May 31, 2011


Clayden: Dear, there's an Air Asia pilot staying in my block

Beau: really?

Clayden: Yeah... we were in the same lift. Kinda young, ok looking. Gay.

Beau: How you know?

Clayden: Cuz he was looking at me from head to toe...

Beau: =.="

May 30, 2011

Bloody Couple

Now I know why Beau gets really touchy driving on Malaysian road, especially on peak hours. Heck it wasn't even peak hours when I was driving home last night, it was way past 10 and God knows what bottleneck all these lousy contractors are interested in, converging 5 lanes into 2 small puny gravel unfinished lanes. On Persiaran Surian that was!

And all of a sudden, this bloody Kancil cut into my lane without signal, that I had to make an emergency break. Luckily the car behind me wasn't too near or else there'd be some chain accident causing even more backlogging.

Whoever this driver is (gay couple), be more courteous on the road please. Bloody hell. Can't wait to get home for some f**king is it?

May 29, 2011


We were having supper one night, and I was tempted for some alcohol, waved for the waiter, and asked for Kilkenny as advertised in a banner hanging next to our table.

Beau: Whoa, dear you're drinking Kilkenny...

Clayden: Yeah... Irish beer...

Beau: Errr...

Clayden: It's not beer?

Beau: I think it is... the black type...

Clayden: What? Stout?!?!??! The bitter type?

Beau: Haha.

Clayden: OMG! I don't want that!

Beau: I think it's a type of beer.

Luckily, Kilkenny came out to be of a normal beer colour. Though I didn't really like the taste... That sweetness that comes with it wasn't really much of my liking...

May 27, 2011

Gay Head

Went for a haircut, a super duper gay haircut done by a gay hairdresser. Short on the sides with some spikes in the middle.

Beau: Your hair!!!

Clayden: Yeah I know. Makes me look gay...

Beau: Haha.

Clayden: Seriously? You think so?

Beau: A bit.

Clayden: -.-

May 26, 2011

2 Guys 1 Toilet

Guys who've read this piece of news from my Facebook status would've known this encounter. Was in Starbucks one day and there was this couple walking in, early 20s, one muscular the other lean. After a while, they were gone...

It was actually an accidental incident.
I headed to the loo to find the muscular guy washing his hand. Toilets inside Starbucks is actually something like, both the male's and female's toilet were behind another door. So while there is only one room for the male, the other's for the female; while there's a common sink for washing hand.
I tried to open the door to the men's and it was locked. So I left t
he toilet.

A while later, thinking the men's were already cleared, I went in again. The second time, there was a lady instead. I opened the knob to the men's and still, it was locked. So I headed out again. Then another lady followed, assuming the one waiting inside managed to get her turn for the loo.

Not long after that, I see the couple came out of the toilet

The puzzle here... if the ladies' occupied by the lady... and th
ere's only one room for men... why would the 2 guys be coming out together, when none of them were seen by the sink when I went in the second time? LOL

By the way, yes, the muscle guy is hot. :P

May 24, 2011

Pressie 52411

This date is going down in history. 52411.

LOL... Clayden's like, sky high in happiness... Cuz Beau got him a gift. LOL. I mean, it's not like Beau never get him anything, but somehow, this gift just felt special. Can't stop smiling now.

Beau: You want or not?

Clayden: Don't know... hehe

Beau: Ish... like that also don't know?

Clayden: Yea mar... if you wanna buy for me then you should decide one lor.

Beau: Well, if you want, then I get for you lar; if not I won't buy lor.

Clayden: Of course if you buy for me I'll love it lor. But if you don't buy I'm also okay one.

Beau: So which one you want?

Hehehehehhehe.... So cute. Hehehehehehhee... so happy now. heeeeeheheheeee

May 23, 2011

Cute Hunks?

I saw one of them in another variety show before.

But it got me excited to find out that he actually has a twin! They look so similar to each other.

p/s: finally found out they're like me! mixed artistes calling themselves 2moro! :D cutes...

May 22, 2011


Yummilicious don'cha think? LMAO.

May 21, 2011

Free Meals

So we were in this Japanese restaurant on the first floor in Sunway Giza one day, we were seated by the window.

Beau: Got some functions down there.

Clayden: Got free food!

Beau: For anyone?

Clayden: Maybe.

Beau: I think whoever go to their booths.

Clayden: We should've gone there and pretended to ask about their products!

May 19, 2011

Naked Gym!

Guess what we found out? Men working out semi-naked in the gym!

No, not our gym, but this independent gym elsewhere. Quite a nice body, if only I have half of that cuttings.

Beau: Actually if we think about it, FF is kinda good that they make sure no one work out shirtless.

Clayden: But if the muscular ones take off their shirts, I don't mind.


May 17, 2011


Walked in IPC the other day, but the lights were all out.

Beau: Electric shortage?

Clayden: Earth Hour extended.

Beau: Maybe wire shortcut.

Clayden: They're saving money.

Beau: It's not even operation time yet!

Clayden: But the shops area already open.

Beau: Ikea having same problem too?

Clayden: No more meatballs.

Beau: Ah nope, just this part.

After our meals at the cafeteria in Ikea, we came back to IPC to find the lights all working again. LOL

May 15, 2011

Xiao Zhong Ge

Ni hao shuai!

LOL. Really love watching this guy in the Taiwanese variety shows. Though I don't really know what he's full time career is, singer or actor or host, I really love his smile!

When I showed Beau his picture, Beau actually recognized him as one of Taiwan's entertainer. But he too, didn't know his name. LOL

May 14, 2011

Rain cover

Clayden: Nice shades...

Beau: Yeah. You've never been here?

Clayden: Nope.... looks like it's gonna rain soon.

Beau: Yeah maybe.

Clayden: Is this piaza covered from the rain?

Beau: No... why would it be?

Clayden: There're shades up there.

Beau: It's not meant for covering this area from rain.

Clayden: Then when it rains... how?

Beau: Run for cover?


May 13, 2011

Deadly stares

Beau was almost about to blow up. The chubby kid of a Indian Muslim family was running around and singing. Beau had been staring at his parents for a few times, trying to give hints so they would control their child.

But just as I finally lost mine too, the parents finally brought him home. He was reluctant. But his Mum left him straight away. His dad too, pretended to leave. They'd been telling him, he could run in one of their uncle's house, in the kitchen and what nots. Kid was reluctant, but had to give in at last.

Perhaps Beau's deadly stares finally worked.

May 11, 2011


Clayden: Dave Nuku was in the gym.

Beau: really? his body very nice lor...

Clayden: He runs on the treadmill, 15kmph.

Beau: wha...


May 9, 2011


Living in a high rise isn't all that well, though according to the Chinese proverb, the higher you stand, the further you can see. Indeed, I see as far as the Petaling Jaya old-town from where I stay. But there's some drawbacks as well. Apart from the long waiting for the elevators sometimes, some of the residents have clumsy fingers.


May 7, 2011

Manwatch 004

He's got to be the hottest Daddy ever! Love the little goatee and moustache! Yummy....

May 6, 2011

Getting Lost

One fine day, I was venturing out to Mont Kiara to get familiarize with the place, heard there's a new gym branch there. I drove around the narrow road in that highly populated area, looking for the designated building where the gym is. Two rounds circling the area, and I still couldn't find where the building is.

Finally, I gave up and headed out to Avenue K instead.

That night, I told Beau...

Clayden: Can't see 1MK.

Beau: It's just by the side of the road.

Clayden: I saw Plaza MK though.

Beau: It's exactly opposite the plaza!

Clayden: Really? There's some construction across the plaza!

Beau: No not the other side, if you're on the main road underneath the elevated highway, you won't miss 1MK.

Clayden: I was! But there wasn't any signs or anything.

Beau: It's the big white building... just after the traffic lights.

Clayden: THAT's 1MK?! *smacks head*


And hence, the status update "From Mont Kiara to Avenue K".

May 5, 2011


Beau: Dear, why still the sad face?

Clayden: Still haven't recover from my disappointment.

Beau: Okay la. But don't emo for so long la...

Clayden: You think I could?

Beau: Expected you will be emo one. I should take a photo of you last night.

The night before, I wasn't even looking at him. My eyes were totally swollen from my disappointment and misery. Gosh, it really hurts.

May 3, 2011

Facebook status

Saw a status she posted 2 days after we found out about our result.

"You won't do this if you see how suffer he is."

I don't know if she was talking about me, be we went out in the morning, and it was very likely she was commenting on how miserable I was. She was probably aiming it at another friend of mine who boasted about his success.

This exam that I was taking, it was indeed very important. Since I didn't pass, I'm probably stuck here for another 6 months or so. My plans were all ruined. My drafted future and everything.

I was really really very sad.

But if you're gonna say, serve me right, I suppose you could.

My karma must've bitten me back.

May 1, 2011


Beau: Dear, don't be so sad la.

Clayden: How can? My plans all ruined...

Beau: Emo for a while, but don't emo for so long la...

Clayden: 6 months.

Beau: So long?

Clayden: ...

Beau: Then Beau also emo for 6 months.

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Cuz his dear emo...