Dec 24, 2010

End of One Year

So that's it. The end of the year 2010. Major things happened. Relationships going steady. Carreer tsunami. Environment change.

Been busy for the past few months flying in and out of the country trying to look for a suitable place in down south, Beau came by a few times with me for short breaks as well, trying to get hold of the new lifestyle we're going to be having in the next couple of years, hopefully not too long. Finally settling down in a small cozy unit. Looks like it's going to be a long distance relationship for a while. *sobs* While Beau's still need a few time for arrangement of internal transfer, I suppose I will be alone down there for a while.

I served my previous company for the final couple of months just for the resignation notice, totally care-free and happy. I wasn't given any heavy tasks, and life's been good. I went in late, came out early, and everyone in the office were practically my friend; even the hot Burmese cleaner in the 5th floor toilet. No other intentions. Which was why, I spent quite a lot, shopping for myself and everyone else I love. I'm gonna make sure everyone misses me. LMAO.

The annual family gathering this year will take place in Vietnam. The parents flying in from Hong Kong on Christmas Eve just in time for the gathering. 2nd Uncle's orchard have been the regular meeting point, pretty much because it's huge and big enough to accomodate the big family. After the grandparents' passing 7 years ago, we started having this sort of gathering, not sure why. Perhaps Dad's siblings thought it's better to strengthen the family bonding before it's too late. Not that I'm complaining, I'm pretty contented. 2nd Uncle's eldest son is... YUMMY. Don't ask. LOL. Plus, 3rd uncle's son, since we bumped into each other in Frangi 2 years back, been quite a close friend. Oops, maybe I shouldn't say so much about my family.

But needless to say, it's going to be the break before the start of a new life down under. Aussie-bums, here I come! No puns intended. LOL.

Before I forget, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

ps: Will update after I got back from the 2 week long holiday. ;)

Dec 22, 2010

New Year Plan

Beau: Dear, what's your plan for the New Year's Eve.

Clayden: Not sure yet...

After a while...

Clayden: Wait wait, cannot go anywhere. I've already booked my flight to Vietnam!

Beau: Gasps. When did you buy?

Clayden: With my cousins. We're going there for our annual gathering. My parents will be flying in from Hong Kong.

Beau: Can I come together?

Clayden: Sure. There's lots of rooms. Though you'll have to sleep on the floor. Because my room only got single bed.

Beau: Ish...

Dec 20, 2010


While the Beau was busy with his work in Starbucks, a friend of ours bumped into us and sat next to me.

Friend: Oh gosh. No I know why you like the roughful looking men.

Clayden: Why?

Friend: You see your other half. So serious. So fierce.

Clayden: Is he now?

Friend: Yeah!

Lols. Never realized that.

Dec 18, 2010

Highly Confidential

Beau met me in Starbucks after work one day. I was reading when he arrived.

Beau: Can I sit at your place? You sit out here.

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Cuz I don't want people to see what am I doing on the screen.

Clayden: Why can't? You're surfing porn?

Beau: Blimey, no... My work is confidential.

Clayden: Don't want.

Beau pouted lips. But continued to sit at the more open seat. LOL

Dec 16, 2010

Ankle Pain

One day, after doing the threadmill in the gym for half an hour, I sort of felt some pain in my ankle. Not exactly a sprain, but it's did indeed feel like the very very mild version of sprain; which led to quite a limp in order to reduce the pain on the ankle.

After gym,...

Clayden: Ankle pain...

Beau: Why?

Clayden: Don't know. Maybe run too much.

Beau: I think because you're getting fat.

Clayden: -.-"

Dec 14, 2010

Six Pack

Clayden: Woah dear, that lady instructor inside the studio, look like man like that, summore the abdomen six pack so obvious one.

Beau: Is it?

Clayden: Yeah, better than yours.

Beau: -.-"


Dec 12, 2010


Hi. My name is Clayden. And I'm an obese.

... Not!

Happy December's Fool!

Saw this lady in the mall. But really, how could anyone got so fat?! Isn't she worried or anything?

Dec 10, 2010

The cutie

Beau: Dear... finish your gym?

Clayden: Yeah... Just now the instructor kept on asking me to add more. So tough.

Beau: Cuz you're cute mar. Hehe.

Dec 8, 2010

Nike from the USA

Beau's cousin was coming from the United States for Christmas this year.

Beau: So what do you want from the US?

Clayden: Hmmm... Iphone!

Beau: Why? Ipad better. Or Itouch. Besides, Iphone from the US, you can't use in Malaysia.

Clayden: What's Itouch?

Beau: Iphone without the phone.

Clayden: Then what's the point of the thing?

Beau: Like a portable laptop.

Clayden: I've got my laptop already.

Beau: But Itouch is cooler.

Clayden: Maybe just an Android.

Beau: You're using Diamond!

Clayden: Or just a pair of Nike.

Beau: That's better.

-.-" So he just wanted me to say that...

Dec 6, 2010

Falling Sick

One night while waiting for the Beau to finish his workout, Clayden suddenly felt chilly. Perhaps he had just finished the RPM class earlier and was all soaked in sweat.

Clayden: Dear, cold wor...

Beau: Want my big towel? (Instead of the small face towel which ran out, the front desk counter gave him the big shower towel.)

Clayden: For what?

Beau: So can cover yourself up.

Clayden: -.-" I think I better go shower.

And he headed straight to the shower for a good hot shower.

It was the first day he fell sick, down with a bad tonsils infection.

Dec 4, 2010

Kevin Cheng

Clayden put up a status on his Facebook page one night when he saw Kevin Cheng on the television programme, "OMG Kevin Cheng schooooo cute!"

The next day, when Clayden and Beau were having dinner after gym;

Beau: Dear watched the drama series?

Clayden: Not really. Just that I was in time to watch some of him last night.

Beau: Actually you looked quite like him in certain angle.

Clayden: Really?

Beau: Certain angle lor.

Clayden: Yea right... a fat version of Kevin Cheng probably.

Beau: Haha. Maybe.

Clayden: -.-"

Dec 2, 2010

Zero Fat

Managed to go to the gym in Singapore the other day.

I suppose it's true when people said Singaporean men have zero fat.

Nov 30, 2010


I don't know how to cook. I can't cook. So one day after I finally found out how to cook chawamushi, I happily told the beau I was cooking the steam egg for dinner.

Clayden: Hehe. I'm cooking chawamushi.

Beau: Cook also didn't tell me.

Clayden: Next time I cook for you lo...

Beau: Say only.

Beau likes chawamushi as a dessert whenever we go to the Japanese restaurant. Everytime we go to any of those Japanese restaurants, we'd end our meal with chawamushi. But somehow, I think I still need to perfect my cooking. Apparently, my steam eggs were done in big bowl instead of small cups. LOL. Perhaps that was why I couldn't estimate the amount of soya sauce needed to give it some taste.

Nov 28, 2010

Long Distance

So it's formalized, this mental preparation for a long distance relationship.

Clayden: Then when are you going to come over?

Beau: Soon. When I manage to apply for another new job there.

Clayden: How long?

Beau: Don't worry lah. It's not like we're going to be so far away. You can always come back for a short break, or I could drop by when I'm off.

Clayden: Okay... if you're okay with that.

Beau: But you must keep in touch one wor. Don't say so busy until chatting also no time.

Clayden: Huh? Why?

Beau: Still dare say...

@.@ Ooops. Maybe I could be too engrossed with somethings at time... Wasn't even talking to beau for a week when I was posted outstation a couple months ago. LOL.

Nov 26, 2010

Spotted: Hottie

Appearance: 90/100

Physique: 80/100

Manliness: 85/100

Pose: 85/100

Smoking: -400

Total: -50/400

Sorry man, if you saw this. But I don't really like smokers. Don't like the smell, don't like the yellow teeth, don't like the breath, don't like kissing the ash-tray, heck even the cock smells of smoke... So yeah, stop smoking! No matter how fit you are, smoking is the ultimate turn-off.

Nov 24, 2010


Apparently... the narcissistic self-loathing gym instructor wasn't the only person moving down south to the hot island country down there. No puns intended. I received my offer letter for a position I've been longing for for a while by now.

The thing is... I'm afraid. I have very bad impression of the coountry you see. I've lived in some other countries, and I've always take quite a long time adapting to the local and well, let's just say KL is where I felt home the most when I came back from overseas. After 4 years here, I can't believe I need to move again. Nomad much?

Have no idea how this relationship's gonna be. Beau's probably going for a promotion in his company. And that would mean it's quite impossible for him to quit as easily as I could.

Is this what we call impermenance in life?

Nov 22, 2010

The Horny BF

If only there's a type of BF who, upon seeing your body, in the room or
locker room or anywhere else, would just come over seductively, and kissed you
on the lips, and started fondling with the package between the thighs. And then
you guys'd end up in some locker room making out and having sex. Like, he just
can't see you without any clothes on, or else he'd be doing you already.

See, I was at the locker room changing before going to shower when the Beau came into the changing room. He caught a glimpse of me, and smirked, and headed to his locker. I was partially naked, correcting the towel over a naked bum. And that thoughts above came into mind.

And if my partner were someone like Viktor Krum in Harry Potter 4, I think I'd die from over-palpitation. My heart would always be beating so fast that I just wouldn't be able to control! LMAO. And I'd be raping the so-called fantasized boyfriend daily. LMAO.

Then again, I think I'm satisfied with what I have now. :P Although my sex life is barely adequate, I think we're both thinking with our head, on top of the body, not the one in between the legs. Compatibility somewhat makes me feel thankful for having such a wonderful boyfriend.

Nov 20, 2010

Ithcy Butt

Clayden: Dear... my butt so itchy wor...

Beau looked at me one kind. "Why?"

Clayden: Don't know ler... I cleaned with water already one lor.

Beau: Erk...

Clayden: How ah?

Beau: How ah? I don't know?

Apparently, water-cleaning the butt after big business, rather than using toilet paper, sometimes leave the ass itchy. But why?

Nov 18, 2010

Angry Birds

One of the games on Iphone...

Initially the beau didn't download it. But one night, after he mentioned about it, I was asking if he played the game on his iPhone.

Beau: Nope. My colleagues all playing though.

THe next day, while he was waiting for me in the car outside my condo, I came in and saw him playing the game!

Clayden: I thought you said you didn't play the game?

Beau: Nope. Just downloaded the Lite version for fun.

Clayden: Before you know it, you'll be addicted.

So halfway driving, I asked the beau if I could play with the game. And I did.

Beau: I stuck in level 4. Dunno how to proceed.

Clayden: I'm at level 6.

Beau: Eeee! So fast one?

Clayden: No ah... but now cannot pass dy...

Beau: Haha. You addicted jor.

Nov 16, 2010

Moving Together

Clayden: If I move to Australia how?

Beau: I will look for job there lor.

Clayden: Is it easy for you to look for a job there?

Beau: Shouldn't have any problem, with my qualification and all.

Clayden: What if you didn't get any job there?

Beau: Then I'll stay in KL lor. What to do?

I suppose it's common for decisions like this to happen along the way in a relationship?

Nov 14, 2010

Indian Movie

We went to watch the Legend of the Owl when it was still showing a few months back. So when I took out the movie ticket and noted the title of the movie printed on the ticket, I started to panic.

Clayden: Shit! Bought the wrong movie!

Beau: What movie is it?

Clayden: Some Indian movie.

Beau: Huh? What do you mean?

Clayden: It's called Ga'hoole.

Beau: -.-" It's called the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole.

Clayden: Is it? Oh I was just trying to fool you mar.

Beau: Yea... right...

Nov 12, 2010


Clayden: My nose so many black heads. I'm thinking of getting those metal thing with a little hoop at the end to squeeze out the black heads.

Beau: Erk. Since when you become so hiao one?

Clayden: Huh? What do you mean?

Beau: Why you suddenly care so much about the black heads one? Last time not so hiao leh.

Clayden: Heeee... I like leh.

Nov 9, 2010

Six Pack

Beau: There's a machine there for abs. Quite nice. Been using it for a week.

Clayden: Really? That means there are 2 in the gym.

Beau: Yes. Quite a good machine. I wanna train back my six pack.

Clayden: *smirking*

Beau: What? Don't believe me?

Clayden: Nope.

Beau: If I get my six pack how?

Clayden: Like that lor... it's yours, not mine.

Beau: Hmmm... Maybe should bet with you who gets the 6 pack first.

Clayden: Cannot... Then I sure lose one.

Beau: Not necessarily, you're younger.

Clayden: So?

Beau: You're younger, so you lose more fat compared to me.

Clayden: -.-"

Nov 8, 2010

Cracking Eggs

Previously on PS. I love you. Clayden asked his readers to guess whose eggs are these in the pictures.

Almost forgot about it until today.

Shamefully, I can't crack an egg properly. :P

Nov 5, 2010

Loyal Hookups

Monogamy is overated. At least that's what I thought. So... more often than not, when the beau's not around and when I'm extremely horny, I'd go online and start hunting for hot men in actions. And before we know it, that little brother in between my muscular legs were hard erected, pumping and thrusting.

Sometimes I'd control the ejaculation. Sometimes, if it was meant for a quickie, I would just let it go at 10 minutes into the thrusting. But at the end of the day, all these random hookups at the oddest hour of the days, would probably leave me unsatisfied. It's after all, different compared to a proper passionate sex.

But of course, thanks to the loyal hookups that comes whenever I call. Those really loyal hands...

Nov 4, 2010

BodyBalance New Release

While everyone got hyped over the new releases of Les Mills group exercises, I actually gave a damn about it. In fact, for RPM for instance, I prefer to have a mix of the previous releases whereby there'll be great songs from various releases. That, is gonna be a great class.

So one day many weeks ago, while having a drink after a cardio class in Empire, the BodyBalance instructor sat down next to me. God knows why of so many empty seats he had to pick one just next to me. Another female member came over and asked him about the new release.

Member: How was it?

Instructor: VERY..... EASY!

Member: Really?

Instructor: Yeah, no challenge at all. That's why for certain poses, I went for more...

Sometimes, I think, it's okay to give a comment to show how good yourself are. But to make it in a tone as if you're very good, I don't think there's any point to that, in fact, I might've thought it's a bit of a show off too.

Then again, since he's already an instructor, won't wanna say any further.

Nov 2, 2010

Long Journey

One Utama is one of the malls that we seldom go to nowadays, mainly because it's... huge? LOL. And we didn't find much that we can do there. Except for the food, and perhaps some movies. Nonetheless, even if it was for food, we seldome go all the way to that gigantic mall, because parking alone is a hassle. Imagine parking in the New Wing when you intended to eat in a shop located on the Old Wing...

Me: So far...

Beau: Walk a bit la lazybum...

Me: If only we also got the minitrain to carry us...

Beau: There! (pointing at those musical entertainment machine)

Me: That train doesn't move.

Beau: It's got small tires underneath, can move one.

Me: Why don't you carry me? Piggy riding...

Beau: =.="

Oct 31, 2010

Foreign Men

During a regular movie night in O.U., we saw 2 guys waiting at the lobby. Middle easter probably, lean toned, not quite tall. One with a hat, one with specs. Specs guy looks so inviting despite not my type.

Beau: What are you doing?

Me: Stalking men.

Beau: -.-" again...

Me: Heeeee...

Oct 29, 2010

Cracked Egg

Beau knows well enough that I can't crack an egg. So everytime we order half-boiled eggs, I'll look at him and he'd get the hint.

So one day in Empire Subang, we ordered the regular dose of breakfast. Tea, toasted bread and half-boiled eggs. Much to our surprise, the eggs came cracked!

Beau: Aiks! They know you can't crack eggs wor!

Me: =.="

Oct 27, 2010

Sexy Back

While we were at Carl's Junior one night, we saw a guy came into the shop for his share of burgers. Face wise so so, protruding jaw, so... low marks. But from the back, he's pretty delicious. Particularly the upper back.

Perhaps a swimmer? It's a v-shaped back alright, though not too broad a shoulder, but definitely quite some definition there. Especially the upper back between the shoulder blades.

Love the part when the shirts are stretched in between the shoulder blades. Super HOT!

Oct 25, 2010

Sloppy Eater

We went for lunch in Italianies one day and I ordered some risotto while Beau had garden salad. So we were sharing our food and we had the 2 main course in the middle of the table. He had his portion scooped and placed on his plate while I had mine taken straight from the main plate and placed straight into the mouth.


Me: Aaah!

Beau: Aiyoooo!!! No eye see...

Oct 23, 2010

Gym Hardons

Beau: Dear, just now at the weight machine, there was this guy who was doing chest, wearing sweat pants.

I looked at him, wondering what he was trying to convey...

Beau: He got a hard-on while working out...

Me: IS IT?!

Beau: Yeah. Very clear. I think he didn't wear underwear. So can see the shape quite clearly. Quite big size.


Oct 21, 2010

Toilet Business

Ever since the Beau had his iPhone 4, he's practically online 24/7. Either on Wifi or the 3G that came with the service provider package. One day after reaching home from gym, he buzzed me on IM.

Beau: Dear, what are you doing?

Me: Reading newspaper.

Beau: I'm in the toilet doing big business now.

Me: Eeeew! You don't have to tell me that...

Beau: Hehe...

About a minute later,

Beau: Finish dy. Should I jerk off or not leh?

Me: Up to you lor.

Beau: Done.

Me: So fast one?

Beau: I'm going to shower and clean up now.

In the toilet mind you! He's bloody online in the toilet! LOL

Oct 19, 2010

Gay couple!

Came out from a restaurant one day. Saw a a cute guy inside a car right in front of the shop. Look gayish. But he had a couple of female friends around. Thought they coupld probably be straight couple or something, considering how straights metrosexuals are today...

But then, when they were about to leave, only 2 guys remained in the car. Mid 20s, lean built, spiky hair, shorts and shoes with baby socks.



Oct 17, 2010

My Type

So we saw a mutual friend of ours' whose profile on Fridae. Beau said he really gained a lot of muscle mass since we last went out together. And he asked me if I like.

But you know, it's difficult to like a friend. It's a very vague definition. Are you saying like with a little sexual twist? Or just plain like? If he's already a friend, that means there's already a certain degree of liking right? Else we won't even be friends. But if there's the sexual intention, certainly not.

So I sent a picture that I like.

Beau: WAH! So big!

Me: Yeah.

Beau: If I become like this how?

Me: You want to? I thought you said this type very ugly?

Beau: Yeah, so ugly.

So I suppose my boyfriend will never be a bodybuilder. LOL.

Oct 15, 2010

Honk! Honk!

Beau is not a patient man on the road. He cursed a lot. And he sometimes honks other car. When he honks, he'll smash his steering wheel. Many times I thought he'd break that thing.

So one day, as we were going into a parking lot in front of a shop, but was obstructed by another car in front of us, Beau honked a long honk...

Me: Why you always like to honk... So sia sui nia.

Beau: Sia sui meh?

Me: Yeah lor. Everyone looked at us.

Beau: I like leh.

Me: No eye see... Face dunno burry where...

Beau: La la la.

Oct 13, 2010


One fine day...

Me: Know what I want to do?

Beau: What?

Me: Take a year off work.

Beau: For what?

Me: Go to the gym everyday and train to become a buff hunk. So that I'll be a head-turner and everyone would drool over me.

Beau: You? Go to the gym everyday? *choke*

Me: What? Don't believe I can do that?

Beau: Nope.

Me: *pouts lip* Fine...

Oct 11, 2010

Cheating Complain

Beau: My friend went to XXX restaurant once, and bit into a stapler in his steak lor.

Me: Wow... bleed a lot?

Beau: Don't know. But he's a live.

Me: What happened after that? Did he complain?

Beau: Of course. XXX restaurant gave him that meal free and a whole year of free meal. For himself.

Me: Wow! We should do that!

Beau: Huh? What do you mean?

Me: Just burry some stapler into the steak, and asked for the manager.

Beau: You don't sia-sui me!

Oct 9, 2010

Delicious Potato

For some unknown reason, while I was at the airport last weekend, the caucasians seemed to be more than usual. And when I mean caucasian, I mean the delicious younger ones aged 20s to early 30s. Not that I've not seen any whites, but for some reasons, all them at the airport that day were so unusually delicious.

(Horny much?)

There was this chunky guy who walked in with his family, probably early 20s. Not muscular. Not too lean either. But for some odd reasons, that pecs of his looked really inviting.

Nonetheless, I'm still pretty much a rice queen. LOLs.

Oct 7, 2010

Big Cucumber

For some reason, things that are not supposed to be came into mind. So smooth. So hard. So long. So thick. So delicious...

Oct 5, 2010

My Album

Ta-daaa!!! :D There's a tribute to P.S. I love you okay! Don't play play!

And seriously! I wasn't trying to stalk the singlet guy! He just appeared to be in the frame at the wrong time. Seriously! :P

Oct 3, 2010

Pull And Bear

Me: Let's go into Pull and Bear.

Beau: HUH? What's that?

Me: The shop there la...

Beau: For what?

Me: Just to go in and touch this and that and try different clothes...

Beau: You wanna shop?

Me: Nope. Just to mess things up.

Beau: No eye see....

But lo and behold. Guess what did my eye see?


Oct 1, 2010

Ryan Seacrest

Watched American Idol and boy, he's one guy I would savour. Damn he's just so... hot!

Do you know he's 69 on Frobe's richest list? Ryan Seacrest earns around $14 million per year. $14 million is one heck of a nice salary. That would be $1.16 million per month or $553,000 every 2 weeks or $40,000 per day.

Are you drooling?

Sep 29, 2010

Naughty Clayden

Oh well, you know, sometimes we tend to 'purrrrr' with the lover...

So one day, while we were having dinner in Tony Roma and the table was shaky.

Me: So shaky one this table.

And I continued to shake.

Beau: Don't shake la.

Me: Huh?

Beau: Don't shake.

Me: Oh...

Shake... shake... shake...

Beau: Aiyoo! Why my dear become like this...

Me: Like what?

Beau: So naughty. Like kid like that.

Me: I like leh. :P

Sep 27, 2010


We were hanging out in Starbucks one lazy Sunday afternoon after gym. I suppose I must've dozed off. Lazy afternoon like that, it's only natural to be asleep...

Later that night, while we were chatting online...

Beau: Dear, you already looked so tired this afternoon...

Me: Yeah...

Beau: Some more sleeping in Starbucks.

Me: Too sleepy already lo...

Beau: Snoring some more...

Me: Eeee!

Beau: Don't believe? I got a video of you snoring.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeee!

But if you're wondering, nope, I won't allow that video anywhere near the internet. LOL

Sep 25, 2010

Good Night Kiss

Went holiday with the Beau last weekend to a nearby town, just to get away from the hustle bustle of the big city. Not that we don't like the city, heck that's the only place I can survive; but rather, we just wanted to drive somewhere and cuddle underneath that comforter watching TV and sleep whole day, in a foreign room.

The next moning, Beau asked me if I had a good sleep.

Me: Great sleep. Why?

Beau: Nothing. Of course you had a good sleep. Some more with the loud snore and teeth grinding.

Me: Oops... So you can't sleep ah?

Beau: Not really wor...

Me: Because I snore too loud already is it?

Beau: No lah. I'm used to that. But maybe because didn't have good night kiss lor.

Me: -.-"

Sep 23, 2010


Beau: So dear, what do yoy want to eat today?

Me: Anything la.

Beau: Anything again... xxx ok?

Me: Okay...

one week later,

Beau: What do you want to eat?

Me: You decide la...

Beau: Me decide again... Don't like that la...

Me: Me anything also can...

2 weeks later,

Beau: So.. what to eat for dinner?


Beau: I know. Me decide again...

Me: Pandai dy...


Sep 21, 2010

Beau's Spycam

One night, beau was waiting for his mum in a Starbucks cafe somewhere and we were chatting online.

"Dear, the barista very cute one wor. It's so empty here so we managed to chat a bit."

Jealousy kicked in eventually, and I dared him to snap a photo of that guy.

"But I'm not a good stalker leh."

So I finally melted and said never mind, knowing him. Because later on, he told me he managed to snap the barista's photo.

Later on that evening, he sent me the photo.

"Cute or not?"

"Ok ok lah. Not as cute as me."

Beau was speechless. "No eye see."


Sep 19, 2010


We were in KLCC one day and a very hunky guy walked passed in front of us towards the escelator. Was drooling when I finally saw who he was with.

Old balding white man.

But then, it would be quite hot also lor. LOL. Cuz there was this video on the porn blog I surf. Awesomely hot. Wee~~

Sep 17, 2010


People like us, who don't deal with office work and keyboards all the time, we picked up typing using two fingers. So we started off with the index finger tapping on each keys when we type, and sometimes it takes ages to finish a sentence.

I somewhat had some trainings before. So at least I managed to type using 4 fingers from each hand, minus the little finger. The beau however, was the one who uses one finger.

So one day, I saw him typing a letter. Amazingly, he finished it in 15 minutes or so.

"Wah, you type so fast one hor?"

"Of course lah. What do you expect?"

"But you're only using your index finger mah..."

"Practice makes perfect, ma can go faster lor."

True... true... LOL. Just index fingers...

Sep 15, 2010

MOney Boy Promotion

You see, our phones, we always received messages from the 5 numbers about certain promotions and what nots. So one day, I asked the beau whether we could scrap it off, and he said it's a form of advertisement means for those business owners.

"Then, can we also advertise?"

"Can, it's just like a advertising board. You just need to go and register."

"Cool. Then can I go and advertise as a money boy?"

Beau was speechless. LOL.

Sep 13, 2010


So we finally went out one day. After all the failed attempt for public display of affections, we finally managed to perform some french kiss in Pavillion.

Beau said he wanted to get some working attire. He said he need some new ones so that when he meets the customer, he'd have something decent. So we went around the premium Parkson there and started our shopping frenzy.

But at the end of the day, he only managed to purchase a shirt. I on the other hand, a shirt, a long pants and a t-shirt.

Beau said, "How come everytime we go shopping, you're the one who purchase more than me one?"

I pouted my lips. "Because I'm more gay than you lor."


Sep 11, 2010

Oh Men....

Why the indecency? Tank tops should by banned in the homosexual law, it's too inviting! Beau's gonna strangle me.

Grumbling Clayden

Beau's turning workaholic. Not that he was never one, I thought always had been. But with the increasing workload lately, I seldom seen him online even, rest assured going out.

So one day, I finally vent the unsatisfaction.

"Know what, your company is evil. The married one sure divorce. The not married one never get married. Everyone so workaholic. Crazy one."

Beau of course know I'm mad that he didn't spend enough time with me. So he chuckled, "Aikaks... my dear angry jor..."

And my heart melted again...


Sep 9, 2010

So wrong...

So so wrong... Some flamboyant guys came out from the cinema and walked in front of us with his buttcrack popping right in front of our face! LOL
Beau didn't know I took the photo though. I think he didn't know. Although I know I appeared weird cuz I stand just one step behind this guy to snap this picture. LMAO.

Sep 7, 2010

Kap Zai Dao Frenzy

I don't know should I be spanked or what lor, but this guy looked pretty yummy lor. LOL. Friend said he's studying in the sports school...

And I can't stop having my thoughts ran wild. Put sports and boarding school together. *Drools*


Sep 5, 2010

I (LOVE) Men


Beau said wanna buy wor. But when I challenged him, he didn't dare to go into the shop. LMAO.

Egodystonic male.

Sep 3, 2010

Beau's Back


Was just less than 1metre behind this hot hunk in the gym. Gosh his pecs were niceeeee... the shirt he wore certainly didn't do him any justification, but at least he was shirtless after shower. LOL...

But this is something for you peeps out there. Beau's back and built is just as similar. :P

Clumsy Eater

Om nom nom halfway...

Me: Ooops... corn fell out...

Beau: Aiyah. Expected...

Me: What lar....

Beau: You everytime eating also like that one lar... so messy...

Me: wuuuu~ T.T

Sep 1, 2010

Bachelor's Dinner

One evening when the Beau were out with his family, I headed to a nearby cafe for a quick bite. Was clad in a muscle-T and broad shorts with flip-flops, typical flamboyantly homosexual that even a straight could tell I'm weird.

So I walked into a food centre and caught a glimpse of another single bachelor who locked his gaze at me. I walked further into the shop looking for a place to see, trying to avoid looking back at him, but I knew he was following me with his eyes.

Finally I sad down on a table behind him. Definitely gay, I thought.

Singlet, broad shorts, flip flops. Any more gayer? LOL Wondered where does he live. Hmmm... I live around too! LOL

Aug 29, 2010


One day after coming back from BodyBalance, after skipping those abs workout, I experienced really sore abs the following day.

Me: My lower abs so weak...

Beau: NO's your legs very heavy.

Me: Where got like that one?

Beau: Of course. Some people legs heavier than upper body mar.

Me: No lah. is my lower abs weak, that's why cannot do the leg crunches.

Beau: Cheh. You think you're doctor ah? Say anything also correct?

Me: Yea lor.

Beau: *pouts lips*

Aug 28, 2010

Gay's Cafe

Gay men have a weird taste and lifestyle. They wear Prada, they held iPhone, they walk in flip-flops, and they drink Starbucks like plain water. Because they don't need to spend their money FOR anyone, i.e. their wives and kids, they've got all their salary to themselves.

But that aside, when a guy like that walk into Starbucks, what's the percentage you reckon of him having a sexual preference for men?

Aug 26, 2010

RPM Nuts

The curve has got a lot of nuts. 20 minutes before the bike-riding class, as per usual when the registration for the bikes are opened, it's a shoking that members were already waiting for 15 minutes. I'm not kidding you, all these kiasu people come lining up for the bikes more than half an hour earlier! So, when the registration is opened, all the bikes were gone in 5 minutes!

Grrr!!! Hateful!

Where's the bloody upgrade about the bike with RPM programmes for the member should we miss the class?! What kind of platinum club is this?!

Aug 24, 2010

Sissy Revenge

Look at the picture.

Look at my title.

Stop smiling. :)

LMAO! Clayden can be so sarcastic sometimes... :P

Aug 22, 2010

Spy Cam

... is back!

Thought the guy looked decently delicious.

Beau kept on turning around to catch a glimpse of the guy when I said "a group of gay people" at the back. Don't you think so? LOL

Aug 20, 2010

Longer Than My Penis

We came out from the yoga class one day when we saw a lady, who also joined the class earlier, put her feet into her footwear, a very SUPER tall high heels. Like, seriously 'high' until she was practically standing on her tip toe.

So I looked at beau, eyes wide open.

Me: My goodness! Look at her high heels!

Beau: Yeah... I know...

Me: I read somewhere it's gonna ruin her feet!

Then a while later, still fascinated at what I saw, I made another remark.

Me: It's even longer than my dick!

Beau: *faints*

Aug 18, 2010

Which Eggs?

Make a wild guess, who cracked which egg?

Beau laughing like mad when he saw the photo.

Aug 16, 2010

Marathon Hunks

Finished my 10km run in one of the running events at 50 minutes. But apparently, all the other male runners were all able to finish faster than me, snatching away MY finisher's medal! T.T

So, while queueing up for the refreshment drink, I saw this caucasian walking around semi-naked with a finisher's medal on his neck. Darn! I want that!!! I want that... that... medal!!!


Am not really a potato... guess I prefer rice more. LOL

Aug 14, 2010

Couple seats

So we headed over to the cinema one day, wanting to catch Inception. There were two other men walking in front of us, taking the elevator and heading, none other than, the cinema as well.

Me: Couple wor.

Beau: How you know?

Me: I know lor.

Beau: Going to watch movie also wor...

But unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out! Disappointed, I decided that we just head home and cuddle in bed. That was when we saw the couple who walked in front of us earlier.

Me: Same couple wor.

Beau: Is it?

Me: They also couldn't get the movie ticket.

Beau: How you know?

Me: Because we also didn't have tickets mar.

Beau: -.-"

Aug 12, 2010

High-risk Kiss

So 2 weeks ago I finally succumbed to a very bad infection of the throat. Had to go to the hospital for some antibiotics and routinely took the medication so I could gain my sexy voice back.

One night, while we were in the room, Beau leaned over, waiting for me to plant that kiss...

Me: Donwant... I got sore throat.

Beau: Never mind la...

Me: Must mind... Mine very bad infections leh.

Beau: No lah... Never mind one...

Me: Cannot. Half my office is coughing away. Summore when you sick you take very long to heal some more...

Beau: *pouts lips*

Aug 10, 2010


I remembered there was a time when the Beau joked that I could never go to a massage because I was so ticklish. I literally jumped when we were in bed. I mean, it was explanable that time, because I hadn't had much 'human touch'. Especially when he just touched me using the fingers, at the sensitive parts so to speak; I'm sure I wouldn't have if he properly 'touched' me rather than being so 'shy'. Therefore, it's not a reason to deter me from going to a massage right?
Then again, I'm looking for a real good massage parlour, where the massages are supposed to relieve the body from aches and not solely for the happy ending, although I'd prefer a male masseur compared to the opposite gender. And that was when I came across this parlour nearby the gym.

Wondered who tried it before... Hmmm... Who's up for a mid-day massage? Hmmm...

Aug 8, 2010

Smarter Waitress

Went over to Sakae on a weekend night, and ordered cold green tea instead of the warm one as we usually did in the past. The problem with cold green tea is, we can't refill our glass soon after we finished it. And everytime we need a refill, we had to call the waitress...

Knowing how sucky the service is, I was always pretty reluctant to call them waiters or waitresses.

Me: I wonder if they'll just put their cold jug of green tea on the table instead.

Beau: You ask them and see?

But nope.. They still took away the whole jug, and repeatedly came over whenever we raised our hands for a refill..

It was only towards the closing time when one of the waitresses just put the giant jug of green tea on the table.

Me: Finally. They learnt to be smarter.

Beau: Cuz they saw your annoyed face dy...

Me: They should've just provided the whole jug right?

Beau: Not when they've got other tables to serve as well...

Me: Hmmmmph... fine....

Aug 6, 2010

Protein Drink

Saw this bodybuilder in the gym the other day. Couldn't help but to snap a photo of him from afar. But as we were about to head out, that was when I saw what's all the big fuss of the Beau not wanting to continue drinking his protein drink...

Bodybuilder's body full of freckles. Quite a dirty looking body so to speak...

True enough, as we sat across each other over dinner that night, beau indeed looks fairer...

Aug 4, 2010


Saw in the news in that the police raided some massage parlour somewhere and found out that the massage service provided in there was actually sex service. Not surprised. But it's definitely a pity of those sex workers who were cheated to come to the city only to be raped again and again by total strangers. Or maybe just a blowjob. But it's still of unwillingness nonetheless.

So while we were dining out one night, we saw this massage parlour on top of the food centre.

Then again, we're looking at some 'skillful' masseurs here...

Now... who wants some Chinese boys? LOL

Aug 2, 2010


There are times when you just suddenly feel empty. Beau went out with his girlfriend on a Saturday night and I went home to catch more sleep. When dinner time came, I went out for dinner. Tired. Solemn. But there was a piece in me reflecting what another friend mentioned.

"Not everyone appreciates their boyfriend when they have one, and when they lose it, they were all lost again."

I just sat there, alone, on that plastic table, by the side of the road, finishing up that bowl of dumpling noodle, wondering. What have I turned into?

Alone time like these, I came to realize, helps everyone to reflect on their own lives.

And I came to realize, how much Beau loves me... I have my own weaknesses. I have my own flaws. But he never complained about it, and accepted me for who I am.

I couldn't have asked for more.

And I'm filled with remorese...

Jul 31, 2010

Our Monniversary

Oooooh... Those eyes!!!! So... cute....

Love you dear...

Jul 28, 2010

Ball Betting (2)

So the day the match between Argentina and Mexico, the former beat the later 3-0... So while we were having dinner that night...

Me: Eh... I thought someone need to buy me drinks one hor?

Beau: Yameh?

Me: Ya lor... Argentina won wor...

Beau: Yea, I know...

Me: So... where should we drink leh? Hehehe...

Beau: Eh? Got meh?

Me: You lost the bet wat...

Beau: No ah... Yesterday you said cannot bet like that one mar... So no bet lor...

Me: But you...

Beau: But butt...

Me: But you really did lost mar..

Beau: You said not betting mar...

Me: Grr... Fine...

Jul 26, 2010

Ball Betting (1)

Okay... this happened last month during the FIFA World Cup. Ball Betting was rampant till it created a hoo-hah even in the parliament. Then again, whatever could generate money for their pockets always get their attention no? LOL.

So there was this talk about betting in one of the last 16 countries where England was playing against the Germans. And as expected, the English lost. Big time.

Beau: Aiya... Should've bet a drink with you one lor.

Me: Bet what wor? It's quite expected the Germans would win one mar...

Beau: Is it? Then what about the Argentinians against Mexico?

Me: Argentina lor. They won before wat...

Beau: Mexico also won the World Cup before...

Me: Still, Argentina....

Beau: Okay. If you choose Argentina I choose Mexico.

Me: Yer. Where got people betting like that one?

Beau: Yamar. You took Argentina so I'm taking Mexico lor...

Me: -.-

Jul 24, 2010

Sitting Posture

Eating too much sometimes is a torture. Why wouldn't it be? It's causing difficulty in breathing. There'll be back aches. And... oh... darmn. Just remind me not to eat too much next time.

Me: So damn full...

Beau: Yeah... Me too..

Me: Hate it to be so full. Sitting also difficult.

Beau: Why so?

Me: Cuz... cannot just lean back and just relax totally, cuz my tummy will show. But if sit straight all the time to suck in the tummy so I looked slimmer, is pretty tiring after a while lor....

Beau: *speechless* Because you're fat mar.

Jul 22, 2010

Old Folks

Beau said his Dad was not happy that he was not in for the Father's Day. He grumbled that his Dad was always like that, it's not like he didn't tel him he'd be out with me. His Dad just said there's no need for a celebration. So Beau thought it was really fine to go out. Who'd know, after that his Dad started to sulk because he was not home that, erm, weekend.

Me: Old people are like that one lor... Have to treat them like little kid like that lor.

Beau: Is it?

Me: Yea lor... The older they get the more childish they will be...

Beau: Mmm...

Then... Suddenly...

Me: Oh shite....

Beau: What?

Me: Then next time I'll have to treat my dear like a child....

Beau: *speechless*

Jul 20, 2010

Stand Chart Cuties

So, a couple of weeks passed after the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Yes yes we all know about the death. But it's not a single party's fault. The deceased shouldn't be running if he knew he has health problems. Yes I'm sorry for his death, but it shouldn't be because of that the whole event be scrapped off the entire calender in the future right? That's just so unfair.

But that aside, it's also a place where all the hot hunky cuties gather!

Lotsa gymmers. Even instructors and personal trainers. Which only means one thing. I was drooling buckets.

I mean, seriously! Even if you don't wanna run, standing at the starting line would get your eyes opened wide despite it was too early in the morning. I could say, the guys at least, easily 40% to 50% of them have a standard built. And that alone could turn a so-so person into pretty 'do-able' if you know what I mean.

If that's not enough, there were some bodybuilders leh! LOLs. SOO, after the run, when the vest were all wet and see through, THAT's when the heaven comes to earth... Oh my my my....

Then again... it's a sacrifice I suppose. I'm aching all over for a couple of days without any libido. At all. LMAO.

Jul 18, 2010


One day, while warming up on the threadmill...

Me: Know what we should do?

Beau: What?

Me: Waxing.

Beau: Huh? What's that?

Me: Hair waxing lor. Wanna clear all these hair on my legs and become 'pak chan kai'.

Beau *speechless*, pretended to faint.

Me: No mar... when the hairs are gone, my calf muscles will show!

Beau *pretended to vomit* then *faint*.


I mean, true what, the leg hairs are such an eyesore for my nice calves!

Jul 16, 2010

Guess the Balls

Were at the Curve one weekend and passed by a car stuffed with balls.


Me: Wah, guess correct can win the car. How much you think there are in there?

Beau: 6688.

Me: Where got so many? I think only 355.

Beau: Chinese have these lucky numbers one. 6868.

Me: Why not 3434?

Beau: Ish...

Me: Or... 554? "Five five sei".

Beau: Adui....