Oct 31, 2010

Foreign Men

During a regular movie night in O.U., we saw 2 guys waiting at the lobby. Middle easter probably, lean toned, not quite tall. One with a hat, one with specs. Specs guy looks so inviting despite not my type.

Beau: What are you doing?

Me: Stalking men.

Beau: -.-" again...

Me: Heeeee...

Oct 29, 2010

Cracked Egg

Beau knows well enough that I can't crack an egg. So everytime we order half-boiled eggs, I'll look at him and he'd get the hint.

So one day in Empire Subang, we ordered the regular dose of breakfast. Tea, toasted bread and half-boiled eggs. Much to our surprise, the eggs came cracked!

Beau: Aiks! They know you can't crack eggs wor!

Me: =.="

Oct 27, 2010

Sexy Back

While we were at Carl's Junior one night, we saw a guy came into the shop for his share of burgers. Face wise so so, protruding jaw, so... low marks. But from the back, he's pretty delicious. Particularly the upper back.

Perhaps a swimmer? It's a v-shaped back alright, though not too broad a shoulder, but definitely quite some definition there. Especially the upper back between the shoulder blades.

Love the part when the shirts are stretched in between the shoulder blades. Super HOT!

Oct 25, 2010

Sloppy Eater

We went for lunch in Italianies one day and I ordered some risotto while Beau had garden salad. So we were sharing our food and we had the 2 main course in the middle of the table. He had his portion scooped and placed on his plate while I had mine taken straight from the main plate and placed straight into the mouth.


Me: Aaah!

Beau: Aiyoooo!!! No eye see...

Oct 23, 2010

Gym Hardons

Beau: Dear, just now at the weight machine, there was this guy who was doing chest, wearing sweat pants.

I looked at him, wondering what he was trying to convey...

Beau: He got a hard-on while working out...

Me: IS IT?!

Beau: Yeah. Very clear. I think he didn't wear underwear. So can see the shape quite clearly. Quite big size.


Oct 21, 2010

Toilet Business

Ever since the Beau had his iPhone 4, he's practically online 24/7. Either on Wifi or the 3G that came with the service provider package. One day after reaching home from gym, he buzzed me on IM.

Beau: Dear, what are you doing?

Me: Reading newspaper.

Beau: I'm in the toilet doing big business now.

Me: Eeeew! You don't have to tell me that...

Beau: Hehe...

About a minute later,

Beau: Finish dy. Should I jerk off or not leh?

Me: Up to you lor.

Beau: Done.

Me: So fast one?

Beau: I'm going to shower and clean up now.

In the toilet mind you! He's bloody online in the toilet! LOL

Oct 19, 2010

Gay couple!

Came out from a restaurant one day. Saw a a cute guy inside a car right in front of the shop. Look gayish. But he had a couple of female friends around. Thought they coupld probably be straight couple or something, considering how straights metrosexuals are today...

But then, when they were about to leave, only 2 guys remained in the car. Mid 20s, lean built, spiky hair, shorts and shoes with baby socks.



Oct 17, 2010

My Type

So we saw a mutual friend of ours' whose profile on Fridae. Beau said he really gained a lot of muscle mass since we last went out together. And he asked me if I like.

But you know, it's difficult to like a friend. It's a very vague definition. Are you saying like with a little sexual twist? Or just plain like? If he's already a friend, that means there's already a certain degree of liking right? Else we won't even be friends. But if there's the sexual intention, certainly not.

So I sent a picture that I like.

Beau: WAH! So big!

Me: Yeah.

Beau: If I become like this how?

Me: You want to? I thought you said this type very ugly?

Beau: Yeah, so ugly.

So I suppose my boyfriend will never be a bodybuilder. LOL.

Oct 15, 2010

Honk! Honk!

Beau is not a patient man on the road. He cursed a lot. And he sometimes honks other car. When he honks, he'll smash his steering wheel. Many times I thought he'd break that thing.

So one day, as we were going into a parking lot in front of a shop, but was obstructed by another car in front of us, Beau honked a long honk...

Me: Why you always like to honk... So sia sui nia.

Beau: Sia sui meh?

Me: Yeah lor. Everyone looked at us.

Beau: I like leh.

Me: No eye see... Face dunno burry where...

Beau: La la la.

Oct 13, 2010


One fine day...

Me: Know what I want to do?

Beau: What?

Me: Take a year off work.

Beau: For what?

Me: Go to the gym everyday and train to become a buff hunk. So that I'll be a head-turner and everyone would drool over me.

Beau: You? Go to the gym everyday? *choke*

Me: What? Don't believe I can do that?

Beau: Nope.

Me: *pouts lip* Fine...

Oct 11, 2010

Cheating Complain

Beau: My friend went to XXX restaurant once, and bit into a stapler in his steak lor.

Me: Wow... bleed a lot?

Beau: Don't know. But he's a live.

Me: What happened after that? Did he complain?

Beau: Of course. XXX restaurant gave him that meal free and a whole year of free meal. For himself.

Me: Wow! We should do that!

Beau: Huh? What do you mean?

Me: Just burry some stapler into the steak, and asked for the manager.

Beau: You don't sia-sui me!

Oct 9, 2010

Delicious Potato

For some unknown reason, while I was at the airport last weekend, the caucasians seemed to be more than usual. And when I mean caucasian, I mean the delicious younger ones aged 20s to early 30s. Not that I've not seen any whites, but for some reasons, all them at the airport that day were so unusually delicious.

(Horny much?)

There was this chunky guy who walked in with his family, probably early 20s. Not muscular. Not too lean either. But for some odd reasons, that pecs of his looked really inviting.

Nonetheless, I'm still pretty much a rice queen. LOLs.

Oct 7, 2010

Big Cucumber

For some reason, things that are not supposed to be came into mind. So smooth. So hard. So long. So thick. So delicious...

Oct 5, 2010

My Album

Ta-daaa!!! :D There's a tribute to P.S. I love you okay! Don't play play!

And seriously! I wasn't trying to stalk the singlet guy! He just appeared to be in the frame at the wrong time. Seriously! :P

Oct 3, 2010

Pull And Bear

Me: Let's go into Pull and Bear.

Beau: HUH? What's that?

Me: The shop there la...

Beau: For what?

Me: Just to go in and touch this and that and try different clothes...

Beau: You wanna shop?

Me: Nope. Just to mess things up.

Beau: No eye see....

But lo and behold. Guess what did my eye see?


Oct 1, 2010

Ryan Seacrest

Watched American Idol and boy, he's one guy I would savour. Damn he's just so... hot!

Do you know he's 69 on Frobe's richest list? Ryan Seacrest earns around $14 million per year. $14 million is one heck of a nice salary. That would be $1.16 million per month or $553,000 every 2 weeks or $40,000 per day.

Are you drooling?