Dec 30, 2011

Meet the Aunt (Part 4)

Aunt to Beau: So are you going to follow him back during the Chinese New Year?

Beau: *awkward laugh* No la...

Clayden: *in shocked mode*.... (still!)

Many moons ago. LMAO!

Dec 28, 2011

Off for the Year End Holiday

Beau: So what is Clayden gonna get Beau this Christmas ler?

Clayden: A trip here. *shows photo*

Beau: Waaaaa....

Know where?

Dec 25, 2011


Want some Christmas Blend?


Dec 24, 2011

Dec 23, 2011

Starbucks Card

Clayden: Dear... the next time we want to go to Starbucks, remember to remind me to bring my card along.

Beau: Okay. I want one too.

Clayden: Need to buy one lor.

Beau: Not free ah?

Clayden: No ler. 20 bucks.

Beau: I thought someone got it free.

Clayden: That launching party ah? I wasn't invited.

Beau: How come you're not invited?

Clayden: Because no one invites me. :(

Dec 21, 2011

Overpriced Item

Was in Ikea looking for ideas on how to furnish the house...

Clayden: I'm thinking of getting that.

Beau: For what?

Clayden: To put at home.

Beau: Is it necessary?

Clayden: Actually no.

LMAO! Gay people and their spending habits. Ugh!

Dec 20, 2011

Discounted Sushi

Sushi Q - Publika


Dec 19, 2011


Why is it okay for 2 homosexual girls to show public display of affection but not for 2 homosexual guys?

Dec 17, 2011

Manwatch 020

The biceps! The biceps!

Dec 15, 2011

Manwatch 019

Yes the guy. In black tee. Holding his Starbucks drink.

Dec 14, 2011

Sunny Side Down

Clayden ordered 2 sunny side up from the eggs station in the breakfast buffet. And came back with this...

Beau: One only?

Clayden: Two. Mine's got the yolk beneath.

Beau: Sunny side down.


Dec 13, 2011

Lousy Parenting

So we were in a hotel having breakfast one morning, and there was a young couple with their 2 year old son in the next table.

Beau: OMG! The mother doesn't control her son!

Clayden: Let her be. Not your son.

Beau: He got a knife on his hand! ANd he's climbing up the chair!

Clayden: Let him be. When he falls only he know.

Beau: But he'll injure himself!

Clayden: There'll be some doctor around.

Beau: And now he's holding a fork!

Clayden: Never mind, he could injure his eyes. And some eye doctor out there can earn more money.

Beau: Why you like that one?

Clayden: Why you wanna mind other's business?

Dec 11, 2011

Meet the Aunt (Part 3)

Clayden: Your aunt knows we're together?

Beau: Of course she knows.

Clayden: But it's not like she knew we are gays before?

Beau: Well... she knows.

Clayden: How?

Beau: She asked.

Clayden: When?

Beau: When you were buying drinks.

Clayden: Then?

Beau: Like that lor.

Dec 10, 2011

Meet the Aunt (Part 2)

Aunt: So both of you likes to travel?

Us: Yeah...

Aunt: I see... that's why you guys got along so well.

Us: *smiles*

Aunt: And you guys go gym and run and everything.

Us: *smiles*

Aunt: That's why I see, both of you look very healthy.

Us: *smiles*

Aunt: You go well with each other.

Clayden: @.@ *try to smile*


Dec 8, 2011

Meet the Aunt (Part 1)

Aunt at Clayden: You need to toughen up.

Clayden: *smiles*

Beau at Aunt: Can one la...

Aunt at Clayden: Not to say you are not okay now, but if don't toughen up, you won't be able to give people the vibe that you are able to lead.

Clayden: *smiles*

Beau at Aunt: He can one la...

Aunt at Clayden: Like now you have Beau with you, you let Beau do everything, so you just soften.

Clayden: *smiles*

Beau at Aunt: Can one la, can one la.

Dec 7, 2011

Upside Down

You know there's this position where you lie on your tummy and push up your head on your elbow so you could lie down and still online at the same time?

So Clayden was doing that in the hotel room one evening with the head at the edge of the bed and the leg at the headrest part.

Beau: Oi! Leg!

Clayden: My legs are clean!

Beau: Still... Leg... don't put on the pillow!

Clayden: Never mind, it's my side of the bed.

Beau: Cannot. Later maybe mixed up and not your side only.


Dec 5, 2011

Smelly Hair

While blow-drying Clayden's hair, Beau sniffed his hair.

Beau: Dear, why your hair still so smelly one? You didn't wash using shampoo?

Clayden: I used the shampoo you passed to me.

Beau: But how come still so smelly?

Clayden: Impossible.

Beau sniffed around... and got to Clayden's shirt.

Beau: Your shirt has got this stuffy smell...

Clayden: Meaning my hair is not smelly lor...

Lazy Head

Clayden has the bad habit of getting into bed right after shower without blow-drying his hair. So one day when Beau saw it, he demanded that Clayden sit up and let him dry it for him.

Clayden got to the corner of the bed, and continued lying on his tummy.

Beau: Sit up properly lar. Cannot get to the other side.

Clayden: My head is lazy.

Beau: @.@ *speechless*

Dec 4, 2011

Cranky Beau

After getting scolded by Clayden, Beau got cranky.

So during our meal at KFC...

Clayden: Snack plate. 2. Original.

And we were served 2 pieces on each plate.

Clayden: AIKS?! This is snack plate!

Waitress: Yea.

Clayden: Not 3 pieces?

Waitress: That's dinner plate. You want 3? Can add on ala cart 2 more pieces

Clayden: Okay fine. 2 more then.

Beau: HEY HEY! Why can't she just cancel the order and key in again!

Clayden: Whatever la. No need to argue.

Beau: NO BUT...

Clayden: I ordered already...

Beau: BUT SHE....

Clayden: I'm buying....

Beau: Fine. You could have paid less.

Clayden: It's okay. I'm in a good mood.

Beau: *walk away grumpily*

Dec 2, 2011

Angry Clayden

Sometimes Beau repeat stuff that he said when Clayden didn't respond, he might thought that Clayden didn't hear it.

Clayden: I KNOW! SO?

Beau: Aiyo... Dear emo jor ah? Why nowadays so easy angry one?

Clayden: Cranky!

Beau: *speechless*

ps: Sorry dear... stressed out...

Dec 1, 2011

Unsupportive Beau

So during the Penang Bridge Run... Beau didn't come out from the hotel when Clayden went for the half marathon.

Beau: People on Facebook were asking how come Beau didn't go to the running venue.

Clayden: Then what did you say?

Beau: Lazy...

Clayden: Yalor... not supportive at all...

Beau: Heee-heeee

Nov 30, 2011


So there was this form needed to be filled for some confidential purposes.

Clayden: Gosh! So thick! How to fill?!

Beau: Fill only the ones applicable to you.

Clayden: And there's information about the company!

Beau: Usually those can get online, need to do research one.

Clayden: But there's financial income per annum!

Beau: Leave those blank.

Clayden: And there's salary column!

Beau: =.=" Forms also don't know how to fill.

Nov 29, 2011

Running Medal

Beau: There's no finisher medal in Nike Run right?

Clayden: Some limited edition thumb drive I think.

Beau: Nevermind lar, dear since you got a lot of thumb drive already, I know you will give me the Nike one right?

Clayden: Cannot! Must go earn yourself.

Beau: Can lar... I trade mine for you.

Clayden: *speechless*

Nov 28, 2011

Nike Run

2 days later, after Clayden stopped complaining of muscle soreness from Penang Bridge run, Beau started to experience muscle soreness...

Beau: Maybe I should skip running Nike Run.

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Leg pain...


Beau: Yer... my dear laugh at me. *pouts*

Nov 27, 2011


So after running 21km last weekend, Clayden came back with a chaffed inner thigh. Compression pants must've ran out of place, leaving spaces in between the thighs to rub against each other.

Clayden: Pain...

Beau: Why pain ler?

Clayden: Chaffed lor.

Beau: How you run one?

Clayden: Like normal people lor.

Beau: Like aunty like that *making a pose running with a abducted thighs*

Clayden: Yor... *pouts*

Nov 26, 2011


After the Penang Bridge last weekend, Clayden was suffering from muscle fatigue; not only in the legs, but also the shoulder. So Beau was called upon to stick some painkiller pads.

Beau: Like old man like that.

Clayden: You also having pain in your leg.

Beau: But mine is not where old people usually suffer pain from.

Clayden: *pouts*

Nov 25, 2011

Blowing bubbles

That shows how bored I am at times.
If you do know, yes I'm trying to make a living out of blogging, but it just doesn't work in Malaysia it seems. :(

So I'm sulking...

And blowing bubbles into my hot chocolate.

Nov 23, 2011

Nov 20, 2011

Another Coupon Story

I'm sure by now everyone know about Groupon... the online voucher where you get discounts because the company purchase the deal in bulk...

So quite a while back there was this deal of 2 types of main course in Tony Roma's.

Clayden: Dear, Tony Roma got deals wor.

Beau: Oh... yeah I saw it.

Clayden: Wanna go? Haha.

Beau: Hmmm... Don't want la.

Clayden: Okay lor...

And so, we didn't go to Tony Roma for like a couple of weeks.

Nov 19, 2011

Middle Eastern Food

Beau is quite an international traveler before we settled down. Lots of flying here and there and stopping by in Dubai Airport and all... So one day, as I chanced across this coupon on one of the online mass voucher website, I thought I'd ask if he's interested in dining at this restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara called... something.... can't remember.

Clayden: Dear, wanna go try out in the best Middle Eastern restaurant in KL as named by Time Out?

Beau: Middle eastern? No way.

Clayden: How come? I thought you like it?

Beau: I HATED it...

Clayden: Haha. okay....

Beau: Why? You tried that place before?

Clayden: Nope, just wondered if you wanna go try together.

Beau: Don't want la...


Nov 18, 2011

You Decide

Deciding on where to go for our date is so troublesome. So more often than not, I'd ask the Beau to decide.

But now he had learnt the trick. He'd keep quiet, until I ask "Where to go ler?" And he'll answer "You decide. Today is You Decide day."


Nov 17, 2011


While driving past the hilly route of Mont Kiara residential area, we saw this one guy in running shorts and blue jersey jogging by the pavement, uphill...

Clayden: Wah... cutie.

I thought Beau would turn around immediately to see.

But he lagged for a bit... After 2 seconds, "Is it?" and he tried to check it out in the side mirror.


Nov 16, 2011

Lonely Planet

We were at the bookstore one day, and we were browsing through the travel guides.

Clayden: Wow! I love this!

Beau: Oooh! I have similar series. But of Los Angeles and London.

Clayden: Hmmm should I get this?

Beau: Don't know.

Clayden: But they'll update again later. So it cannot be used 10 years later wor.

Beau: Of course. Hotels and all those updated information would be outdated that time.

Clayden: Should I get it?

Beau: Don't know. Up to you.

Clayden: Should you get it?

Beau: NOPE.


Nov 15, 2011

One Fit One Fat

so we were in a mall eating and there was this other couple sitting in the next table.

after we were done with food, we left the diner. and coincidentally, the other couple too left at the same time. one of the guy was lean fit and so ever fashionable with low v-neck tight shirt. while the other, although equally good looking, had a huge belly!

Clayden: Wah... the other couple one lean fit one big belly.

Beau: Ahem... They also will say the other couple one fit one fat.

Clayden: >.>

Nov 13, 2011


Beau: I'm going drinking later...

Clayden: Okay... with your boss ah?

Beau: No wor... cute guy...

Clayden: Yeeerrrrr.... Not scared I'd get jealous?

Beau: No wor... Are you jealous?

Clayden: Nope... :P

Nov 10, 2011


So I was filling out some forms online and I needed Beau's particulars for something... And I have never actually filled out any forms that requires passport number... So I texted him for his...

Beau: My passport is XXXXXXXXXX.

Clayden: Expiry date?

Beau: XXXXXXXXXX. What else you need?

Clayden: Errrm... everything in that main page la.

Beau: My name you also don't know??? *angry icon*


Nov 9, 2011

New Particular

While helping Beau to fill up some information online about his Passport number and details...

Beau: Dear, there's one more thing in the passport you might need. 8"

Clayden: Huh? What's 8"?

Beau: The dick size...

Clayden: =.=""""

Beau: Yours don't have?

Clayden: =.=""""""""""

Beau: Maybe yours too small. So not significant.

Clayden: *faint*

Nov 7, 2011

We had this....

In relation to this post about the food that Beau brought that night

We had this...

TWO of them! HAHA

And it was 11pm already. LOL Luckily the owner of Asia Cafe didn't chase us away.

Nov 5, 2011

Eating Vinegar

So we were out in a shop selling pork dishes one day, and I ordered some soup for myself and chicken in wine for Beau. Somewhere along the dining, pork in vinegar came into the picture, as I thought I'd have ordered that instead.

Clayden: I should've ordered that lar...

Beau: They sell that here? Yeah! I love that one too...

Clayden: You like that? I thought you prefer the soupy one.

Beau: No... I like vinegar...

Clayden: Oooo... later I go see if they have that...

Beau: You don't know I like to eat vinegar one meh?

Sensing some hidden meaning there? LOL

Try read out 'eating vinegar' in mandarin.

Nov 4, 2011

Surprise Visit

One day, I headed to the gym earlier in the day and headed home before Beau off work. Therefore, he went to gym later while I was already at home. After he finished his workout, he called me up...

Beau: Dear... sleeping ah?

Clayden: No ah... You're not in the gym meh?

Beau: Finish jor... Now I'm coming to your place...

Clayden: Oh okay la...

Beau: I bought something.

Clayden: You... bought something??

Beau: Anyway, see you later...

Wah... what is it? Wine? X.O.? DVD? Or... condoms? LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Log in to find out the answer tomorrow!

Nov 3, 2011

Can See Cannot Eat

Lying in front of the TV watching this one day...

Beau: I hate this.

Clay: What?

Beau: Watching the people there eating and I cannot eat...

Clay: HAHA!

Beau: Sien jor!

Nov 2, 2011

Making Breakfast

Woke up one morning and noticed that Beau wasn't lying next to me. He was in the toilet, and after he came back to bed...

Clay: Eeee... I woke up just now then, suddenly dear gone jor....

Beau: Toilet ler...

Clay: I thought you were in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me ler....

Beau: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Nov 1, 2011


Beau: So... what's my dear gonna prepare for breakfast tomorrow ler?

Clay: Errr I don't know ler... Instant noodle!

Beau: =.=""""""""

Oct 31, 2011

Soprano Porn

So Beau came over to sleepover one night. I had Paul Potts, the opera tenor singer who won the first UK-XFactor playing on the hi-fi with the surround sound system and all, trying to take in the vibes one night. And Beau was lying next to me...

Beau: Eh? See see, what you downloaded last night?

(I downloaded porn from some website.)

Clay: Yoooorrrr... where got people watch porn with the opera songs at the back one...


Oct 30, 2011


So when we were staying in one weekend...

Clay: What to order ler?

Beau: You decide la...

Clay: McDonald? Pizza Hut? Dominos?

Beau: You decide la...

Clay: Popeye!

Beau: Can also...

Clay: Or Nandos?

Beau: You decide la... anything also can... Everytime you ask me to decide, today you decide...

Clay: You give me some opinion la...

Beau: Yerrr... Then might as well I decide lo..

Clay: Opinion mar...

Beau: I know your trick one. Later you sure say okay with whatever I say.

Clay: Heeeee... :P

Oct 29, 2011

I will Follow You...

So we came to know that a mutual friend had an encounter in the gym shower room. And Beau asked me what this mutual friend told me.

Beau: Such thing happened in the gym?

Clayden: Don't know. Never encountered.

Beau: Ya meh? The uncle who followed you leh?

Clayden: That one different, follow only...

Beau: Have to follow you around first also then only something can happen.

Clayden: Yerrr.. No lor. Nothing happened.

Beau: Next time I follow you lor.

Clayden: Wah. Good wor like that. Got hunk follow me in the shower rooms...

Beau: Heeee *blush*

Oct 28, 2011

Miss Me Not?

On MSN one night...

Beau: Dear dear... how's your day?

Clayden: Okay lor...

Beau: Dear miss me ah?

Clayden: Err... no wo...

Beau: Har? :(

Clayden: Emo ah?

Beau: Yalor..

Clayden: Aiyor... of course got la. Pulling your leg ony.

Beau: Yer... My dear also know how to tease people already...

Clayden: Long time lor...

Beau: *hugs*

Oct 27, 2011

Manwatch 025: Celebrity

I was sitting in Starbucks one day when there was this handsome guy coming in to sit right next to me. I stole a look. One second. Two seconds. And I stole another look.

He looks preeeetty familiar... Anyone knows who he is?

He left his friend about 1 hour later. Friend was asking when he wanna go out drinking again. He said he thought his friend was busy all the time. Friend replied he wasn't that busy. And I thought they mentioned that night it self they were going out for beer.

Wooo... so man....

Oct 26, 2011


And the following day... Beau called up.

Beau: Dear... are you okay?

Clayden: Yeah I'm fine... What do you mean?

Beau: I pass motion so many times since this morning... All water one...

Clayden: Is it? I'm fine wor.

Beau: I thought it was the sushi...

Clayden: But I'm okay lor. Maybe it was your drink.

Beau: Okay... I'm literally sitting in the toilet the whole morning.

Clayden: At home? Not at work ah?

Beau: How to go to work? Every half hour needs to go to the toilet... Sigh...

Clayden: Dear got the Chinese medication not?

Beau: No... But I finished the whole bottle of 100plus d...

Clayden: Oh... can also.. Now still got ah?

Beau: Got... but not so much anymore. This morning like pee like that...

Clayden: Yeeee.....

Beau: I should've taken a photo lo... Yellow colour one...

Oct 25, 2011

Not So Surprise After All

Clayden: I was wondering what you were buying...

Beau: *smiles*

Clayden: Kinda weird for you to actually buy things. Some more after gym... And then it occured to me...

Beau: *smiles*

Clayden: The half price sushi!

Beau: *eyes wide open* You expected jor?!

Clayden: No lar. You said you were on your way, and you bought something. So I started to wonder what it was...

Beau: Yerrrr.... No fun one...

Clayden: Who asked you tell me so fast...

Beau: Then next time I don't wanna tell jor...


Oct 24, 2011

Sushi Supper

Beau knows I love Japanese food.

And so, we headed out to find a place to sit down. Was contemplating between Starbucks and the hawker centre, but opted for the later in the end... Because Starbucks seemed to be more strict in their 'no-outside-food-allowed' policy. LOL

Oct 22, 2011

Manwatch 024: Car-stopper

I nearly got into accident for this! You guys better leave comment for this post. LMAO!

And he waved back... At the lady in the car in front of mine though. HAHA!

Oct 21, 2011

Manwatch 023: Clayden lookalike

Clayden: Wah... Me!

Beau: Huh? You mer... You really posting that?

Clayden: Well, lookalike mar...

Beau: Yeeeeesh!

Oct 20, 2011

Double Standard

So Beau and I joined this fun run organized by NTV7 months ago, and in our goodie bags there were lots of stuff. Amongst them is a tub of TLC's body lotion. I've yet to use mine, since well, it's not like we've got winter here and I never have any dry skin problem. Not sure about Beau's though.

One day while doing our shopping, we came across TLC's product on the shelf. And guess what...

Beau: Eee! The Feel Good Run one wor...

Clayden: Eeee... wah, not cheap. 20 bucks.

Beau: Mine's the Matahari one.

Clayden: How can? Mine's purple...

Beau: Dunno wor. I got orange one.

Clayden: Yeeerrr! Double standard. I got cheaper one.

But of course, all for the joke. No offense!

Oct 19, 2011

Different Sized Egg

Beau: Yerrrr!!!! I feel cheated! Why one big one small?

Clayden: You didn't know I was talking about it just now?

Beau: I feel so cheated!!!!

Clayden: =.="

Oct 18, 2011

Different Size

Clayden: Yer... How come the eggs one big one small?

Beau: Why cannot? People one also one big one small.

Clayden: Where got? Mine's same size.

Beau: Same meh?

Clayden: Of course.

And by balls, think dirty. LOL

Oct 17, 2011

Sushi Plates

We were finishing our dinner in a Japanese restaurants with some empty plates and were waiting for the waiter to confirm our orders before we head to the payment counter.

Clayden: You think got people hide half of these plates under the table before they leave or not?

Beau: Ish!

Clayden: Well, we don't have to pay so much.

Beau: Oi!

Clayden: Hehe. I can do that before the waiter comes.

Beau: Don't lah.

Clayden: Hehehe...

Oct 16, 2011


Can't remember what we were talking about, but somehow the conversation were led into staring at the crotch when you're looking at men.

Clayden: Where got people look at the crotch one?

Beau: Why not?

Clayden: You look at a person from the face on...

Beau: I know for sure some people do go straight to down there.


Do you? Like, wanna assess how big his dragon is? LOL LOL LOL!

Oct 15, 2011


Clayden: The guy at the other table kept looking at me wor...

Beau: Why? You know him?

Clayden: Not that I know of.

Beau: Then he knows you?

Clayden: Gasps! He knows I'm the the author of this blog!

Beau: So fo-fu-lar meh?

How I know? XP

Oct 14, 2011


Beau: Dear not wearing underwear today ah?

Clayden: How you know?

Beau: Of course I know.

Clayden: I might be wearing underwear.

Beau: Touch one place can know already.

Clayden: =.="

Oct 13, 2011

Too Much Skin

Following last night event, I actually looked into my attire when I went out with Beau.

Clayden: Maybe it's because of what I wear.

Beau: Why? What about it?

Clayden: Too much skin exposure.

Beau: Just sleeveless only isn't it?

Clayden: But gym shorts...

Beau: Oooooh yea lar... So short some more...

Clayden: I came out from home without changing mar...

so yeah. Sometimes too comfortable and casual an attire attracts attention...

Oct 12, 2011

Gay Group

So as usual it was our supper time in Asia Cafe and on our way out heading towards the car park, we passed by this group of 4 guys sitting near the staircase. And... I accidentally heard one of them saying...

"Fuck me sideways!"


So in the car, I told that to Beau.

Beau: Yeah I know. Even though I didn't hear anything.

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: Because they kept looking at us when we left.

Clayden: So obvious ah?

Beau: Yeah. Sometimes you are.

Clayden: -.-"

Oct 11, 2011


Clayden: Do you think I can finish this wasabi?

Beau: Why?

Clayden: Just wondering if you want to bet with me.

Beau: Don't want. If I bet with you, you sure can finish it one.

Clayden: Heeheee...

I did. In the end. OOOOh my nose!

Oct 10, 2011

Underwear Lines

When you wear some tights and when you've got underwear inside showing the outlines on the butt cheek, it's kinda sexy in a way. I thought.

So, in the gym the other day, I saw this guy who came in tracks and owh-so-bouncy butt but I just couldn't find any outlines of the underwear he was wearing. Did he just go commando?

Ser-weet! I've gone commando a lot, even going outings. But work and gym are the two occasions I've always got something underneath to hold my bird and my balls. LOL.

Oct 9, 2011

No Underwear

So we were going up the escalator to the upper floor with 2 ladies in front of us. It was unintentional that when one of them stepped off the escalator, we actually caught a glimpse of what's underneath her miniskirt. It was not intentional I swear!

Beau: You saw also?

Clayden: Omg. My eyes. Can see the vagina even.

Beau: Really? No underwear?

Clayden: Noooo... ooo my eyes...

Beau: I thought I saw white underwear...

Clayden: No lah... She didn't wear any... my eyes.....


Oct 8, 2011


Couple 1: What are you looking at?

Couple 2: The Isetan member card thing.

Couple 1: You have meh?

Couple 2: I think I have one. At home maybe.

Couple 2 asked the cashier: Sorry, where to check the points ah?

Cashier: At the I Club on the 2nd floor.

Couple 2 again,: What do I get from the points?

Cashier: Usually you can redeem as vouchers.

Couple 1: You got?

Couple 2: Dont know leh...

So schweet.... like married couple like that. Or maybe they are. LOL

Oct 7, 2011


Was in the cardio class one day when this foreginer came in half way taking his seat next to me. He was buffed! And in a singlet, you could so see the outline of his pectoralis major and the veins on his biceps, gosh... I was trying to control my raging hormones. LOL. But true enough, it's indeed a motivation because you just don't want to embarrass yourself in front of such a hot hunk. LMAO!

Rest assured, we got acquainted. I mean. A handshake. I did after all, helped him out with the set up and all.

But I have no idea what his name is. LMAO!

Oct 6, 2011

Uncivilised People

To my utter disbelief, I actually saw this in the locker-room in the gym. What the heck?

Oct 5, 2011


Clayden: Whoa. No more locker left but this one. No wonder it's empty.

Beau: Why ler?

Clayden: Everyday die.

Beau: LOL!

114 in Hokkien is pronounced as 'yat yat sei', which sounded similar to dying everyday, i.e. day='sei', and everyday='yat yat'

Oct 4, 2011

Biggest Loser

Beau: Dear I didn't gain weight wor...

Clayden: I did... 5kg.

Beau: Whoa... can join Biggest Loser Asia d...

Clayden: cheebye.

Beau: Yerr... Dear scold me.

Clayden: *angry mode* Dowan to talk to you d...

Beau: Don't la....

Oct 3, 2011

Blur Cyclist

So there was this hot guy in the RPM studio one evening, riding on a bike preparing for the class. And then... Another lady member came in, and started scolding him. "This is my bike. Do you know that? This bike is number 6! This is my bike! Did you register? At the front desk counter! You have to register you know?! You cannot simply take my bike!"

I looked at them, shocked. Like seriously? Gurl, there's no need to shout! He's a new member! Talk properly.

So in the end, hot guy went to register for a bike and came back in. I was half hoping he would sit next to me. After all, he noticed I was looking at him. But too bad, he was on the far end of the studio. But true enough, our eyes met more than a dozen times throughout the class...

Gay? Definitely. LOL

Oct 2, 2011

Flowery pants

Saw this guy walked out of the locker room in erm... green shorts that has monkey face printing all over it from front to the back, pretty much like that boxers you wear when you go to sleep... Seriously? Comfort has a limit ya' know...

Oct 1, 2011

Couple-watch 002

It's almost always definite, when 2 hunky guys say hi to each other and walk down the escalator together, that they're either a gay couple, or gay singles dating each other, or gay singles who are friends...

Hottie from the gym going for food! :P

Sep 30, 2011

Sep 29, 2011

Couple-watch 001


Not Clayden and Beau...

Sep 28, 2011

Shitty Car

One Sunday, Beau was picking Clayden up for gym. And when he arrived... the sight of his car was... shit.

Clayden: Wah! Bird shit car!

Beau: Yerr... Call my car bird shit car...

Clayden: True mar... So many shits.

Beau: Okaylor. Angry bird shit car.


Sep 26, 2011

Harry Potter fans

months ago during the craze of Harry Potter's last movie, Clayden too was hyped, and dragged Beau along. As they were walking into the cinema...

clayden: Harry Potter... yay yay!

beau: Harry Potter... yer yer...

clayden: =.="

Clearly, beau is not a fan... Even worse, he dozed off as the young wizards broke into the Gringgots Bank! luckily he woke up and remain at that till the end after I woke him up...

Sep 25, 2011


beau: dear, how old is he?

clayden: 20 I think.

beau: so young? but he looks mid 20s already. especially when he smiles. got wrinkle at the corner of his eye.

clayden: is it?

beau: yea, like you too...

meaning I look older than my age too. bleah XP

Sep 24, 2011

Sexy Back

Been noticing this for a while. A lot of the hot hunks in the gym, as well as on the street, and when I mean hot hunks, it's pretty clear they work out a lot, their backs are like, you know, straight. I understand if you stand with a correct posture, back straight and not hunched and all. But it seemed though, apart from standing straight, they pull their shoulder back as well.

To flaunt the big muscular chest?


Sep 23, 2011

King of Angry Bird

So we were ordering some chawamushi just as the restaurants were taking their last call. But the waitress didn't seem to do anything after we ordered, and just continued to clean the next table and what nots.

Beau: Did she key in the order?

Clayden: Not sure...

Beau: Okay... if she didn't it's okay la...

Clayden: But they charge later.

Beau: They dare?! I'm the KING of ANGRY BIRD!

Clayden: Whoaaaa! The bomb ah?

Beau: The most superior one that flattens out everything.

Clayden: Then ma can score 3 stars in every level d!

Beau: Of course! But need to purchase that bird seperately. It's an eagle.

Clayden: -.-

The power of cyber games. LOL

Sep 22, 2011

Personal Trainer

Beau: Should I sign up for a personal trainer?

Clayden: Erm... up to you... if you think it's beneficial.

Beau: But I don't think I'll benefit much....

Clayden: Well, they correct your techniques at least.

Beau: I know the techniques already.

Clayden: Then they discipline you.

Beau: =.=


Sep 21, 2011

Gym clothes

Beau: Colleagues start commenting I wear so sexy in the gym. The sports tank top, the pants, the bandana, gloves, mp3 player... They all wear normal one.

Clayden: Normal like how?

Beau: Like what you usually wear. Loose t-shirt. Cargo pants...

Clayden: Hey! I wear appropriately.

Beau: Yea right.

Clayden: In that case, I agree with your colleagues. You always wear too sexy.


Sep 20, 2011

Gym in the Office

Beau: Can't go to gym next week.

Clayden: Go to the gym in the office then.

Beau: No way. No more...

Clayden: Why not?

Beau: Cuz everyone started gossiping about me the next day.

Clayden: Huh? What do you mean?

Beau: Whoa, didn't know you so strong.... whoa, didn't know you got triceps.... whoa, didn't know you so sexy.

Clayden: =.=""""""

Sep 19, 2011

Couple From the Gym

So we went into a restaurant after gym one night for dinner, and we saw a couple, of which one was the instructor.

Beau: Is it?

Clayden: Of course they are. But then hor, is the instructor even gay in the first place?

Beau: Yeah.

Clayden: You seen his profile?

Beau: Yeaps.

Clayden: Then couple lor...

But then after a while, the moved outside into the open, maybe because it was hot inside the restaurant.

Beau: Why leh?

Clayden: Maybe cuz he knows we were talking about them.

Beau: -.-"


Sep 18, 2011


So Beau and I went out shopping for his gym shoes one afternoon. Headed to Farenheit and later to Pavillion. Spent almost 6 hours walking and cruising down in the area. By the time we were home, we were totally beat...

Beau: Next time we should do this again..

Clayden: Do what?

Beau: Shopping...

Clayden: LOL. What are you gonna shop for?

Beau: No need to exactly buy anything.

Clayden: =.=

Do gay couples out there do this often? LOL LOL LOL!

Sep 17, 2011

*Heart melts*

Need I say more?

Not telling you where this place is though.

Sep 16, 2011


Clayden: XXX the GX manager?

Beau: Is it? I don't know.

Clayden: Not sure, I guess I saw it from somewhere before.

Beau: Last time very arrogant one.

Clayden: Is it? But now okay wor.

Beau: Now better already. Much much better.

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: Just heard...

Clayden: She remembers my name even!

Beau: REALLY? How can! She only knows me as Clayden's friend.

Clayden: la la la.

Beau: Ish.

Sep 15, 2011

Taking Chances

Lady squeezed through the small space between the couch and the marble table to sit directly across me. Odd that she didn't just sit down on the far left which was not occupied as well, considering the far right, there was another lady, who is not her friend also. >.>

Want to see if I'll look at you or not is it?

Well guess what? I did!


But no, she didn't give me her numbers. LOL.

Sep 14, 2011

Fat Die Me!

Beau often works late due to the international time zone and all. I mean, I have no idea why he always have to work according to the USA's time, why can't the Americans wake up earlier for once?!

So anyways, more often than not, when he came back from work at 10pm sometimes still not having any dinner yet, he'd be asking if I want to go eat together. I could just say no... but I usually don't, seeing it's actually a time we could spend together, albeit in a food court.

And well, my itchy mouth didn't just stop at talking when we were out for supper, because when he eats, I'd be ordering something for myself too.

So now you tell me? How could I not lose my 6 packs right?

No wonder people get fat after they settle down. LMAO!

Sep 13, 2011

Huge Emoticon

While chatting with Beau one day...

Beau sent me this.
.:::. .:::.

And I was wondering... how come Beau so smart one? He never was into all these homongous emoticon. Bleh.

But still... hehehe thanks dear...

Sep 12, 2011

Buckwheat noodle

We were in Pavillion having Japanese cold ramen one night when halfway through, I had to excuse myself to the toilet... bowel movement couldn't be controlled....

After we were done, we stood in front of the premise, observing how the workers were making the buckwheat noodle we ate earlier live. There were some advantages of the buckwheat noodle displayed and all...

Beau: Whoa. It's true...

Clayden: What is?

Beau: The advantages of buckwheat noodle.

Clayden: Which one?

Beau: Bowel movements.

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: Didn't you just came back from the toilet?

Clayden: Isshhhh....

Sep 11, 2011

Super Straight

Beau is so... straight sometimes. There was once when we were out in a Japanese restaurant, and when we were about to get the bill, the waiter came to check on our sushi plates. Surprisingly, he didn't record down the amount of plates we took off from the belt, and just jotted down our drinks! Like, that's 13 bucks of sushi!

Beau saw the mistakes and was calling out for the supervisor.

Clayden: Let's go already!

Beau: Hey, no, he forgot to record down the number of plates.

Clayden: That's his problem, we get off free...

Beau: Don't be like that...

After that...

Clayden: We could've gotten free sushi tonight.

Beau: Yer... the waiter have to pay from his salary one.

Clayden: How would anyone know if it's not counted? Not like they will go back and check how many plates were not paid for.

Beau: You got a point there... Hmmm... maybe I should learn to be more sly.

Clayden: Indeed!

Now you know who's the bad guy. LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Sep 10, 2011


Clayden: This one is gay.

Beau: Huh?

Clayden: That one also.

Beau: That one ler?

Clayden: Of course. Here's one coming.

Beau: Got boyfriend...

Clayden: Maybe... That's his fag hag..

Beau: Yer, dear you're so 38 one...

Clayden: LOL.

Sep 9, 2011


One evening in a mall,

Beau: Dear, this side...

Clayden: The glass door is that side...

Beau: This emergency exit goes inside also one...

Clayden: Isn't it the same?

Beau: Different...

Clayden: Huh?

Beau: Go in from here, can walk longer in air-conditioning.

Clayden: =.="

Sep 8, 2011

Couple Seat

Went to Ichiban Boshi in Pavillion one night...

Beau: Table for 2?

Waitress: Sure... You want this one (near the entrance)?
Beau: Erm...

Waitress: Or we have couple seat inside...

Beau: Near the sushi belt?

Waitress: Indeed.

After that...

Clayden: She knows wor...

Beau: Know what...

Clayden: Couple seat some more...

Beau: Ish...

Sep 7, 2011

Sprite + Water

Was waiting for Beau in the lounge when this two guys came down to the bar area as well. Both of them about the same height, same built, same hairstyle, somewhat... and both of them chewing some gums.

One of them sat down on the stool, while the other headed to the drinks counter, taking 2 cups. Had some sprite in it, and poured some more water. To dilute the sweetness of the drink perhaps?

But we all know what... Spouse #1 making a drink for spouse #2. LOL.

Sep 6, 2011

Horny Pimple

So Clayden spotted a pimple on his forehead one day, and he squeezed the pus out, leaving the pimple bleeding and swollen, just for the fun of seeing that whitish stuff pop out.

Beau: What happen to your forehead?

Clayden: Pimple.

Beau: Oh... They associate pimple with...

Clayden: I squeezed it with my hands...

Beau: Pimple with...

Clayden: What?

Beau: Dear horny ah?

Clayden: -.-"

Sep 5, 2011

Manwatch 021: Puppy-eyed PT

Months ago... Maybe a year ago...

Clayden: Got one instructor kept looking at me when I came down from the staircase, and when I came down from the threadmill... Not sure if he had something in mind or what.

Beau: He wanted to sign you up because you're fatso lar...

Clayden: That. Or maybe cuz I caught his attention and he likes me.

Beau: *choke*

But the narcissistic dream was proven wrong when I saw he was really intimate with this one girl one evening. They could be just trainer and members, but the POA when he naughtily poked the girl with a card he was holding said otherwise. Bleh. Finally he found a girl.

He's one of the PT who really caught my attention, perhaps due to his lovely puppy eyes... Awwww.......

Sep 4, 2011

Queue Fighting

Finished a cardio class in the Curve one afternoon when I saw the queue for RPM class downstairs. Don't understand why people are so obsessed with riding on a static bike. (Not talking about myself). I wasn't even bothered to go down and queue anymore, even though I could, because the queue is just too long.

Later after shower, when I sat at the lounge waiting for Beau, I overheard a lady 'complaining' to the GX Manager.

Something about it not being fair to have the staff reserve the bikes for those they're close to and all. And that she didn't even get one because everyone else was signing up for everyone else. The front desk staffs just looked on. And when they were done, lady said "Promise me, say you promise me."

GX Manager could only repeat what she said. "I promise."

Later on when Beau came, I told him about it and he too, said he would do the same if he was in her shoes. It's just ridiculous that when you rushed all the way to sign up for the class, and you find that there were staff who sort of 'booked' the bikes for their friends. If it's meant to be a first come first serve policy, than make sure it's fair to everyone.

Sep 3, 2011

Manwatch 020

My manwatch series are like, so totally out. LMAO. Noticed the serial number? I think I got all mixed up. LMAO.

Anyways, was putting a status on facebook about this guy coming up from the staircase and got me stunned for a moment when he flashed a smile at me. (Actually the lady behind me).

And later on only did Beau told me that, he was one of the BodyJam instructor from long time ago who have stopped teaching... Owhhhhh schweets mama that face of his...

But then... this is all I have of him. This fragmented piece... Shucks that he was walking towards me when I took this photo. LMAO! Didn't dare to take another one. Cuz he was too near! LOL LOL LOL.