Sep 29, 2010

Naughty Clayden

Oh well, you know, sometimes we tend to 'purrrrr' with the lover...

So one day, while we were having dinner in Tony Roma and the table was shaky.

Me: So shaky one this table.

And I continued to shake.

Beau: Don't shake la.

Me: Huh?

Beau: Don't shake.

Me: Oh...

Shake... shake... shake...

Beau: Aiyoo! Why my dear become like this...

Me: Like what?

Beau: So naughty. Like kid like that.

Me: I like leh. :P

Sep 27, 2010


We were hanging out in Starbucks one lazy Sunday afternoon after gym. I suppose I must've dozed off. Lazy afternoon like that, it's only natural to be asleep...

Later that night, while we were chatting online...

Beau: Dear, you already looked so tired this afternoon...

Me: Yeah...

Beau: Some more sleeping in Starbucks.

Me: Too sleepy already lo...

Beau: Snoring some more...

Me: Eeee!

Beau: Don't believe? I got a video of you snoring.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeee!

But if you're wondering, nope, I won't allow that video anywhere near the internet. LOL

Sep 25, 2010

Good Night Kiss

Went holiday with the Beau last weekend to a nearby town, just to get away from the hustle bustle of the big city. Not that we don't like the city, heck that's the only place I can survive; but rather, we just wanted to drive somewhere and cuddle underneath that comforter watching TV and sleep whole day, in a foreign room.

The next moning, Beau asked me if I had a good sleep.

Me: Great sleep. Why?

Beau: Nothing. Of course you had a good sleep. Some more with the loud snore and teeth grinding.

Me: Oops... So you can't sleep ah?

Beau: Not really wor...

Me: Because I snore too loud already is it?

Beau: No lah. I'm used to that. But maybe because didn't have good night kiss lor.

Me: -.-"

Sep 23, 2010


Beau: So dear, what do yoy want to eat today?

Me: Anything la.

Beau: Anything again... xxx ok?

Me: Okay...

one week later,

Beau: What do you want to eat?

Me: You decide la...

Beau: Me decide again... Don't like that la...

Me: Me anything also can...

2 weeks later,

Beau: So.. what to eat for dinner?


Beau: I know. Me decide again...

Me: Pandai dy...


Sep 21, 2010

Beau's Spycam

One night, beau was waiting for his mum in a Starbucks cafe somewhere and we were chatting online.

"Dear, the barista very cute one wor. It's so empty here so we managed to chat a bit."

Jealousy kicked in eventually, and I dared him to snap a photo of that guy.

"But I'm not a good stalker leh."

So I finally melted and said never mind, knowing him. Because later on, he told me he managed to snap the barista's photo.

Later on that evening, he sent me the photo.

"Cute or not?"

"Ok ok lah. Not as cute as me."

Beau was speechless. "No eye see."


Sep 19, 2010


We were in KLCC one day and a very hunky guy walked passed in front of us towards the escelator. Was drooling when I finally saw who he was with.

Old balding white man.

But then, it would be quite hot also lor. LOL. Cuz there was this video on the porn blog I surf. Awesomely hot. Wee~~

Sep 17, 2010


People like us, who don't deal with office work and keyboards all the time, we picked up typing using two fingers. So we started off with the index finger tapping on each keys when we type, and sometimes it takes ages to finish a sentence.

I somewhat had some trainings before. So at least I managed to type using 4 fingers from each hand, minus the little finger. The beau however, was the one who uses one finger.

So one day, I saw him typing a letter. Amazingly, he finished it in 15 minutes or so.

"Wah, you type so fast one hor?"

"Of course lah. What do you expect?"

"But you're only using your index finger mah..."

"Practice makes perfect, ma can go faster lor."

True... true... LOL. Just index fingers...

Sep 15, 2010

MOney Boy Promotion

You see, our phones, we always received messages from the 5 numbers about certain promotions and what nots. So one day, I asked the beau whether we could scrap it off, and he said it's a form of advertisement means for those business owners.

"Then, can we also advertise?"

"Can, it's just like a advertising board. You just need to go and register."

"Cool. Then can I go and advertise as a money boy?"

Beau was speechless. LOL.

Sep 13, 2010


So we finally went out one day. After all the failed attempt for public display of affections, we finally managed to perform some french kiss in Pavillion.

Beau said he wanted to get some working attire. He said he need some new ones so that when he meets the customer, he'd have something decent. So we went around the premium Parkson there and started our shopping frenzy.

But at the end of the day, he only managed to purchase a shirt. I on the other hand, a shirt, a long pants and a t-shirt.

Beau said, "How come everytime we go shopping, you're the one who purchase more than me one?"

I pouted my lips. "Because I'm more gay than you lor."


Sep 11, 2010

Oh Men....

Why the indecency? Tank tops should by banned in the homosexual law, it's too inviting! Beau's gonna strangle me.

Grumbling Clayden

Beau's turning workaholic. Not that he was never one, I thought always had been. But with the increasing workload lately, I seldom seen him online even, rest assured going out.

So one day, I finally vent the unsatisfaction.

"Know what, your company is evil. The married one sure divorce. The not married one never get married. Everyone so workaholic. Crazy one."

Beau of course know I'm mad that he didn't spend enough time with me. So he chuckled, "Aikaks... my dear angry jor..."

And my heart melted again...


Sep 9, 2010

So wrong...

So so wrong... Some flamboyant guys came out from the cinema and walked in front of us with his buttcrack popping right in front of our face! LOL
Beau didn't know I took the photo though. I think he didn't know. Although I know I appeared weird cuz I stand just one step behind this guy to snap this picture. LMAO.

Sep 7, 2010

Kap Zai Dao Frenzy

I don't know should I be spanked or what lor, but this guy looked pretty yummy lor. LOL. Friend said he's studying in the sports school...

And I can't stop having my thoughts ran wild. Put sports and boarding school together. *Drools*


Sep 5, 2010

I (LOVE) Men


Beau said wanna buy wor. But when I challenged him, he didn't dare to go into the shop. LMAO.

Egodystonic male.

Sep 3, 2010

Beau's Back


Was just less than 1metre behind this hot hunk in the gym. Gosh his pecs were niceeeee... the shirt he wore certainly didn't do him any justification, but at least he was shirtless after shower. LOL...

But this is something for you peeps out there. Beau's back and built is just as similar. :P

Clumsy Eater

Om nom nom halfway...

Me: Ooops... corn fell out...

Beau: Aiyah. Expected...

Me: What lar....

Beau: You everytime eating also like that one lar... so messy...

Me: wuuuu~ T.T

Sep 1, 2010

Bachelor's Dinner

One evening when the Beau were out with his family, I headed to a nearby cafe for a quick bite. Was clad in a muscle-T and broad shorts with flip-flops, typical flamboyantly homosexual that even a straight could tell I'm weird.

So I walked into a food centre and caught a glimpse of another single bachelor who locked his gaze at me. I walked further into the shop looking for a place to see, trying to avoid looking back at him, but I knew he was following me with his eyes.

Finally I sad down on a table behind him. Definitely gay, I thought.

Singlet, broad shorts, flip flops. Any more gayer? LOL Wondered where does he live. Hmmm... I live around too! LOL