mar 14, 2011

Island Trip

Beau: Dear... how come you don't like to go to the islands?

Clayden: Because... Nothing to do? You mean something like Phuket?

Beau: Yeah... it's relaxing. We could go to Phi Phi Island..

Clayden: What is there to do there anyways?

Beau: Snorkelling...

Clayden: Ugh please... I don't like snorkelling... remember the last time in Pangkor?

Beau: Oh My God... you mustn't compare Pangkor with any other place... Pangkor is like, grade D while Phuket's grade A...

Oh really?

Mar 12, 2011


Beau: Dear... maybe we should go to Bangkok...

Clayden: Why??

Beau: There's postulations there might be elections coming up in Thailand... There might be riots...

Clayden: The Malaysians might be having theirs this year too...

Beau: But there won't be any riots here...

Clayden: Lots of rumors going on since the past election... you never know.

Mar 10, 2011


Well... Beau went travelling for a month... and Clayden got horny, so much so that he couldn't really think straight anymore. Blue balls were turning him irrational.

Thankfully, Clayden actually stumbled across a site where he was able to download high quality porn! Where the porn stars were all super hunky yummilicious that well, Clayden could actually hit a few ejaculations in a day.

But what the old men said were right. Too much a thing is not always good. On the last cumming, he actually spilled onto the keyboard.

-.-" Didn't really manage to clean the little bits that got stuck in between the keys in the end. Then again, it's his own stuff... So... whatever. :P

Mar 8, 2011

Manwatch 002

Clayden and Beau headed out for Starbucks one night... Quiet night, just 3 couples including us. Walked pass one of the couples to the end of the shop for the couch in the corner when the one in formal wear caught Clayden's attention.

Not exactly the type he'd go to bed with. Meaning, not one with the body. But definitely one that could go up the wall. Meaning, his face is just too darn handsome!

But daymn... the zooming function of the bloody phone wasn't good enough.

Mar 6, 2011

Manwatch 001

Clayden gets itchy with the new phone again and started man-watching.

Spotted this manly guy in office wear in the fastfood restaurant one day. 40s probably. But gosh, his body was to die for!


Mar 4, 2011

Zero Readers

Blogging Bugs must've gotten into me. I actually started to mind about the amount of comments I get on my blog!

Clayden: Sigh... No one reads my blog...

Beau: Sure got silent readers one...

Clayden: But no one comments...

Beau: Because you never go back and commented on their blogs...

Clayden: But I read on my updater whenever they updates. It's troublesome to click them blogs individually to leave comments...

Beau: ... *speechless*

LOL. Honestly... I think I do mind a bit. But after consulting a senior blogger, only then did I found out, Beau was probably right, I've got quite a number of readers. LOL

Mar 2, 2011

Favourite Instructor

By now you'd probably know I've got a certain instructor that I don't like. Heck I'm sure everyone has that preference. The top of my list is actually a female; a GX manager of one of the branches. SO go figure.

One day, Beau told me he saw my favourite instructor teaching Bodyattack in one of the centres.

Clayden: Who?

Beau: XXXX

Clayden: Who wor...?

Beau: **** la... :P

Clayden: Don't make me puke please... To be qualified as my favourite instructor, a penis is a compulsory.

Beau: Wah....