Jan 31, 2010

Beau's Birthday

Happy Birthday my dear. Erm, belated. LOL!

I love you so so much. You're the best that ever happened to me. May this year be a great year for you. :D

Jan 30, 2010


Happy Anniversary my dear.

Love you gazillion! :D

Just a small brownie from Secret Recipe. hehehe.

Jan 29, 2010

CK Sleepwear

We were rushing out for work in the morning when he threw the singlet I wore to sleep the night before. Almost forgot about it still on the couch.

"New shirt ah?"

"No lah, old one already."

"Then never see you wear one?"

"Don't play play, this is CK okay?"

"Calvin Klein ah?"

"Yalah. That's why don't play play lor."

"You wear CK to sleep?!"

"It's a singlet mar."

"It's a CK!"

"So I wear to sleep lor."

Jan 28, 2010

Sek Fok

We were out from the gym late one night and were discussing as to where we were to have our late dinner. Since it was already pretty late and I'm darn hungry, I was craving for something fast. But being the usual, I always said "You decide."

As usual, the beau would pout and grumble, "Always me decide. Don't want, you decide."

But it was only a minute later that he asked, "Dim sum want or not?"


But then again, the dim sum place isn't exactly a good choice considering it's too popular a place, so most often than not, you wouldn't able to find a parking space. When we turned around the corner to the street where the restaurant is, the beau wrinkled his forehead, "Parking parking, where are you?"

"Sure got one lah. I said wanna eat dim sum, sure will have parking one. I have sek fok mar."

Coincidently, in the next parking lot, a car was reversing. And we were having dim sum that night.

"Yalar hor. My dear so lucky one. Always got sek fok."

Jan 27, 2010

Visually raped

I don't know whether to call it lucky or not.

The beau was actually a gym rat who works out in the gym almost every day last time, and he's got this lean toned body. But the thing about having that sort of body, whenever he's in the gym working out, he always said got this guy or that guy kept staring at him while he's working out.

Not that I'm NOT jealous or anything, but sometimes when he pointed out the guys that were looking at him, they were actually those ripped muscular kinda guys in their late 20s or mid 30s.


But the beau's wearing tights!

Jan 26, 2010

Staying Over

The beau's parents were away for a few days, so it was a great chance for me to experience staying together with the beau. Having him sending me to work in the morning, and picking me up after work, going to gym and going back home together. Wee!

The first night that we went back to his place, we saw two guys walking together towards the elevator. Tote bag. Shoes with baby socks. White pants. You go figure.

"Gay couple."

He looked at me, "How do you know? Your gaydar ringing ah?"

"Well, quite obvious mar. But they'll prolly said the same if they saw us too."

Jan 25, 2010

Grumpy Beau

The beau is a grumpy old man. >.<

I just finished my cardio class and headed down to the lounge and I saw him sitting there online.

The first thing that he said after I sat down was, "Lousy line. Cannot even connect at all. And they just said, oh, line might be down. What kind of platinum service is this?"

The 2nd thing he said was, "I went to Starbucks just now, spent 30 minutes trying to online, and they said their line was not functioning as well. Might as well tell me earlier right?"

The 3rd thing he said was, "I'm not grumpy lah. I'm just very unhappy with their service."

So my heart sank. Grumpy beau. Again. He's been unhappy for the past one week. Sad.

I asked him, "So what would be able to cheer you up?"

"Free membership for a year."


Dear dear, don't be so grumpy lar... You're exactly a grumpy old man if you keeps on grumbling... >.<

Jan 24, 2010


It was one of those evenings after gym when we were cooling down that the beau sat across me and started to grumble about his work, how his colleagues didn't finish their job properly and he got really fed up he felt like giving up.

"So? What are you going to do? Quit?"

"No, not now. I will look for a new job and then quit."

"But until then, what else can you do? Nothing right? Just concentrate on this one and try to blend in."

"I can't! I'm really fed up already."

"So you're quitting lah?"

I think my tone must've hurt him that we just remained silent for a few minutes.

That evening, after I got home, I sent him a message saying I'm already back. He replied saying he's sorry that he bothered me with his work, and that he just needed someone to talk to. I felt pangs of guilts.

"So so sorry dear. I should've just kept quiet and let my dear talk. Sorry dear, I'm a bad boyfriend. :("

But later on, when he came online on MSN, we started chatting again.

"Dear, you're not a bad boyfriend. I sensed that you're worried about me, and about my attitude towards my work. So you're not a bad boyfriend, you're a good boyfriend. *kiss icon*"


At times the beau really know how to talk.

Never know that. LOL

Jan 23, 2010


Come Saturday, it'll be me who chaffeur the beau around, for gym, to our hang out places, send him back and all.

But the thing about me driving, I guess I could be pretty impatient at times too. I'd accelerate and go up so close to the car in front before the brakes hit... So more often than not, sometimes the car would be very close to the extent that accidents could happen.

And the beau was like holding on to the handles above the door all the time. I tried to peek, all his veins in his hands were showing. LMAO.

"Sometimes u drive ah... I can get heart attack..."

"Hahahahha I know, I saw your hand grab onto the handles sooooo tight like that...."

"You noticed ah?"

"Of course. Like just now you were searching for it..." And I immitated how he was blindly searching for the handles on top of him.

We laughed so loud inside the car.

"Sooner or later, your handles will be gone."

Jan 22, 2010


I was to go for a karaoke meetups with some old college mates. But since it was the weekend, I was staying over at the beau's place the night before. So of course I had to let him know about it in advance. The beau was of course, very supportive of me meeting my old mates, because he noticed I haven't been hanging out much with my old friends. And I've been pouring a lot of my time with him instead.

(Typical gay relationship?)

Anyways, he was all sparkled up when he found out that I was to go for a karaoke meeting.

"Next time you must come with me to karaoke one ah." He said.

"Eeeee... with you ah?"

"Why? What? Why don't want ah?" He seemed unsatisfied.

"Don't want lar... shy mar...." I said.

"Shy what wor? You can sing with your friends but not with me mei?" He enquires further.

"No mar, I don't think I'll be singing there, just go eat only."

"Aiyor! Who go karaoke to eat one?! Plus, I'm your dear mar... what is there to be shamed of?" He protested.

"Shy lah..."

"Don't shy lah..."

"I don't know how to sing one..."

"I also don't know how to sing one..."

"Then what do you do in the karaoke?"

"Just croak like a frog lor."


Jan 21, 2010

On the Ithcy Sole

I've got a bad habit of peeling off the old dried thickened skin on the soles when I was seated and had nothing to do. It happened since I was back in my uni days. Sometimes I'd peel unconsciously to the extent that I'd cause some bleeding. Then I'd switch for the other foot.

Stupid isn't it?

But is a habit to die hard.

Just the other day we were hanging out somewhere and I unconsciously started peeling them skins again.

"Oi. Stop it lah." The beau suddenly said.

"Huh? Stop what?" I looked up from my laptop at him.

"Your hands. So itchy." He nodded at my busy hands.

"Oh... ok ok fineeee..." I put my legs down, and sat properly.

For 3 seconds.

Before I propped my other legs onto my thigh again.


Jan 20, 2010

Butt Pain

Nope, not because of heaving fucking. LOL.

We were sitting in some kopitiam one afternoon, the usual thing we do, hanging out, sipping coffee, online-ing, chatting, cruising, reading blogs, gossiping and what nots...

The chair that we sat on was apparently this wooden stools without any back support.

So after some 3 hours sitting, with "neutral" position as what we learnt in the gym, I still feel the butt sore and started fidgeting.

"My butt pain." I said.

"Why leh?" He asked.

"My butt not enough fatt to cushion me dy mar." I joked.

And he made this puking action.


Jan 19, 2010

Sore throat

The fever subsequently subsided seeing that I slept for more than 12 hours the night before. I didn't switch on the fan, and decided to sleep with the windows half opened and covered up in blankets. I was sweating, and woke up to pee about 6 times the whole night. Might sound like a very bad quality sleep, but at least I wasn't feverish anymore.

But the next day when we go to gym, I realized that I had sore throat. Swallowing was painful, even my own saliva. He told me to drink a lot of water, which I did, which was why I peed so much at night.

After gym, we were deciding on where to go for lunch and where to hang out after lunch. Most of the Starbucks place that we had in mind would most probably be crowded by then. So we thought of just going to a noodle house where we usually go to, which is also one of his favourite place.

See, the thing about this noodle place is, they have set lunches which is quite a value for money. And everytime that we ordered from the set meals, I would be getting the curry noodles and him the chicken rice. This time round, he decided to differ.

"This time you cannot eat curry noodle already." And he pursed his lips.

I looked at him, "Why?"

"Because of your sore throat." He said.

I skewed my lips. "Fine. I'll get the rice then."

Jan 18, 2010

Sick and Rest

So I told the beau that I was feeling feverish some time ago. I was wearing a jacket with a hoodie and was driving him home from dinner. Both of us decided to call it a night because I'm sick, his mum also sick. It was only 8 in the evening. Usually we would have hung out in some coffee shop sipping coffee and reading or online-ing.

But that night, it felt so early.

"You better go back and sleep." He said.

"But still so early..." I protested.

"You're starting to have fever already." He replied.

And I just kept quiet. I was feeling chilly, yes. But it was too early for me to sleep indeed. I didn't think I could even doze off at 8 in the evening, since my usual sleeping time range from 12am to 2am.

Then he said, "When I was sick that time in Penang, what did you asked me to do? It was also still early."

I pouted my lips.

"So dear dear, be a good boy and sleep early okie?"

I pouted my lips even more.

"Rest and get well faster ma. Then we can go gym together tomorrow." He said.

Amazingly, after I reached home and taken my shower, I dozed off instantly, till the extend that I forgot to text him that I've already reached home. And he was all restless texting me after each hour asking where was I.

I woke up at about 10 at night for some small business only to see 3 messages from him. LOL. "Dear dear, already 2 hours plus, din hear from you. Where's my dear..."

Jan 17, 2010

The Prelude

Now if you were wondering, the whole stories went like this.

One of our friends came down for a night and was asking if we wanted to go for dinner. I initially agreed for dinner. And our plan was that I go and pick him up from the station, we go for dinner somewhere and he'll send our friend back to the hotel.

But apparently, he had something coming up with his family and he finished work late, and I had since the night before feeling feverish.

So I had no choice but to text that friend of ours that I couldn't make it for dinner that night.

"Hey, I don't think I can make it tonight. Had too much sex last night till sick today. I joked. So sorry. Maybe next time when I'm better. How long would you be staying?"

He tried to call, but I was already asleep after gym that night.

I told the beau about it. So maybe that was why he also joked that I was sleeping with the old fuck when I was greeted in the gym. Either that, or that friend of ours told him. LOL

Jan 16, 2010

Feverish Sex

from yesterday...

I thought you had sex with him on Tuesday night after gym. That's why you apologised. Dear dear, don't look at the past, let the bygones be bygones. We have a long future to look ahead before us.

I smiled.

I was knocked out in bed as I texted you. Was really feeling feverish that night.

I know dear, was just teasing you only.

No seriously, I was sick that night. Feeling feverish. Was thinking of not wanting to go to gym on Wednesday already. Plus the sucky day on Wednesday, even more unmotivated to go to gym. But in the end I dragged myself to Janet's class.

Dear, you didn't even tell me! I thought you were just sad because it was an unproductive day?!

I didn't want to worry you too much, since you're also busy with your work and all.

But you could at least let me know! I could've come to have dinner with you at least. Are you okay now?

Yeah I'm fine now.

Jan 15, 2010

Old Fucks

We finished gym late one evening and was talking about the steps class that we just came out of, when a guy approaching me while I was pouring myself a drink, smiled at me and said, "Forgot me already ah?"

I looked at him, and pretended that I didn't hear him. I walked back to where the beau was seated, and continued chatting with him. Admittedly, I saw the troubled soul in his eyes.

After we got home that night, the beau chatted with me on MSN.

"Can I ask you something? But promise me you won't be angry?"

I knew it's about the guy in the gym. I thought he didn't noticed, but he must've had, given his sensitive ears and eyes.

"It's about the guy in the gym isn't it?"

"Why did you seemed like you were avoiding him?"

I knew it.

"Well....I think I owe you an explanation for that... Sorry dear..."

"He was one of my old fucks who I had sex with 2 years ago. One of the guys in the orgy of 10 that I went to. I went late, and since the others already had fun for probably hours before me, I only fucked that guy. But after 30 minutes I left because I didn't quite like it."

"Aiyo dear, why say sorry? It was the pass lar."

"Actually I didn't recognize him one, but after a while only I remembered. It was 2 years ago dy, and I didn't keep in touch with him."

"Oh. No wonder he was so excited when he saw you just now."

"But I'm with you mar now. I thought better not bring up the past."

"Yalor. So there's no need to appologize. I thought you were having sex with him after gym 2 nights ago."

I looked at the MSN chatbox on the screen, eyes wide open, heart palpitating. He knew... Oh dear...

to bee continued...

Jan 14, 2010

Writing Mushy

Well. We have friends who are also coupled who also blogs about their relationships. It's only fair to say that their contents got pretty mushy. Pretty much like, "I-love-you-so-so-so-so-so-much-dear-smooch-smooch-smooch" kinda mushy writings, to the extend that well, I gotta say the hair at the back of my neck stood up sometimes.

Even the beau agreed so!

So when he brought up about it, I casually asked,

"Isn't mine mushy enough?"

He smiled.

"Or you want me to write till the extend that you'll puke after reading one line?"

He laughed.

But then again, I guess I do disgust many people out there. LOL.

Jan 13, 2010

Seeing Double

Was at Subang Parade one evening when we saw the sales Parkson had on bags and wallet. Seeing the beau's wallet all worn out after 7 years of using, I thought it's time for him to change. But of course, I didn't get him any Braun Buffel, it was just some cheaper Polo. He was there of course, he said anything I buy for him he'll like it. Hmmm...

But then again, of course I wouldn't get him those from Petaling Street. I trust Parkson won't be selling cheapskate stuff, especially when it's in a proper mall like Subang Parade. So I finally picked one, leather, soft pouch, with another flip for card storage and a zipper for bigger notes. I like!

So ended up getting two. Haha. What supposed to be a wallet for the beau turned out to be those double thingy where each of us have one.

Jan 12, 2010

The Biggest Loser

I pinched up the lovehandles and complained to the beau, "seee.... so fat."

"You should've joined the Biggest Loser Asia At least you got proper training.

"Do you know they took really fat peoples in the television? I'm just half their size!"

"Don't exagerate lah. You're still fat."

I couldn't disagree. I am fat.

Nevermind, it shall be my resolution this year. 6 pack abs so that I could take off my shirt in the gay clubs end of this year. :D

Jan 11, 2010

Finally Grey

It's been months on end. Everytime we went to gym, I asked, and my information was not updated, and I couldn't even get my card updated to the Platinum membership card, despite I've already upgraded my account. And even when the beau has gotten his platinum card weeks ago, I still had to wait because everytime I asked, they said my account information has yet to be updated.

So I finally told the staff in Manulife off that day. "How can like that one? It's been 2 months since I upgraded, and until now also haven't been done? What kind of service is this? You better tell your colleagues in the Curve their service is bloody lousy. And they still wanna make that club the Platinum club. What the fuck man?"

Pity the staff had to bear with my temper running amok.

But that evening the beau sensed my frustration and we headed to the Curve for another hoo-ha. Lucky them, they bloody update it instantly and told me I could get my card straight away.

Of course, I'm such a nice guy, I didn't want to make so much of a fuss then. So I took my card with a smile, and didn't say a word, turned around, and left.

So I'm finally a "grey" card holder! Weee!

Jan 10, 2010

Walk-in Closet

You know you're gay when you start thinking about walk-in closet.

contemporary closet organizers and walk in closet shelvingmodern walk in closet organizers shelving systems rimadesiorimadesio clothes rack and hanging closet systemsrimadesio modern closet shelving and closet organizationhttp://www.homedesignfind.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/senzafine-closet-walk-in.jpg


Properties developer and interior designers will be very happy with gay customers.

Jan 9, 2010

The Juicy Details

I know you wanted this.

Our New Year celebration in downtown KL.

Well. We headed to some clubs after the dinner with some friends. Had a glass of Whiskey and a tall glass of Long Island tea. First time I saw the beau dancing. Maybe he too was high from the Long Island tea, after all the alcohol content was pretty strong, as compared to all that we had before. We danced and jump and shouted for a couple of hours before retreated back to our room all high and drunk. LOL.

Had lots of French and kisses, but that's about it. We were both too tired as it was already 3 in the morning.

The next day, I woke up in his arms, headed for the complimentary breakfast, and retreated back to our rooms for the nice cozy bed. >.< We were watching some movies on HBO, me lying on his shoulder. And spent the remaining hours before checking out on lying on the bed, dozing off quite easily.

Ended up having some soreness on the neck and shoulder the following day.

"Must be because of your posture yesterday. I asked if you were comfortable, you should've told me you were not. Now your shoulder pain pulak."

How would I know I'd get aches when I haven't been lying on him for months right? LOL. But it's nice alright, to doze off in his cuddles. :D

Jan 8, 2010

Contemporary Homes

The new condo is just waiting for the CF and what nots before the keys are handed over. YESH!! Finally a home of my own. I have a lot of junks so to speak, but I'd like the new home to be of a contemporary designs, modern and comfortable. So I was talking to the beau about my idea, about what type of couch and TV cupboard that I wanted, just some ideas.

Something like this.

Or this.


Or this.


Or this.


Depending on how big the living room is gonna be.

And he shot me, saying that what I had in mind isn't contemporary at all.

He on the other hand said, when his parents move out of his place, he's going to clear all of his furniture, leaving just the LCD screen hang on the wall, a small cupboard for the players and DVDs, and there'll just be one couch and some big pillows, or perhaps fitball.

"And that's contemporary. It's suppose to be minimal."

Like this?

contemporary rug paparazzi

And I looked at him one kind, fine. Well hey, I got my ideas from the magazines!

Jan 7, 2010

Walking to Gym

Beau's working 9 to 6 nowadays and time is not as flexible for him as before. Considering mine's been rigid from the start, it's been very nice of him to come by and pick me up when we were to go to the gym together all these while.

But I guess from now on I'll have to learn to be independant and go to the gym on my own, and meet up with him there, should we want to work out together. But otherwise, of course he'd still come and pick me up after his work, but that'll mean I'm gonna miss a lot of the steps class that I'm addicted to.

So one day I came up with a wacky plan. Since the nearest branch is about 15 minutes drive away without jam, I thought it'll be a good idea that I walk to the gym and meet him there so that he could send me back after gym.

"I could shed some excess weights at the same time too!"

And he looked at me one kind.

"I'll see first. Talk only no actions."

I pouted my lips. "You don't believe I could do it?"

"We'll see when you start to walk."


Jan 6, 2010

Starbucks Tumbler

Being Starbucks lover that we are, not because we love their coffee, but rather because it's quite a norm of us to hang out on a lazy Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, the beau brought up that he's going to ask his niece about the Starbucks tumbler in the United States of A.


Apparently, he's been asking favors from his niece to get him some Levi's pants and stuff. And somehow, the next thing that comes into mind of his, was to get me a Starbucks tumbler if it's cheaper in the States. But of course, if it's not, there's no point troubling his niece getting one.

RM2 off any beverages mind you! >.< At least in the Klang Valley.

Jan 5, 2010

Black and White

The beau wasn't that much of a person who cares about what he wears when I first knew him. Or maybe he did and he never talked to me about it. Until lately when we were more comfortable with each other that he told me he has a lot of clothes as well. Hmmm... Metrosexual bunch? Homosexually metrosexual. LOL.

He asked me what to wear to a party that we were to go to that evening. He thought he'd wear a shirt with jeans. Long sleeved ones. And I thought I would too. So I came back looking up and down for a nice party shirt, only to find out that the collection of long sleeves Key Ng that I had seemed all crumpled and... well, dull.

So in the end, I picked a new party shirt that I bought recently.

"I'm wearing black." I told him.

"Hmmm... I don't have black wor." He said.

"Wear white lor." I teased.

"Err... I think I'll wear pink." He replied.

"Pink?" I looked at him, "I thought you don't like pink and you don't have pink?"

"Hehe, I have. You said it was a gay colour."

He's definitely learning to be a gay now.


Jan 4, 2010

Haphazard Chopstickal Annivesary

The beau and I had our anniversary lunch in Nagomi Japanese Restaurant in Menara Hap Seng a few days ago. We were early in downtown for the countdown street party as we thought there would be jam and all. Plus, we already booked into a hotel just nearby. And so anniversary lunch it was.

So he was happily waiting for the meal chatting away.

And I was too.

Only that, when I tried to split open the bamboo chopstick, this is what happened.

"Aiyooo, chopstick also dunno how to use?" He teased.

"No lor. Waiting for you to feed me mar." I joked.

"Serious ah?" Hid eyes wide open.

"Nope. Siao mei?"


But of course, we saw a rich uncle fondling and smooching his wife a few tables away...

Jan 1, 2010

Celebrating the New Year

I applied leave for the last day of the year, while the beau's enjoying the short break he has before he starts his new job. So we decided to go for the 3D Avatar in the day. It was awesome! Totally loved it to bits.

We then headed down to Pavillion to meet up some friends and finally headed to downtown KL for the countdown party. Man it was so crowded. But it was fun nonetheless.

We stayed downtown in one of the hotels to avoid the jams after the street party. And you know what that means. >.<

The next day, since it's a public holiday, we hang out in town as well. Go to the gym, then Starbucks. Typical public holidays. We're such an old married couple. LMAO.