Feb 28, 2011

Vin Diesel

Clayden: OMG! Vin Diesel?

Beau: Where?

Clayden: Actually you know who is Vin Diesel or not?

Beau: Nope.

Clayden: =.="

Fair enough. Maybe he's not Beau's type. LOL.

Feb 26, 2011

iPhone addict

sooner or later...


He's on the phone all the time! Grrr... Clayden not happy. *sulk*

Feb 24, 2011

Spotted: Pyjamas

Like, those muscles... gosh... He's no older than me and he's hotter than me! Not everyone can pull off with peejays in the public, he sure did. And quite a head turner as well. At least Beau's head and mine did. LOL.

Feb 22, 2011


Beau: Dear... you prefer to die young or die old?

Clayden: I wanna have sudden death. Like, suddenly someone shoot me in the head while I'm eating. No pain. And I die a hot man.

Beau: *sweat*

Feb 20, 2011


Beau: Dear... new year jor... you're older by one year already.

Clayden: -.-" I'm one year older, you're still older.

Beau: Sigh... Yeah... 3x dy... And you're still 2X.

Clayden: Yeah...

Beau: Next time I'm 5x you're still 4X.... Then when you're 5X I'm... gasps! 6X!

Clayden: What to do... we all grow old...

Beau: But... sigh...

Clayden: Change topic!

Feb 18, 2011

10 inches

One day, I was asking the Beau about a rough estimation of a length, between my thumb and my little finger which was fully stretched.

Clayden: How long do you think this is?

Beau: Don't know wor... Less than one feet.

Clayden: 10 inches?

Beau: 1 feet is 12 inches... Maybe that... Why?

Clayden: 10 inches penis.

Beau stared at me, stunned.


But of course, it was for a different thing altogether. LOL

Feb 16, 2011

Weight Watching

During dinner in Secret Recipe...

Clayden: Dear, see the lady at the next table. Only take on glass of watermelon juice and a pie for dinner.

Beau: Yeah lor... Not like you... So fattening.

Clayden: How I know the Sarawak Laksa comes in such a big bowl...

Beau: Fattening...

Clayden: You're not any better either. Steak wor...

Beau: -.-"

Feb 14, 2011


So my colleague whom, well I didn't quite like, who also go to the same gym as I do, was avoided as much as I could whenever I was in the gym. Thank God though he's a fan of BodyCombat while I do RPM most of the time. Otherwise, I'll be at the weights, while he, I seldom see him in the weights area.

One day, Beau and I were looking at the timetable board.

Clayden: My colleague will go for BodyCombat later.

Beau: Is it? Then we should stay! You could stand next to him!

Clayden: Ishhh!!! So 'sampat' one you! *d00sh d00sh d00sh - making punchings motion*

Feb 12, 2011

LesMills Classes Launching

We're not really fans of launch you see. Whenever there's a launch, it seems like the whole population of gym members in the region will flock to one particular branch where the launch happens. So you get to see a wide range of guys, also a very limited number of lockers. Which also means, you get a reason to linger longer in the locker room waiting for an empty locker, but also means you're wasting your time looking at fat guys.

So after we did our weights, we stood outside the crowded studio. Members' board were just 1o inches from one another. And you're actually wondering how they could do Bodysteps without tripping over the other member's board. Crazy bunch of Bodysteppers...

As the class was coming to an end, one member came out earlier. And then there it followed... The SMELLLLLLLL...

Can DIE I tell you! If one could actually capture the smell and put it inside a bottle or something, and use it like those sedative the kidnappers in the old movies used to cover the nose of their victims, I'm sure the victims could pass out in no time as well!

Clayden: Oh My GOD! The smell!!! SO smelly!

Beau: Expected. Look at the number of people inside there.

Clayden: Can die... Wonder how the members for the next class can stand that smell!

Beau: The number actually doubles, if not tripples, the normal day.

Clayden: These crazy fans... Really crazy one...

LOL. Then again, I remembered I used to be one of them too. Going to every single Steps class in Klang Valley when I was still in KL last year. LMAO. Gay or not?

Feb 10, 2011

Gay Colleague

There was a ex-colleague of mine who, I was friend with ealier, but not friends anymore later; because well, we just didn't quite get along. So one day, when I found ot that he's gay (apparently I saw his profile on the front page of Fridae.com when I went in to check on the news of the local gay scenes), I got quite a shock; and ever since, I started avoiding him. So when I left my previous company, I was so relieved I didn't have to face him again.

But who'd have guessed the world to be such a small place... I saw him in the gym some time ago, and bumped into him a few more times after that! We weren't in talking terms, I didn't say "Hi", neither did he. I don't know why, just that, well, if I found out he's gay, he'd probably know that I'm with Beau too.

So more often than not, when we saw the glimpse of each other in the gym, we just walked in different direction.

But, Beau begged to differ, he always asked me to go say hi!

Beau: Your colleague!

Clayden: Where?!

Beau: In the studio Bodyjamming!

Clayden: Let's go. Before they come out.

Beau: Why are you so scared?

Clayden: I'm not! I just don't want to see him...

And you wonder why gays are called queers... :P

Feb 8, 2011

Marathon Training

Beau is not a runner, he claims his shin hurts when he runs. I said it probably hurts because he wasn't running right, that he puts too much impact on the shin bone when he steps down. So one day, he accompanied me at the threadmill, and did some walking instead of jogging. He arrived earlier alright, so he was already 20 minutes down the line when I arrived.

10 minutes later..

Beau: 30 minutes dy..

Clayden: Cannot. You were walking, so need to walk for an hour...

Beau: Huh? Okay lor okay lor...

1 hour later...

Beau: Finally! 1 hour... 4km... That means.... 5 hours to do 20km...

Clayden: Half marathon you mean?

Beau: Yeah...

Clayden: Heh...

Beau: Then need to wait for the sweeper bus to clear me off the road jor...

LOL. Apparently, I told him the last time that the Penang Bridge International Marathon, the time limit for half marathon was 4 hours, and there's a bus to clear the runners stil on the bridge by 8am, or something like that. And Beau's been hanging on to that thought ever since. LOL.

Feb 6, 2011

Angry Bird Addict

Ever since Beau started to download Angry Bird on his iPhone, he's not the only one addicted to the game. Well.. partly because it was also my fault asking him to download it. So... well... I've been playing the game quite a lot when we were hanging out in Starbucks or Coffee Bean and helping him clearing a lot of the challenges.

One day in the gym, we had about 1 hour to spare before a class we intended to attend.

Beau: What do you wanna do?

Clayden: Dunno lor...

Beau: Go do weights...

Clayden: Har... so tired...

Beau: Aiyo... Then do the machines...

Clayden: *pouts lips*

Beau: Aiyo... do weights la do weights la...

Clayden: *pouts lips even more*

Beau: Okay Angry Bird...

Clayden: *smiles a bit*

Beau: Aiyo... Everyday only Angry Bird...

Clayden: Fine.. Weights la weights la...

Beau: Okay okay, Angry Bird for you...

Clayden: Don't want... Do weights...

Feb 4, 2011

Asia Biggest Loser

Beau never seemed to have enough of teasing me being fat. I mean, well, I'm not FAT fat, I think. Otherwise I'd have qualified for the Asia's Biggest Loser already. I'm just well, let's say, on the stocky side.

One day in the gym, while we were in the threadmill running, the Asia Biggest Loser was showing on the TV on the screen.

Beau: You should join the next round.

Clayden: Crazy la you. I don't need to work is it?

Beau: But you will lose more weight!

Clayden: I don't have time to lose weight there. Those people 'jiak pa bo su jor' one, that's why they're so fat and they can go to to the show. I'm not like them!

Beau: Heeee..

Still dare smile... Phuh. I will lose my temper also one lor! :P

Feb 2, 2011

Kid Unfriendly

We took the transparent glass-walled elevator to go up to the higher floors. When we entered the elevator, the toddler eating outside stared at us. We stared back. As we moved higher, and when the mother didn't look at us anymore...

Clayden and Beau: "BLUEEEKKKK!!!" In unison, at the kid.

Beau: Ish... What the? You want to make the child cry is it?

Clayden: You also did that, I wasn't the only one.

Beau: So bad...