Jun 30, 2010

Happy Moniversary

Recalled that a friend of mine said it's rare to have people celebrate their anniversary every month nowadays. Used to be what we do when we were in our first year. Not like we particularly do some special events or some sort.

The beau started it!

I remembered after 1 month we were officially together, he said, "Dear, we're together for one month jor. Happy anniversary."

Then comes the 2nd month. And the 3rd.

And somehow. As every month approach the end, we'd be aware of the date.

Guess the Beau trained me into feeling special at the end of every month. Who'd have known, in just a blink of an eye, it's more than, wait, how many years already? LOL.

Happy Anniversary dear.

Jun 29, 2010

Skinny Beau

3 weeks away and Beau was finally meeting up with Clayden one a Sunday. Before they meet up, they were chatting on MSN.

Beau: Finally can meet my dear jor. Wonder if my dear got slimmed down or not.

Clayden: No lah. Got fat ony.

Beau: How come! Your beau slimmed down wor. No more muscle dy.

Clayden: Har? Beau become skinny? Yer... Dont like.

Beau: @.@ Don't like? *crying icon*x3 Dear don't like me jor.


Beau: Need to build up again.

Sometimes I wonder, if I'm just those typical twinks who took into physical appearance so ever much. Sigh. But really mar. Sexual attraction is important right? Right right?


Jun 27, 2010


Long distance relationship is such a bitch. How could one possible maintain that sort of relationship when both of them are scattered in different parts of the world, and the only means of communicating was MSN, Skype or Facebook, or maybe phones occasionally.

But seriously, how could one ever live on memories of that hot sex when they're both apart?

Beats me dead when the Beau was overseas for work longer than usual. 1 whole month, which was like, triple the time he usually would be. Blue balls was definitely driving me up the wall I'd fuck anything and everything that moved.

That being said, sex is important in a gay relationship, true, but not very true.

What keeps me tied down with the beau, probably was the fact that we simply would just go out together and kill time in Starbucks doing nothing watching the ceiling. LOL.

Jun 25, 2010

Hot Model

Flipping through the fashion pamphlet in Gardens one day.

Not hot. Not hot. Not hot. cheh.




My heart skipped a beat.

The consequences of missing the beau too much.

Jun 22, 2010

Beefy stocky

Somehow rather than not, this guy had a body which resembles one of my old old old old old guy.

Can't stop drooling, cuz he's huge. I mean body wise. Not lean toned, not those bodybuilder kinda muscles. But definitely salvagable. Apparently, he worked out since he was 30. 10 years later, he's this really huge G-man kinda look. I mean, that old old old old old guy of mine 2 years ago.

I once asked if the beau ever thought of taking up bodybuilding. I mean, it's a very selfish request I kow. I shouldn't be asking of him. But I didn't want to be a bodybuilder myself. I just want to HAVE a bodybuilder. LMAO.

Know what beau replied? I don't like. I just like what I am now.

Then I said, but you got tummy already!

He snapped back, yeah, still not as big as yours.

Fine. I pouted.

Jun 21, 2010


Somehow, I think men who do grocery shopping are HAWT! LMAO!

Now I sound so bottom-y wanting someone to take care of me huh? LMAO.

Jun 19, 2010

Big Thighs

Apparently, after many rounds of RPM and Bodystep, I think my thighs are getting nicer and nicer. Beau's thighs are not as nice as mine. Wa-haha. Which was why, I always like to wear those really skimpy shorts to the classes nowadays, mainly wanting to show-off my nice nice thighs. LMAO.

Jun 17, 2010

Big Banana

Have you ever sucked on something as big as this?

Seriously, my hand is not really that small. But this banana... It's HUGE!

Like, yeah... hell yeahhhh! Must be a mouthful. LOL

Jun 15, 2010


One night, Beau asked me over messenger:

Beau: Dear, what are you doing?

Clayden: Blogging lor.

Oooh, about what wor?

Wait and see lor.

Tell me lar.


Tell me lar.

Later no surprise already.

Tell me lar.

Later on you can read already mar.

Tell me lar.


Tell me lar...


Tell me lar.


Tell me lar.



And finally he gave up.

Jun 13, 2010

Safe Text

Beau and I, we used to text each other when we reach home, especially the driver. But after a while, say about half a year or so, the habit somehow died off. LMAO. Because, both of us would automatically go online after we were done showering and everything.

But then again, sometimes, we would still text each other when we got home, especially the driver, and especially the Beau. Me? Not really. LMAO.

So one day, we were drinking in a bar, and got a little bit tipsy. We were still able to drive alright, so we got home.

Just as I was about to get to shower, Beau texted me, "Dear, I reached jor. Miss my dear jor. I go shower first. :-* :-* :-*"

I wanted to text him, "So fast one?", but I didn't.

So when we were both online later on, the Beau chatted with me.

"Dear didn't reply my text one. So worry."

"Hehehe, I'm also home already lor. Naked in my room now."

"So nice ah? Aiyah, I should have followed dear back home lar. Then can get naked together in the room."


It stops there. HAHAHA.

Jun 11, 2010


Okay I know this picture is a breach of privacy in the changing room, but I made sure everyone had their private parts covered before I started taking this picture (not as if members of FF ever walk around naked anyways, duh). Plus, it was quite dark in the locker room, which explained why the picture was all blurry and what nots...which is good... in one way, cuz it's not clear... but guess what...

I sooooooooo want to touch those big muscular chest and biceps of his.

Beau's away, Clayden comes out and play. HAHA.

Then again, Clayden is too coward to even walk up to the bodybuilder and say hi. -.-"

Jun 9, 2010

Couple Seats

We were at the ticketing counter asking for tickets for Ip Man 2 for the next day. The light blue seats were available, but pretty front and near to the screen. I was looking at the other colours, wondering if they were taken. That was when the guy at the counter asked us the question.

"Or you could take a couple seat. Red colour."

And so couple seat it was. First time really. With the Beau. Most of the movies that we watched together, we were sitting quite to the front in those single seats, but so far we had no complaints about our seats because we don't go to TGV where the seats were literally straight! LMAO.

After we purchased our tickets, Beau raised his suspicion.

"Do you think that guy just now, his gaydar was ringing?"

I looked at him.

"No lah."

But after a while, I pondered at what the Beau asked.




Jun 7, 2010

Gay? Or not?

Was visiting a friend in UM Hospital last weekend when I saw this beautiful creature leaning against the wall. LMAO. What else? Phone snapping away! LMAO.

Definitely a gymmer. His pecs was visible, and his forearms were muscular. Lean toned body. Nice calf too!

Can be a metrosexual straight, but who knows right? I don't ring gaydars either. LMAO.

Jun 5, 2010

Daniel Craig!

Guess which lookalike I saw the other day in the gym? Not once, but 3 times over 3 different days!

Like seriously, the face looked similar! Although the one that I saw didn't seemed to be as huge as he seemed like in the movies. About my height, but his body was definitely to die for.

So when I pointed him out to the Beau, he looked at me puzzled, "No lah."

And I looked at him, "Are you very sure it's not him?"

Beau just looked away. Jealous. LMAO.

Jun 3, 2010

Want eggs?

Beau usually take some eggs before his workout sessions.

So one day, while I was waiting for him in the gym, he texted me saying he was leaving his office and would be reaching soon. The RPM class that we were to go for were to start in about 1 hour. So I replied asking if he wanna come in straight to the club or he wanna get some eggs first. Difference was, if he were to go get some eggs, I wouldn't change into the gym wear yet, as my pants would be pretty short and would definitely draw too much attention.

His reply was, "Get eggs 1st. Hopefully got time."

Somehow rather than not, I thought it sounded cheeky... LMAO.

Dirty people rejoyce! LMAO

Jun 1, 2010

Gay or Not?

What do you think? LOL

Yeah, he's pretty well dressed. Typical gay guy look.

But physically, nah.

Upon passing in front of him, just to look at his face. Double nah.

But that's a nice perky butt alright. LOL