Jun 30, 2011

Growing Buldge

Beau: Dear... I feel so fat...

Clayden: Yeah... your jeans looks tight on you...

Beau: Is it? Then my front buldge also grown...

Clayden: Erm... Because your back also grew bigger, so squeezed the buldge to the front.

Beau: *chokes*


Still love you lots dear.

Jun 28, 2011

Manwatch 009

So we were sitting by the window... And a guy ran into the shop to the table next to ours...

"Photos are there lah. Selection is like normal... yada yada... wah... so good ah, go Mauritious... wah... so happy for you.... wah must be very expensive lor?"

Sounds like a photographer or something, meeting up with his clients. Vaguely remembered what he really said. But he's really got a vibe in him that sent the gaydar ringing.

Oh well... It's universally agreed that gays have the artistic genes in them. :)

Jun 26, 2011


Venue: Empire Subang Fitness First Platinum branch.
Date: Sometimes in the past.
Time: 4-ish in the evening.

Bloody unethical guy, after finish reading the newspaper, nicely folded his paper, took another sip of water from the cup, stood up, one hand holding the paper, and walked away. @.@ what the fuck?! What kind of member are you?

Grrr... felt like giving him a slap.

Bitchy inspector here, out on a prawl to catch and give bitchy remarks. LOL

Jun 25, 2011

Got Eggs?

Clayden: Dear... if I don't wanna take those protein drink, how else can I get my proteins?

Beau: Eggs lor. Lots of them...

Clayden: 2 daily enough or not?

Beau: Ha ha ha... you need maybe 20 or more.

Clayden: @.@

Hottie daddy spotted eating hard boiled egg in the gym. :D

Jun 24, 2011

Manwatch 008: DILF

Came across this term a while back when someone left comments calling me a daddy. LOL. Had great fun laughing at myself being a young daddy probably.

But dude, here's one...


And yeaps... he's the muscular beefy type. Too bad the lighting was not helping to show what a huge man-boobs he has...

Jun 22, 2011

Kicked the Bucket?

Well... I wouldn't say we are frequents at Giza Sunway, but at least I would say we are there quite often. We know that an independent gym was operating outside on the first floor although there was a major commercialized branch being a major tenant. So I told Beau, that the independent gym probably won't last long anyways. He begged to differ though, claiming such independent gyms are actually quite nice...

It was probably just 2 months later when we were sitting in the same place at the Japanese restaurant overlooking the park when Beau saw the gym again.

Beau: Gasps! The gym stopped operating!
Clayden: They probably don't have any members tonight. That's why the lights are off...

Beau: No no... there's a "to let" sign!

Clayden: Really???

Beau: Yeah!

Clayden: Ohmegosh.... what a pity!

Speaking about competitions... :(

Jun 21, 2011


We headed to Zanmai for Japanese food twice after we finished gym in Mont Kiara in the past week. And every time we came out from that shop, we ended paying 70+ bucks for 2 person over dinner.

Clayden: Dear... I feel bad, as if I've been wasting your money. Everytime we'd go to all these high end restaurants... Maybe we should try to change our taste to suite the cheaper stalls?

Beau: Sure... can... Subway?

Clayden: That too cost about 10 bucks... Mixed rice maybe? I know a vegetarian at the food court we used to go. 4 bucks for lunch.

Beau: But where can we find mixed rice in a mall?

Clayden: Good point...


Jun 20, 2011


So we finally managed to go to Tau Japanese Buffet place in Giza Sunway after being disappointed 3 times, and nearly giving up on the restaurant. But I suppose we did have some affinity with the place...

And towards the end of our meal, I took 2 pieces of Japanese mochi. I'm not a fan, but since it's a buffet, might as well give it a try. And it turned out to be quite nice.

Clayden: Maybe I should go and take more...

Beau: Thought you are full already?

Clayden: Tapau...

Beau: *choke*

Clayden: See the paper towel, it can be opened up, and we can easily wrap up 10 to 15 inside.

Beau: *choke*

Clayden: Hahahaha.

Beau: You do that... I ignore you...

Clayden: You can. Just walk in front, I'll follow from the back. We can pretend we don't know each other.

Beau: *choke*


Didn't do that in the end. Beau objected strongly, and cheated me that they didn't top up as it was already closing time.

Jun 18, 2011

Tao Japanese Buffet

We passed by this mall almost daily. And we've seen the signboard every time we passed by the mall... We've heard reviews about it... And we have always loved Japanese Sashimi... But we have never had the luck to try it...

Months ago, Beau called up about 3 in the afternoon, asking if I wanted to give it a try. So I called and made a reservations for 8 that night. But at 6pm, Beau called and said he would be very late...

Later on after a few months later, Beau asked again. So I made another reservations for a table for 2 at 730pm. But I called quite late, at about 5pm.

When we reached, we were shocked to find out that the receptionist didn't even tell me I was actually in the waiting list. And to think that we had to wait for another hour for an available table indeed sent chills down my spine.

But Beau said we could just wait. He needed to send some mails. So we waited in Baskin Robins...

What I didn't quite understand was, if I was in a waiting list, at least I should be notified over the phone? Rather than me travelling all the way (let's just say), and to arrive at the restaurant and was told that I have to wait for one more hour. I was kinda pissed at that moment.

But well...

We did had our share of the fresh sashimis and oyster in the end. :D

Jun 16, 2011

Planet Romeo

Beau: Dear... what's your profile name?

Clayden: Secret...

Beau: Tell me lar...

Clayden: You tell me yours...

Beau: I don't have...

Clayden: Last time you said you have?

Beau: I created one to see other people's profile...

Clayden: I also create one to cruise only...

Beau: Dear cruising? Share with me lar...

Clayden: =.="

Skeletons in the closet much? LMAO

Jun 15, 2011

Jun 14, 2011


So Clayden was chatting with Beau about the encounter in the sauna 2 days ago...

Beau: Why dear got such encounter and I never had one...

Clayden: Erm... because you don't look gay?

Beau: You look gay?

Clayden: *gazing eyes* LOL.

Jun 12, 2011

What happened in the Sauna?

Well, this gym that I went to, where I saw a "picking up" process in the sauna, I suppose it's really that happening.

After the guy lured the boy for some hot sex, another guy came into the sauna, and looked at me constantly. I was sitting at the bench on the wall, and he came sit on the same bench. Usually people wouldn't be crowding on the same bench you see, so I already suspected that he's trying to pick me up. But I didn't bulge, was trying to see what he was going to do next. He kept hissing, and moaning softly. I didn't look at him directly, but from the corner of my eye, I could see that he was looking at me. It was pretty obvious, he was sitting next to me, with his head tilted to look at me, that he was trying to get something going.

I moved towards the corner of the sauna, away from him. He got the hint, so he stood up, and headed towards the door.

I continued with my own activity, closed my eye and tried to enjoy the steam and sweat. I had my one of my leg flexed, allowing some heat into the groin.

But when I opened my eyes, lo and behold, the cruiser was sitting so near to me and was staring at my... opening...

I didn't move, but just stared at him.

He stood up, and went to the bench perpendicular to where he sat earlier, lied down and flexed one of his knees, like what I did, so his erm, thing would be visible.

I still didn't show any interest. I mean, I wasn't at all.

But he didn't give up. So he sat up, and positioned his towel to show his, erm, package. He was having a hardon. I well, okay I admit, I was looking at the shape of his tool, trying to figure out how big it was. Excuse me. I'm quite a size queen. LOL.

He noticed I was looking finally, so he took off his towel, and walah, there it was, his skinny cock.

Such a disappointment. I thought I was just an average, but his was... I'm not boasting seriously.

He stroked it a bit, and was trying to get me to help him. He put his hands on my shoulder and godamnit, he was trying to get me to blow him!

I got up, and leave straight away.

All those effort he put in, trying to lure me... in vain.

Jun 10, 2011

Fitness Salesperson

Salesperson from Fitness Concept store.

I know I'm a terrible person for being such a bitch. -___- teeeeeheeeee

Jun 9, 2011

Manwatch 011

Need I say more? LOL

Beau: Dear, why did he keep on looking at you?

Clayden: Cuz I was staring at him maybe? LOL

Beau: You... stalker...

Clayden: Need to exercise the eyes muscles as well.

Beau: -.-"

Jun 8, 2011

Awesome Strength

My jaw dropped. Totally.

I wish my arms are that strong...

Jun 6, 2011

Manwatch 006

Seriously, he's super hot. Saw his body in the sauna, and I think he got another boy to blow him off from the sauna. He was "hisssing" inside the sauna, and just before he went out for shower, he looked at the boy standing by the door, and said "It's hot in here." The next thing you know, the boy followed him, towards the same direction.

Wonder how big is his cock. LOL He didn't reveal it. Dang.

Jun 5, 2011

Empty Gym

Went to the gym in the morning one day. And I had the entire weights area for myself. Like, seriously, not a single person! Heavenly. LOL.

Told Beau about it that night.

Beau: Well most gyms would be quite empty in the morning.

Clayden: But not as empty. This morning was totally empty. Dessert.

Beau: Really?

Clayden: Yeah. The entire gym for myself.

And I smiled away stupidly.

=.=" What's the point of this post anyway?


Jun 4, 2011

Couple in the Car

Clayden and Beau were about to leave for home and were headed into Beau's car when he came inside and said, "There's a couple inside the car..."

Clayden: Where? Kissing?

Beau: The next car...

Clayden tried to peek through the window...

Clayden: Quite good looking...

Beau: They will also say, these two couple going into their car.

Clayden: So obvious?

Beau: Yeah...

Clayden: But I'm straight!

Beau: *chokes*

Manwatch 015

Was browsing through the photos in my phone when I saw this. Can't remember where I saw him. Can't remember what was the occasion. But boy oh boy oh boy oh boy....

Love the cheekbones!

Jun 2, 2011

Manwatch 005

*drools* His chest was so big and his cleavage so deep he could squeeze your cock with it.

But well... yeah I guess the face cant do. :P

Jun 1, 2011

Drink to the Max

Clayden: How much is this drink?

Beau: About 9 bucks. Why?

Clayden: So I'll have to drink like, maybe 4 refills, to reach the cost.

Beau: =.="