Apr 29, 2011


Beau: Dear... it's our anniversary jor...

Clayden: :)

Beau: 2 years jor... So fast...

Clayden: 2 years? I thought 3 years?

Beau: 3 years alraedy?

Clayden: Thought we celebrated twice already?

Beau: Oh yeah... 3 years lor... hehe

Now that I'm typing this... I think it is indeed 2 years. Going into the third year in May 2011. Searched my archives and came across our anniversary post last year, where we just made it past the 7 months itch... Didn't know I was such a passionate writer back then. But now?! Look at my blog posts! Haha. Short and...

Exactly what I wanted.

A blog to record our journey together...

Dear, P.S. I love you...

Apr 27, 2011

Manwatch 003



Clayden has a picture...

Of a guy...


Is like...

Super HOT!



He wasn't sure if he should share the picture.



Apart from the fact that it was snapped in the changing room...

But no, he wasn't naked!


He's one of the well-known people...


Nah... Shall not. Will just keep it to himself as a jerk-off material.


But oh well...

Maybe he'll just show the blur one.

Apr 25, 2011


Beau: X and Y going to Bangkok will have their own agenda.

Clayden: Sauna?

Beau: Yeah...

Clayden: We cannot join them?

Beau: You wanna go?

Clayden: You don't wanna go?

Beau: You're not scared?

Clayden: You're scared?


Apr 23, 2011

Bloggers Compare

Beau: Dear... why not update your blog daily?

Clayden: Cuz Clayden's busy?

Beau: People like Bubu's bf update daily...

Clayden: -.-"

There you go Tulsie. Beau also read your blog.

Apr 21, 2011


Beau: Dear... what are you doing?

Clayden: Blogging...

Beau: Can I read ah?

Clayden: Nope. Wait till it's posted.

Beau: Can lar... give me your password so that I can read first...

Clayden: Nope... cannot... Have to wait...

Beau: Please... I dont wanna wait...

Clayden: Nope... Still cannot...

Beau: *pouts lips*

Apr 19, 2011

ManWatch 002

Guy in PINK shirt.

Pretty lean. Not sure if he's toned. He sat too near to me! I didn't even dare to look up at his face. But from the corner of my eye, he was pretty groomed.

Apr 17, 2011

Double Class

Clayden: Maybe I should go for double RPM classes from next week onwards.

Beau: Why?

Clayden: Cuz I'll burn more fat!

Beau: Erm...

Clayden: Really! I went to two classes last night, and this morning when I weighed myself, I lost 1kg.

Beau: *choked*

Clayden: Maybe I should do that next week. So by the end of next week, I'll lose 7kg! Whoa...

Beau: *cough cough*

Yeah... very vain... I know. LMAO

Apr 15, 2011

V-shaped Back

Remember the previous post about the kids in the diner?

Clayden: That boy got a V-shaped upper body wor.

Beau: Really? But not muscular also.

Clayden: But from the back he looks quite built. The shoulder looks broad.

Beau: His shoulder squared off. That's why it gives you that impression...

Clayden: Mine also wat.

Beau: *choke* Erm... yours... slanting downwards...

Clayden: Hmph....

Apr 13, 2011

Mount Kinabalu

Clayden: Dear... Wanna go climb Mount Kinabalu one weekend?

Beau: Crazy. Where got people make such plannings so hastily?

Clayden: Fine. I'll go myself.

Beau: *pouts lips* Yerrr... Go without your dear...

Clayden: Well, you didn't wanna go.

Beau: Who say I didn't want to?

Clayden: Then why were you so cranky?

Beau: Didn't see my dear today mar...


Apr 11, 2011


Was sitting like Chuck Bass one day, with quite a lose shorts after workout, waiting for the sweat to dry off before shower.

And Beau came by...

Beau: Dear... your wee wee can be seen.

Clayden: *gasps*! (quickly repositioned my pants and tucking in the sides)

And then only I remembered, I wasn't freeballing that day.


Apr 9, 2011


While waiting for the Beau to finish his workout one night, Clayden was sitting in the lounge, flipping through a magazine. Lots of advertisements, all those cosmetics that female use. Finally stopping at an article about "Alpha male versus Metrosexuals". Interesting read.

And then Beau came, just finished his workout.

Beau: What are you reading?

Clayden: CLEO.

Beau: *choke*

Clayden: *rolleyes* Cannot?

Beau: Can... of course can...

But yeah... Never knew CLEO is so... feminine. And if you're wondering, I think Beau and I are both alpha males, with perhaps 20% of metrosexuality. LMAO

Apr 7, 2011

Friends < Boyfriend

Just a thought.

Boyfriend overrule all friends. So when the weekend was planned to be spent together with the boyfriend, any other plans with the friends should be cancelled. There's no need to keep in touch with the friends, because there is a boyfriend. That's all that matter.

Apparently that's proven to be true to some of our mutual friends of whom were single when we were first acquainted, and no longer in touch once they got lovey dovey with their new found love.


Apr 5, 2011

Kiasu Beau

Clayden: I wrote to XXX gym and asked about their personal training fees.

Beau: Really?

Clayden: Yeah. Something like 125 per session and 1000 for 10 sessions. If senior trainer even more expensive, something like 1500 bucks.

Beau: Whoa... That's expensive. Wait, let me call up my PT friend there.

Clayden: Why would you need to call? You wanna join as well?

Beau: Nope. Just wanna be kiasu.


Apr 3, 2011

Daddy's Words

Beau: Dear... Guess what my Dad said last nite...

Clayden: What?

Beau: Guess?

Clayden: Dont wanna waste time... tell...

Beau: Ish... no fun... Daddy said...

Clayden: Yeeesss???

Beau: I got fat jor!!!! *pouts lip*

Clayden: HA-HA-HA! Your dad also noticed!

Apr 1, 2011

Instructor's Impression

So we reached the gym in time to register for the bikes for RPM. We thought it was a class by L, but to our shock, another instructor whom well, I despised. A LOT.

Beau: So? Joining or not?

Clayden: (double confirm with the receptionist) She's taking the last class as well?

Receptionist: Yeah, that's the last class for today.

Beau: So? Going or not?

Clayden: NO

So loudly even the receptionist smiled.

Really. Sometimes it's not about the technique or the class. But visual impression plays a lot. Apparently, even when everyone else think she's hot (and was made the model for the gym's timetable booklet all the time), I never liked her.

She's got the "LAN SI" face.