Apr 29, 2010


Dear, it's going to be our anniversary soon.

Yeah... *clap clap smiley*

So fast another year dy...

Yalor... *kissing smiley*

I love you more and more everyday.

Apr 28, 2010

Retaking the Vow

Our song.
Our love.
Our vows.
Our lives.
Our moments.
Our memories.
Our together.
I love you dear.
Happy Anniversary.

Apr 26, 2010

Our future

If you're wondering what's really going on between me and the Beau, don't worry, we're still in love. Although we don't spend as much time together as before when he was in the transition of looking for a new job when he was pretty free.

I have all along been tied down with mine. So the shifting phase of him into his new job and not having time to fetch me out from the office for lunch everyday somewhat made me think less about him in the day. Heck, even when he's out with his parents for dinner sometimes, that I don't actually meet up with him until 2 days later, I don't think about him in between.

I haven't been a good boyfriend. I admit I still go onto those profile sites to check on my messages once a while and replying those who sent me messages, and sometimes even agreed to add them onto MSN and started chatting and all. But I really do swear, that's all I've done.

Meeting up with new friends isn't really what I do anymore nowadays. No matter how hot the other party is, sometimes I just didn't feel like wanting to drive down to the city just to have a dinner and chat or anything, of course probably like what happened last time it led into some private room after that. Because whenever I felt like doing so, there's this voice deep inside my mind telling me I'm attached, and somehow I just lost the interest of wanting to meet up with these new people. Probably that was why my MSN list grew longer over the past one year, but I doubt I ever met up with more than 50% of the contacts I have.

I admit I wasn't the type who stick to one man last time. Heck I dated 3 men at one go one time many years ago because I didn't know which one I wanted to settled down with. Maybe because I'm so full of lust that, when I looked at every other guy, I would have dirty thoughts of wanting to get into bed with him.

It's me. It's just that I've never been really tied down with just one guy and not sleeping with different guys in one month for so long in my life that, I somewhat forgot all those thumping heartbeat meeting up new hottie for some random one night stands.

But as the important date is drawing near, I know I have to throw those itch out of me.

We made it past the 7 months' itch, despite with some glitches and thoughts and scars. We're not exactly the perfect lovey dovey couple as how I've always portrayed in my previous post. We have our downs as well. We quarrel sometimes too. But he gave in a lot, and I tolerated his bad-temper a lot to.

It's all about give and take. It's all about accepting. I have been a lustful man, and I'm pretty flirtatious at times too. But he stood by me all these while, holding me down and not letting me go.

Do I even have the heart to break his heart again?

I don't think so.

Dear, I love you so much. It's been another year now. And I couldn't tell you how glad I am to have you.

Apr 24, 2010

What's your choice?

Saw this quote.

Do you love him enough to allow an open relationship?
Or you'd rather let him go and see him enjoy his life?

Apr 22, 2010

Naughty (2)

As a continuation of the previous post...

I changed my MSN screen name to something else instead of "Clayden".

Beau: Eh? How come your name screen name changed jor?

Me: Hehe. Wanna be discreet mar.

My dear so weird one today? First take naked photo, now change your screen name. Naughty naughty?

No lar... Was actually taking a picture of myself camwhore. Then I thought I my upper body look nice in the mirror mar. So ma take photo lor.

Oooh, not full body naked picture ah?

T.T Beau's suspecting something?

Apr 21, 2010


One night on MSN...

Me: "I'm so fatttt..."

Beau: "Yalor. Dear go and look in the mirror ah?"

"Look in the mirror looks okay. But when take photo that time looks like so eewwww..."

"Dear take your own naked picture ah? Front or back?"

"Front lor."

"Wah... Why dear so naughty take naked picture one? Wanna put on Gaydar ah?"


Apr 20, 2010


"What do you wanna do now?"

It was just sometime after 830 after our dinner in the Curve on a Friday night. We had no plans, too short a time for movies as the Beau needed to leave early to fetch his sister from the airport. So we walked around in the Street and I voiced out my cravings to munch something despite our dinner in the Laksa stall.

"What do you wanna eat?"

"Don't know ler..."

"Aiyor... How come you don't know one..."

We walked around aimlessly until the Beau suddenly brightened up.

"Do you like ice cream and drink?"

"Uh... Okay... What do yo
u mean?"

"Ice cream in the drink one."

"Uhhh... a float?"

"Ya ya ya!"


Beau was so excited, like the little kid in the next table. He craved for a float since so long ago, that he ordered a LARGE one, only to know it was REALLY LARGE. LOL.

Apr 19, 2010

Red Spots

We were in Tony Roma for dinner one night, and I had some spaghetti while the beau had some burger. Halfway through the dinner, I was was covering my right shoulder with this black napkin cloth.

"What are you doing? So embarrassing!"

"No lar... my shirt got hit by the sauce!"

I took the cloth out and showed what happened to my shirt.

Spots of tomato sauces splattered thanks to the spaghetti.

"Hahahahahaha. Small kid eating."


Apr 18, 2010

Spotting the Ex-classmate

I have no idea what's gotten into me lately.

First I thought I saw a glimpse of my old classmate in the gym. But I avoided lingering around in the locker and quickly headed to the toilet until he was gone.

The following week, I bloody saw him coming out from BodyJam while I was talking to another BodyJam-er. Like, what?! He's a member?!

I know there's nothing wrong about joining gym. Heck we were classmates and we're somewhat still acquainted, although I never keep in touch with him anymore. I mean, he's got his group of hunks to hang out with, I got my group of gays to fool around with. We don't actually mix around anymore.

But what I'm not really comfortable is, he's gay, and he joins the class right before the class that I join.

So somehow, we'll be bumping into each other a lot from now on.

Ugh. I wish he switch to Celebrity Fitness, it's flooded with gays no?

Apr 16, 2010

Mind of Its Own...

... change of hearts.

It happens.

I don't quite like my job anymore.

And kinda lazy to blog too...

Apr 14, 2010


Old habit dies hard.

But it's blurred. For all you'd wanna know, that's the Beau there, looking at me and asking me to "HURRY UP!!" And the other 2 sistas were there asking him where his little bunny had galloped to this time. LOL

But of course, I might've missed the Beau too much while he was gallavanting in California when I went to MATTA Fair alone.

Apr 12, 2010

Ugly Butt

Headed to a shopping mall with the beau last night. We were looking for a parking lot when I spotted one. But the beau didn't went in.

How come you don't wanna park there just now?

Don't want.


You saw the other car's butt or not?

Yea, just the bumper only what, not like he's go
nna bump you or anything.

Don't want.

Whyyy... you don't like ugly butt is it?

Of course. Would you?


Apr 10, 2010

Married Couple

We saw another couple in the shop the other day. Pretty much of the same attributes, not exactly my type. Too skinny for my likings. So we walked around their table, not deliberately, we were looking for a table. So we finally settled down with one outside the premise at the corridor.

The other couple were done with their dinner I presume. They were just sitting there and smoking.

And they have a dog. A poodle was it?

Not sure how the beau felt. He knows my hands are deadly. All my plants died, how could any animals survived then. He himself doesn't fancy the idea of having to take care of another little living thing when he has one so big already. LMAO.

Apr 8, 2010

No More SpyCam

Beau read the post of mine about the photos I took of the muscular guy in the gym, and boy, he was really unhappy about it. So one night he confronted and asked me to stop all these kind of nonsense.


I don't want things to happen to you.

The worst that could happen would probably be me being hit.

And smashed in the face.

So I asked, does that mean, no more cruising at all?

Can, of course still can cruise. But don't take any photos lar.

But how to share if I don't take pictures, SECRETLY?

I emphasised on the the last word.

But at least don't publish it out like that.

Maybe I should just chop off their

Like that still okay, but still.

Headless picture could be anyone right?

Yes... But...

I'll chop off their heads.

So here. Look at those veins on his arms!

Apr 7, 2010


Beau looked stunned at the over-sized lady standing in front of us.

When we finally got our fast food and properly seated, I poked him.

"You're so bad!"

"What! It's BIIIIIIIIG!!!!"

And we both laughed.

No no no, I swear, I'm not trying to make fun of big sized people. Heck I am fat myself. But not as fat lar, my butt cheeks are individually half the butt cheeks of the lady. But seriously, I think some things need to be taken seriously, especially when it was regarding our health.

Apr 5, 2010

Extra weight

I don't know why, but there had been a lot of constructions going on around my place, lots of detours and new small lanes with lots of stupid 7 inches bumps so high that any cars would have their bottoms scratched.

So when the beau sent me back from dinner one night, we came to this bump and he slowed down, trying to drive over the bump slowly diagonally so as not to cause any scratch beneath the car.

Beau: If got scratch then I know who is the cause.

Me: What!

Just now when I came no scratch one lor. If now got scratch that only could mean the extra weight from you lor.

*Pouts lip* Yeeeeeeee

Thank God though, there was no scratch.

Apr 4, 2010


There was this one night where we went to this restaurant of buffet style whereby we would be entertained by some local dances and what nots. The dinner cost about 30 per head, but the varieties of food were endless.

Beau asked me earlier on whether I could eat a lot that evening, to think that I did when we usually went to buffet style dinner in KL, I thought I should be able to eat up what's worth the price. So we headed to the restaurant and started ordering.

Who knew, after the first round, while we were savouring our second round of food, I finally raised the white flag.

Me: Semi-raw food will cause bloatedness?

Beau: Not really, why?

I took the semi-cooked beef...

Not really the cause.

Maybe the drink.

You had ice-cream before your meal.


But you usually could eat a lot.

I know... My tummy became smaller.


That's why I'm slimmer now compared to last time.


Beau choked.


Apr 2, 2010

Amazing Trip

Seriously, I think everyone should NOT go to Cambodia. Just kidding. Haha.

We enjoyed ourselves in Angkor definitely. Hired a guide and went into the temple complexes almost every day for 3 consecutive days. But too bad, we didn't catch any golden sunsets on sunrises. Woke up late on the second day due to you know what, and third day had no sun coming up. Sunsets were pretty much invincible as well because on the first evening, it rained; on the second we left too early because the sky was quite dark at noon we thought it would rain, but who'd have guessed, when we came out for dinner that evening, the whole sky in Siem Reap was golden yellow. Wathefuck! Haha.

Otherwise, we headed to the market, bought some vegetables just for the sake of it, and went to the only minimart in town to watch some local talent show competition which the first prize was a small hamper with 1 bottle of Coke and several pack of crackers. Sad huh?

Well, if you ask me why hadn't we gone up to Phnom Penh, after all, that's where all the gruesome heart of Pol Pot regime and what nots, we thought we'd give it a go. The beau has 6th sense. LMAO!

But nevertheless, it was a damn good trip! Off from our bloody work. And having time for ourselves again. No internet, no facebook, no Farmville. WAKAKAKA.

Okay, no farmville was probably a lie. Beau's far far ahead of me now. Hmph!