Jul 31, 2010

Our Monniversary

Oooooh... Those eyes!!!! So... cute....

Love you dear...

Jul 28, 2010

Ball Betting (2)

So the day the match between Argentina and Mexico, the former beat the later 3-0... So while we were having dinner that night...

Me: Eh... I thought someone need to buy me drinks one hor?

Beau: Yameh?

Me: Ya lor... Argentina won wor...

Beau: Yea, I know...

Me: So... where should we drink leh? Hehehe...

Beau: Eh? Got meh?

Me: You lost the bet wat...

Beau: No ah... Yesterday you said cannot bet like that one mar... So no bet lor...

Me: But you...

Beau: But butt...

Me: But you really did lost mar..

Beau: You said not betting mar...

Me: Grr... Fine...

Jul 26, 2010

Ball Betting (1)

Okay... this happened last month during the FIFA World Cup. Ball Betting was rampant till it created a hoo-hah even in the parliament. Then again, whatever could generate money for their pockets always get their attention no? LOL.

So there was this talk about betting in one of the last 16 countries where England was playing against the Germans. And as expected, the English lost. Big time.

Beau: Aiya... Should've bet a drink with you one lor.

Me: Bet what wor? It's quite expected the Germans would win one mar...

Beau: Is it? Then what about the Argentinians against Mexico?

Me: Argentina lor. They won before wat...

Beau: Mexico also won the World Cup before...

Me: Still, Argentina....

Beau: Okay. If you choose Argentina I choose Mexico.

Me: Yer. Where got people betting like that one?

Beau: Yamar. You took Argentina so I'm taking Mexico lor...

Me: -.-

Jul 24, 2010

Sitting Posture

Eating too much sometimes is a torture. Why wouldn't it be? It's causing difficulty in breathing. There'll be back aches. And... oh... darmn. Just remind me not to eat too much next time.

Me: So damn full...

Beau: Yeah... Me too..

Me: Hate it to be so full. Sitting also difficult.

Beau: Why so?

Me: Cuz... cannot just lean back and just relax totally, cuz my tummy will show. But if sit straight all the time to suck in the tummy so I looked slimmer, is pretty tiring after a while lor....

Beau: *speechless* Because you're fat mar.

Jul 22, 2010

Old Folks

Beau said his Dad was not happy that he was not in for the Father's Day. He grumbled that his Dad was always like that, it's not like he didn't tel him he'd be out with me. His Dad just said there's no need for a celebration. So Beau thought it was really fine to go out. Who'd know, after that his Dad started to sulk because he was not home that, erm, weekend.

Me: Old people are like that one lor... Have to treat them like little kid like that lor.

Beau: Is it?

Me: Yea lor... The older they get the more childish they will be...

Beau: Mmm...

Then... Suddenly...

Me: Oh shite....

Beau: What?

Me: Then next time I'll have to treat my dear like a child....

Beau: *speechless*

Jul 20, 2010

Stand Chart Cuties

So, a couple of weeks passed after the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Yes yes we all know about the death. But it's not a single party's fault. The deceased shouldn't be running if he knew he has health problems. Yes I'm sorry for his death, but it shouldn't be because of that the whole event be scrapped off the entire calender in the future right? That's just so unfair.

But that aside, it's also a place where all the hot hunky cuties gather!

Lotsa gymmers. Even instructors and personal trainers. Which only means one thing. I was drooling buckets.

I mean, seriously! Even if you don't wanna run, standing at the starting line would get your eyes opened wide despite it was too early in the morning. I could say, the guys at least, easily 40% to 50% of them have a standard built. And that alone could turn a so-so person into pretty 'do-able' if you know what I mean.

If that's not enough, there were some bodybuilders leh! LOLs. SOO, after the run, when the vest were all wet and see through, THAT's when the heaven comes to earth... Oh my my my....

Then again... it's a sacrifice I suppose. I'm aching all over for a couple of days without any libido. At all. LMAO.

Jul 18, 2010


One day, while warming up on the threadmill...

Me: Know what we should do?

Beau: What?

Me: Waxing.

Beau: Huh? What's that?

Me: Hair waxing lor. Wanna clear all these hair on my legs and become 'pak chan kai'.

Beau *speechless*, pretended to faint.

Me: No mar... when the hairs are gone, my calf muscles will show!

Beau *pretended to vomit* then *faint*.


I mean, true what, the leg hairs are such an eyesore for my nice calves!

Jul 16, 2010

Guess the Balls

Were at the Curve one weekend and passed by a car stuffed with balls.


Me: Wah, guess correct can win the car. How much you think there are in there?

Beau: 6688.

Me: Where got so many? I think only 355.

Beau: Chinese have these lucky numbers one. 6868.

Me: Why not 3434?

Beau: Ish...

Me: Or... 554? "Five five sei".

Beau: Adui....

Jul 14, 2010

Les Mills Training

So we were walking in the mall one day when I had this idea. Ever since this guy started taking up BC training, I've been hearing more are going into the training as well. So, I for one, didn't want to be 'kiasu' and thought I should maybe go for one too.

Me: What do you think about me taking up Les Mills certificate?

Beau: Huh? For what?

Me: Just for fun. Who knows when I'm sick of my job I could just go work in the gym.

Beau: Crazy... What do you wanna train in?

Me: Hmmm... I hate Combat, that's for sure. I can't swing my ass as much in Jam. So that just leave me Steps and Pump. And Vive. But I hate Vive. Maybe Steps.

Beau: Still got another one.

Me: Oh ya! RPM!

Beau: But hor... if you're going for those instructorship, there's one thing for sure lor, I won't be going to your class.

Me: But why????

Beau: To me, an instructor should be a motivator. So hor, the nice nice body is a form a motivation. Get what I mean?

Me: Grrr....

Jul 12, 2010

Big Business

So the big run is coming up this weekend, and beau was so ever concerned about my preparation for the run...

Beau: Remind me to give you some energy bar later.

Me: Why leh?

Beau: Otherwise what you wanna eat on the running day?

Me: Erm... Nothing lor. Scared later stomach ache.

Beau: Aiyor. So easy, just go to the bushes lah.

Me: It's downtown KL! Where got bushes one?

Beau: Then go to the government buildings there lor.


Jul 10, 2010

Clayden & Beau

Checked my nuffnang... And I thought it's interesting that people search for Clayden and "BEAU" to get to the blog.

Yeesh... It's supposed to be MY blog lor... Beau also got name. Heh. :P

Jul 8, 2010

Lunch Break

I've always enjoyed my lunch break. LOL. Because it's the time when I can give my eyes some rest. LOL.

Hmmm... where is the beau...

Oh Beau, you're here. You're so charming....

In reality, the beau not as charming as the guy. LOL.

Jul 6, 2010

Big TV

So we came across a friend who actually won himself some big ass TV and he has no idea where to put his older one, which is, equally big. So I asked the Beau what he think about it, and he asked me to buy it and fix it on the bedroom wall. After all, friend's selling it cheaper than market price.

Clayden: On the wall?! Goodness, so BIG!

Beau: I know you like.

Clayden: Too big lah. Occupy so much space.

Beau: Just hang it to the wall.

Clayden: Too troublesome.

Beau: But imagine this, you lying there, watching porn on that BIG screen.

Clayden: Eeeeewww!

Beau: I thought you like it?

Clayden: Yes I do, but not to that BIG an extent!

LOL. Nope, I didn't get it in the end. Head over to medielicious if you want. Still up for grabs I suppose.

Jul 4, 2010

Our Place

It's not easy to find a place that provides good connectivity but not well known to many people for our weekend out, so when we finally settled for one somewhere nearby my place (still not gonna tell you where, in case you go there and steal our bandwith! LOL)

So... it was shocking one evening when we came out from the gym and headed home and we passed by the shop and...

Clayden: OMG! What happened to our shop?

Beau: Yea lah! What happened?

After one second looking at the shop, we continued walking.

Beau: Darn. Need to find a new place again.

Clayden: Where do you have in mind.

Beau: Been looking for so long and we found this place. But now closed down. Sigh.

Can't blame the shop. He's not well-known. He didn't have much customer. Who asked us to be so selfish and not share it with our friends. T.T

Jul 2, 2010


Beau: Dear, where are you going for lunch?

Clayden: Not sure yet. Maybe just somewhere nearby.

Beau: I see. I'm going out with my neighbour for bak kut teh.

Clayden: Huh? Your neighbour?

Beau: Yea, the one with the son.

Clayden: You're close with your neighbour one meh?

Beau: Yeah. Why?

Clayden: Just find it shocking. Didn't know gays would be close to their neighbours. LOL

Beau: -.-