Nov 30, 2011


So there was this form needed to be filled for some confidential purposes.

Clayden: Gosh! So thick! How to fill?!

Beau: Fill only the ones applicable to you.

Clayden: And there's information about the company!

Beau: Usually those can get online, need to do research one.

Clayden: But there's financial income per annum!

Beau: Leave those blank.

Clayden: And there's salary column!

Beau: =.=" Forms also don't know how to fill.

Nov 29, 2011

Running Medal

Beau: There's no finisher medal in Nike Run right?

Clayden: Some limited edition thumb drive I think.

Beau: Nevermind lar, dear since you got a lot of thumb drive already, I know you will give me the Nike one right?

Clayden: Cannot! Must go earn yourself.

Beau: Can lar... I trade mine for you.

Clayden: *speechless*

Nov 28, 2011

Nike Run

2 days later, after Clayden stopped complaining of muscle soreness from Penang Bridge run, Beau started to experience muscle soreness...

Beau: Maybe I should skip running Nike Run.

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Leg pain...


Beau: Yer... my dear laugh at me. *pouts*

Nov 27, 2011


So after running 21km last weekend, Clayden came back with a chaffed inner thigh. Compression pants must've ran out of place, leaving spaces in between the thighs to rub against each other.

Clayden: Pain...

Beau: Why pain ler?

Clayden: Chaffed lor.

Beau: How you run one?

Clayden: Like normal people lor.

Beau: Like aunty like that *making a pose running with a abducted thighs*

Clayden: Yor... *pouts*

Nov 26, 2011


After the Penang Bridge last weekend, Clayden was suffering from muscle fatigue; not only in the legs, but also the shoulder. So Beau was called upon to stick some painkiller pads.

Beau: Like old man like that.

Clayden: You also having pain in your leg.

Beau: But mine is not where old people usually suffer pain from.

Clayden: *pouts*

Nov 25, 2011

Blowing bubbles

That shows how bored I am at times.
If you do know, yes I'm trying to make a living out of blogging, but it just doesn't work in Malaysia it seems. :(

So I'm sulking...

And blowing bubbles into my hot chocolate.

Nov 23, 2011

Nov 20, 2011

Another Coupon Story

I'm sure by now everyone know about Groupon... the online voucher where you get discounts because the company purchase the deal in bulk...

So quite a while back there was this deal of 2 types of main course in Tony Roma's.

Clayden: Dear, Tony Roma got deals wor.

Beau: Oh... yeah I saw it.

Clayden: Wanna go? Haha.

Beau: Hmmm... Don't want la.

Clayden: Okay lor...

And so, we didn't go to Tony Roma for like a couple of weeks.

Nov 19, 2011

Middle Eastern Food

Beau is quite an international traveler before we settled down. Lots of flying here and there and stopping by in Dubai Airport and all... So one day, as I chanced across this coupon on one of the online mass voucher website, I thought I'd ask if he's interested in dining at this restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara called... something.... can't remember.

Clayden: Dear, wanna go try out in the best Middle Eastern restaurant in KL as named by Time Out?

Beau: Middle eastern? No way.

Clayden: How come? I thought you like it?

Beau: I HATED it...

Clayden: Haha. okay....

Beau: Why? You tried that place before?

Clayden: Nope, just wondered if you wanna go try together.

Beau: Don't want la...


Nov 18, 2011

You Decide

Deciding on where to go for our date is so troublesome. So more often than not, I'd ask the Beau to decide.

But now he had learnt the trick. He'd keep quiet, until I ask "Where to go ler?" And he'll answer "You decide. Today is You Decide day."


Nov 17, 2011


While driving past the hilly route of Mont Kiara residential area, we saw this one guy in running shorts and blue jersey jogging by the pavement, uphill...

Clayden: Wah... cutie.

I thought Beau would turn around immediately to see.

But he lagged for a bit... After 2 seconds, "Is it?" and he tried to check it out in the side mirror.


Nov 16, 2011

Lonely Planet

We were at the bookstore one day, and we were browsing through the travel guides.

Clayden: Wow! I love this!

Beau: Oooh! I have similar series. But of Los Angeles and London.

Clayden: Hmmm should I get this?

Beau: Don't know.

Clayden: But they'll update again later. So it cannot be used 10 years later wor.

Beau: Of course. Hotels and all those updated information would be outdated that time.

Clayden: Should I get it?

Beau: Don't know. Up to you.

Clayden: Should you get it?

Beau: NOPE.


Nov 15, 2011

One Fit One Fat

so we were in a mall eating and there was this other couple sitting in the next table.

after we were done with food, we left the diner. and coincidentally, the other couple too left at the same time. one of the guy was lean fit and so ever fashionable with low v-neck tight shirt. while the other, although equally good looking, had a huge belly!

Clayden: Wah... the other couple one lean fit one big belly.

Beau: Ahem... They also will say the other couple one fit one fat.

Clayden: >.>

Nov 13, 2011


Beau: I'm going drinking later...

Clayden: Okay... with your boss ah?

Beau: No wor... cute guy...

Clayden: Yeeerrrrr.... Not scared I'd get jealous?

Beau: No wor... Are you jealous?

Clayden: Nope... :P

Nov 10, 2011


So I was filling out some forms online and I needed Beau's particulars for something... And I have never actually filled out any forms that requires passport number... So I texted him for his...

Beau: My passport is XXXXXXXXXX.

Clayden: Expiry date?

Beau: XXXXXXXXXX. What else you need?

Clayden: Errrm... everything in that main page la.

Beau: My name you also don't know??? *angry icon*


Nov 9, 2011

New Particular

While helping Beau to fill up some information online about his Passport number and details...

Beau: Dear, there's one more thing in the passport you might need. 8"

Clayden: Huh? What's 8"?

Beau: The dick size...

Clayden: =.=""""

Beau: Yours don't have?

Clayden: =.=""""""""""

Beau: Maybe yours too small. So not significant.

Clayden: *faint*

Nov 7, 2011

We had this....

In relation to this post about the food that Beau brought that night

We had this...

TWO of them! HAHA

And it was 11pm already. LOL Luckily the owner of Asia Cafe didn't chase us away.

Nov 5, 2011

Eating Vinegar

So we were out in a shop selling pork dishes one day, and I ordered some soup for myself and chicken in wine for Beau. Somewhere along the dining, pork in vinegar came into the picture, as I thought I'd have ordered that instead.

Clayden: I should've ordered that lar...

Beau: They sell that here? Yeah! I love that one too...

Clayden: You like that? I thought you prefer the soupy one.

Beau: No... I like vinegar...

Clayden: Oooo... later I go see if they have that...

Beau: You don't know I like to eat vinegar one meh?

Sensing some hidden meaning there? LOL

Try read out 'eating vinegar' in mandarin.

Nov 4, 2011

Surprise Visit

One day, I headed to the gym earlier in the day and headed home before Beau off work. Therefore, he went to gym later while I was already at home. After he finished his workout, he called me up...

Beau: Dear... sleeping ah?

Clayden: No ah... You're not in the gym meh?

Beau: Finish jor... Now I'm coming to your place...

Clayden: Oh okay la...

Beau: I bought something.

Clayden: You... bought something??

Beau: Anyway, see you later...

Wah... what is it? Wine? X.O.? DVD? Or... condoms? LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Log in to find out the answer tomorrow!

Nov 3, 2011

Can See Cannot Eat

Lying in front of the TV watching this one day...

Beau: I hate this.

Clay: What?

Beau: Watching the people there eating and I cannot eat...

Clay: HAHA!

Beau: Sien jor!

Nov 2, 2011

Making Breakfast

Woke up one morning and noticed that Beau wasn't lying next to me. He was in the toilet, and after he came back to bed...

Clay: Eeee... I woke up just now then, suddenly dear gone jor....

Beau: Toilet ler...

Clay: I thought you were in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me ler....

Beau: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Nov 1, 2011


Beau: So... what's my dear gonna prepare for breakfast tomorrow ler?

Clay: Errr I don't know ler... Instant noodle!

Beau: =.=""""""""