Feb 28, 2010

Short Lunches

See, as to why I came up with that thing that I didn't fancy not long ago and mainly related to the Beau being busy and not able to spend time with me was because, there was one day when I asked him if he wanted lunch, and he said sure, and I went over to his office to pick him up, only to be told later that his boss decided to have a quick lunch and resume the meeting after that. I was pretty furious, and turned off the phone without saying goodbye, and sped off aimlessly for a place for lunch. Alone.

It was actually the second time.

The first time, he said we could meet up in a mall not far from his office. So I headed to the mall, and waited for him. But he didn't come in time as he mentioned. And he had to postpone our meeting for another half an hour because some problem sprung up. But half an hour extended to one hour. And I stupidly waited for about 1.5 hours for him, for a 15 minute lunch at some kopitiam.

It was only thank goodness that on both those occasions, I had my afternoon off. Otherwise I could be late myself too.

So of course, I was not happy.

Luckily today when I asked if he wanted to go out for lunch, he said sure.

I headed to his office as per said, and picked him up.

He came into the car and said, "Hello dear... Luckily today no meetings. Otherwise like last time again, cannot have lunch with my dear..."

Apparently, he still remembers. He even brought up the blog post. "Summore write about things that Clayden doesn't fancy, and everything was about the Beau."


Now I feel bad...


Feb 27, 2010


I've always wanted a cheekbones like those!

But then again, I'm so fat, it'd be a major surgery if I go for one.

No dear, I'm not cruising, I'm just taking ideas from other people. LOL

Feb 26, 2010


Our 9th month anniversary was held drinking beer and munching calamari rings.


3 mugs later, I'm high. Weeee~~~

Feb 25, 2010

Orange Skin

There was once that I ate mandarin oranges that I bought inside the car WHILE I was driving. *smiling proudly* And I wasn't involved in any accident *touch wood*, though I know the beau most probably would just shake his head when he reads this.

But peeling the mandarin oranges while driving would mean that I was probably too busy to pick up the bits of skins falling off the laps in between the thigh at the crotch, or probably fall off to the sides of the seat.

So after a few days, when the beau came into the car and notices some orange skin at the brake handle, he went WHOA!

"My dear so dirty!"

Bleh. :P

Feb 24, 2010

Night out

We were done with dinner last weekend and was heading home when the beau asked me where I wanted to go.

"Dunno ler. Someplace with night scene?"

"You want night scene one ah?"

"Or then? I'm not in the mood for clubbing or drinking tonight."

"What do you wanna do leh?"

"Just sit down lor."


"Or maybe someplace where we could sit and go online."

"Okay! Bangsar South."

"But it's already 11."

"It closes at 2."

So there we were hooked onto FB till late at night.

Feb 23, 2010

Things Clay Doesn't Fancy

1. The Beau working late.
2. Not spending time with the Beau.
3. Having need to wait for the Beau for dinner.
4. Walking around alone without the Beau.
5. Not having the Beau around.
6. ....
7. ....
8. ...
9. ...

It all comes down to one thing isn't it?

Feb 22, 2010


I guess I should stop telling the beau I'm cruising. :(

Apparently, I think he's finally getting jealous that I cruised other men, and telling him that I was cruising. But I thought it's better that he knows I'm washing my eyes with handsome men of my type, rather than him finding me having my eyes locked at some hot men and not telling him I'm just cruising.

A few weeks ago I went to Starbucks alone as he needed to run some errands for his mum. So I picked a cornered spot and went online. He reached home after a while and saw me online.

"You're home now?"

"Nope. In Starbucks."


"Nolah! No one to cruise."

"No hottie meh?"

"Nope. Just some old uncles talking like it's their house."

"Get them uncles to buy you drinks lor."


Maybe I think too much.

As how my friend put it, love shouldn't be difficult.

Love you dear. You know I always do.

Feb 21, 2010


Look at the M.U.S.C.L.E.S!!!!

I know I know. I'm not a stalker. But I go gaga over bodybuilders. :P

Feb 20, 2010

Kris Allen...

... Is so hawt!

But too bad the beau's against the idea of hitting Mid Vally on Monday because the bloody jam. T.T I guess he's right in so many ways. I shudder at the thoughts of the jam as well. Ugh. Why is it that traffic jams happen?!

I'm in love with Kris in so many ways. Like, he's so super HOT! And his voice is so soultry and such an ease to the ear. He's such a nice manly next door kinda guy. Plus, I love his album!

But knowing me, I'll TRY MY BEST to remember him for the next one year. Haha. I'm such a slutty music lover I change my favourite artistes every month. LMAO.

Feb 18, 2010

Back to Earth

Like, uh... we were both so worn out after coming back from The Datai, even the massage didn't help. Boo-hoo~ Who said *toot* intercourse isn't a vigorous exercise?

But reality kicks in.

Maybe too much sex gets the fun outta the way sometimes.



Not gonna tell you how many climaxes we had. But rest assured, I think both of us could sum up to a 1L bottle. But then again, it's not all about cumming. It's all about the passion. Passion people! Passsssion!

Maybe not all the time. Raunchy and spontaneous sex is exciting sometimes. The Beau is indeed a TIGER. ROARRRRR.... I just hoped our moans and shouts in that secluded chalet didn't attract all those uninvited visitors. Even if they did, I hope they enjoyed the live show. HAHAHA

Feb 12, 2010

Time Out!

The Beau and I cordially invites you to The Datai, Langkawi for Chinese New Year.

Speaking about conventional way of celebrating? Phuh. All day long sex brings back the prosperity. LMAO. Uuh uuh aah aah uuh uuh aah aah yeaaahhhh. LMAO.

Back online Wednesday! ;)

Happy CNY gay fellas!

Feb 11, 2010


We were heading back after we dropped off our friend in Ampang last weekend when the talk came up. Can't remember what drove into the sauna talk but it certainly triggered some tingling balls.

"So you wanna go ah?"

"No-lah. I'm not that kinda person. I never even been to any private sauna, other than the one in the gym."

"Very dark one wor."

"Then? What happened inside?"

"People touch touch you, and bring you to the rooms..."

"But it's very very dark?"

"The dark room is like that mar. Can't even see your own hands."

"But how to walk la like that?"

"Feel on the wall lor."

"Eeee... I sure trip one."

"So have to feel using hands lor whether the person is fat or thin."


"So I won't have any business lor then?"

"Sorry to say."

Double T.T

Feb 10, 2010


Was at Mid Valley last weekend when we chanced across this free health awareness thingy organized by UM. We both know we're healthy, we work out regularly, we don't smoke, we just drink occasionally, maybe slightly more than that, but otherwise, I think we're healthy.

I personally think the BMI calculation is bull. I mean, how could you bloody tell me I'm overweight when my weight is purely made up of muscles and bone density? Stupid right? Just because I'm not tall enough to compensate my weight, doesn't mean I'm fat. Stupid girl.

So we headed to the fitness level check ups. Bloody hell I was told my fitness level is below average, because my heart beats more than 100 times per minute after 3 minutes stepping up and down of a 12 inch stool. My baseline was 66 times per minute, of course after exercise it'll rise. But to say my fitness level is below average? What bull is it? I work out 6 days a week, and I'm definitely much healthier than all those bellied doctors. That's for sure.

I'm not satisfied. Urgh!

But the beau begged to be differ.

He said I'm just fat. And he asked me to accept the fact.


Feb 9, 2010

False Alarm

We headed to the Curve one weekend sometime ago, thinking that it wouldn't be as crowded as the shitty Sunway Pyramid, or the new malls in the 'banned' list - Mid Valley. Who'd have known, the entire carpark was fully occupied...

We circled around and around hunting for an empty space. But it was only half an hour later that we managed to get one.

While we were heading up to the mall, he asked me if I'd locked my car. I couldn't remember, so we headed back into the carpark again.

The cars were still as much as before, everyone were praying for an empty parking slots.

As I headed nearer to my car, I lifted my remote control and attempted to lock it from afar.

"Oooh, got car actually stopped there!"


"Yeahlah, they thought you're gonna go out mar..."

"Awww... too bad lor..."

Feb 8, 2010

Wrong Message

The beau and I decided to head out to the mall one day. We were after gym, and I forgot some stuff I couldn't remember what was it. So we headed back to my place while I rushed up into my room to fetched the forgotten stuff.

Just as I unlocked my room, I received a text.

"Dude, where are you? Still on the bed sleeping? We're heading to the mall! Weee~"

I looked at it, tilted one eyebrow, and smiled. The beau must've sent the message to the wrong person. Again.

Luckily it's not something like, "Dear dear, I miss you. :*", which was meant for me, and accidentally sent to someone else. LMAO. Now THAT would be awkward. LOL

Feb 7, 2010

Gays' Wax

I have this new jar of wax, imported from Australia, can't really remember what's the name, introduced by my hairdresser. But apparently, this wax has got his own type of fragrant, smells nice, but not exactly the for a perfume person like me.

So one find day as I entered the beau's car, he looked at me.

"I thought you don't use perfume?"

"I didn't."

"Something smells nice."

"Oh, my wax."


"Yeah, hair wax."

"Gays' wax?"

LOL Never knew wax could also be associated with gay. LOLs

Feb 5, 2010

Easy Step

Our gym introduced Easy Step as a stepping stone for those who wanna get into freestyle steps. It's not like we're new to Steps anyways. The beau used to be on intermediate level, while I've been on the beginner-intermediate stage. But now that the Easy Steps is introduced, they've assimilated all the Beginner Freestyle Steps into intermediate level, meaning the difficulty level is more.

But as compared to beginner steps, Easy Steps is like way wayyyyyy easier.

Nevertheless, the beau and I go to one class every week, just for the fun of it and to sweat, as the class is non-stop for 45 minutes, so it's a guaranteed that our shirts are gonna get wet.

But the thing is, we only do the steps and not the conditioning at the end.

One day, the gay instructor came out after the class ended to greet us at the drinking bar.

"Why don't want to do conditioning?" He asked.

"Don't like lah." The beau joked.

"Yalah yalah, I know you guys are strong lah. But still need the conditioning mar." The instructor replied jokingly.

After he left, I repeated the last sentence to the beau, imitating the instructor's high pitched voice.

The beau sweat even more. LOL

Feb 4, 2010

Our Place

... belongs to the beef noodle shop.

Like really, seriously! For the past one week, we frequented that place about 3 times for dinner. It's not exactly that all special or anything, but it's not crowded and we get our meal in reasonably short time. Price's reasonable for that amount of filling, and we're really loving it.

Weeeeee. So what's for dinner tonight?

Beef noodle.

The beau faints.

Feb 3, 2010

Condom Shop

We were out in the mall last weekend when we came across a sex shop. In Malaysia! Not the first, there were a few branches around, but I've never been into one.

"Look, sex shop!"

"Haha. Go in lah."

"Sure ah?"

"Yeah, why not?"

But he wasn't buldging.

"I dare you."

"Bring it on."

"Go in lah."

"Come lah."

He wasn't buldging still!

So in the end, I walked in first.

Whoa! Tenga cups!

Different Talks

It was already 3 when we finally walked into our regular shop for lunch. He had a bad day apparently. Nothing seemed to work out well for him. But... I was in a good mood. So I chitty chatty happily smile away.

But of course, my testosterone had always been raised. Physically I was sitting opposite the beau. Somehow, the eyes just cruised around.

There was apparently this guy who walked into the shop. Super cute. Edison Chen oval face, waxed hair, lean ripped body, around 6ft tall. Sizzling hot.


"Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla" Beau didn't pay any attention.

The hottie walked to another hottie. This time, white shirt, short spiky hair, around 6ft as well, ripped toned body. Hot. So when two hotties came together, it was double sizzling hot.

"Double bent."

"Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla" Beau went on and on about the lousy service he got from the previous shop.

I just looked at him, and smile.


"Hot gay couples just walked out."

"Oh is it?"

Feb 2, 2010

Happy Hour

The beau was telling me about the plans that his single colleagues were having. Something about happy hour after work, drinking the night away in some bars. Apparently, only the singles do that.

So one day I joked.

"You tell them you're not single anymore lor, cannot go happy hour, need to go dating."

"Hmmm... good idea hor."

"Say you have a girl friend and wanna go pak-tor."

"Or say, my BOYfriend scold me lah."


"Then the whole office will hoo-hah."

Feb 1, 2010


I was barely waking up and was not even walking straight. The night before was probably not a good sleep. Eyes still shut, I headed to my bag where I left in the living room for my tooth brush.

The beau followed from behind, switching on the light, and headed over to the balcony. He drew open the curtains and signaled me over.

"Do you like it?"

"What is it? Sun... niceeeeeeee...."

And I was wide awake, him hugging me from behind...