Oct 23, 2009

Part 3: The Rimming

While Mr. Bangsar was trying to hold his heavy body on all his limbs to prevent himself from crushing the later, he was planting a deep french kiss into Behrman's mouth, playing around with the tongue and proding around in the mouth cavity.

Behrman felt the erection that Mr. Bangsar had, but he wasn't able to see how big it is. It was definitely huge, a comfortable size so he thought, until the bear lift himself up and supported himself on his knees, finally revealing his erection.

Behrman let out a gasp. He couldn't lift his eyes from that massive sexual organ attached to this bear. It was humungous. Very thick, at least twice the girth of his own. He was bedazzled and was stunned, frozen in time not knowing what to do next.

Mr. Bangsar just stroke it a bit and asked, "Like what you're seeing?"

"It's... it's... biggg.."

"Yeaps. But don't worry, you will be well prepped."

Without much warning, Mr. Bangsar just grasped Behrman's ankle and lifted his legs up in a swift movement, and before he could do any preparation, the next thing he saw was the bear's head burried deep in between his groin. Somehow there was this feeling of something wet and soft but firm licking his anus. And slowly proding into the anal canal as well. Behrman was in ecstacy, he arching his back and tried to pulled his ass away from that stimulation, but the strong grasp on his ankle just somehow gotten stronger.

Mr. Bangsar gave a final lick from the anus up to the perineum and finally the bottom of his scrotum, slowly teasing the balls with the tip of his tongue. Behrman's eyes were rolled up enjoying all those attention his groin region were getting, and was literally lyind motionless on the bed.

The rimming must've took quite some time that he didn't even remember time anymore. His external sphincter was squeezing and relaxing in an alternating matter, trying to forbid that skillful tongue from proding any further, yet he had to release a little and enjoy the euphoria he got once his anus was stimulated.

"How do like my rimming?" The bear finally gotten up after torturing the virgin boy for a while.

"My God, that's... Oh... gosh..."

"Speechless eh? I'm pretty expert in my tongue you know."

And before he could take another breather, he felt the little thing licking around the perineum and going down to the hole once more...

Oct 22, 2009

Part 2: The Bear

Ever since he gotten to know Mr. Bangsar, Behrman has been keen to meet up with him. So when he got his phone number, he texted the man 2 days later. It was a Friday night, and Behrman has nothing to do.

"Hi there. It's Behrman here. What's up?"

2 minutes later, Mr. Bangsar replied, "Nothing much. Just watching porn."

Interesting guy, Behrman thought. And he replied. "Would be cool to watch with you. I never watched one."

Corny? Or just plain horny?

It wasn't before long that Behrman was on the train to meet this man. When he got off the train station, he tried to find his way according to the direction given to him. But he found himself lost in some commercial park. So upon numerous calls, he finally got back to the point where he started, just outside the train station. It was 8p.m. then.

He waited patiently by the main road. It was a pretty busy night. The road was never once clear. It wasn't before long when Mr. Bangsar arrived, with a fed up look. Behrman must've pissed him off with his stupidity in following instructions. But it wasn't really on that much of a bright side for Behrman either.

He thought to himself, "Gosh! He's... FAT!!!" Behrman wanted to turn around and leave the place but it was too late as he just answered Mr. Bangsar's call.

They walked along the road, back to Mr. Bangsar's place. Apparently, the later just moved back from Australia less than half a year ago, therefore he wasn't keen in driving just yet. Upon reaching Mr. Bangsar's rented room, he was led to the edge of the bed, and before him, first time in his life, he saw a man on man action. On the television.

Mr. Bangsar came out from the shower a while later and got onto the bed. They were both fully clothed still. But the more Behrman watched the gay porn, the hornier he got. His cock grew slowly. He just had to lower himself down from the edge of the bed onto the floor, adjusting his underwear to reposition his growing little thing between his groin.

Eventually, Mr. Bangsar broke the silence.

"Why are you on the floor? Come on, onto the bed. Now."

Behrman turned around, and saw the hard-on underneath Mr. Bangsar's shorts as well.

"Erm... you know I'm still pretty... erm.."

"Just relax. Come on." Mr. Bangsar indicated the space to his right.

So Behrman climbed over and lied there, palpitating while Mr. Bangsar's pillowing right hand played with his ears. Ticklish! Behrman turned his head, in an attempt to move his ear away from the fingers. But he was just inches away from Mr. Bangsar's face, and Mr. Bangsar was looking at him.

After a few seconds of freeze, Mr. Bangsar repositioned himself and groped the erection Behrman was trying to hide earlier.

"What's the worse that could happen? There's nothing to be ashamed of." He laughed. "Now, let's take that off shall we?"

Pretty unromantic. But Behrman just followed his commands and got stark naked on the bed while the host got off to dim the lights. Behrman fixed his eyes onto Mr. Bangsar as he slowly lifted his clothes. Hairy chest. Big belly, but not really the beer belly. Muscular arms. And while he lower down his shorts, Behrman realized the boner was gone. The shorts gone off to reveal what seemed to be a very very big cock. Even while it's unerected.

The bear walked over to the side of the bed and got onto the bed, pulling Behrman close to his side, and planted his mouth onto Behrman's shocked face while his hands were touching Behrman all over the body. Their lips met, but as the bear opens his slowly, Behrman followed suit. Behrman was trying to learn how to kiss as a matter of factly when he felt the bear's tongue inside his mouth. He was licking his teeth and protruding his tongue into the mouth cavity, playing around with Behrman's tongue.

"Hmm... you're pretty good in kissing." Mr. Bangsar pulled away after about 5 minutes of French kissing. "Wonder where you learnt that."

Mr. Bangsar repositioned both of them, and asked the boy to lie in the middle of the king sized bed, while the bear was on top of him. There were a little bit more of kissing before the he moved down from his mouth. He twirled around the nipple, with the tip of the tongue, alternating with some sucking and licking around the aereola. After quite some time of servicing both side of the nipple, he slowly moved south.

Using the tip of his tongue, he did what he had done earlier to the nipple. He teased around the cockhead and licked around the shaft of the cock. He moved further down to the balls and sucked at it vigorously. But he just refused to suck on the proding cock just yet. He gave a final lick at the bottom part of the shaft of the cock before he move up and attacked Behrman's nipples again.

This time round, Behrman felt something hard proding him between his groin. Mr. Bangsar was having an erection.

"Like that?"

Oct 18, 2009

Chapter 1: How it all started

Behrman cautiously logged onto Gay.com using the computer in the lab. It was midday one Tuesday and the next class only started in one hours time. He logged into his account and looked around, making sure no one came in through the door. Not that he has to be extremely cautious about it, but sometimes his classmates would barge into the lab while waiting for the next class. After all, it's fully air-conditioned.

As the website slowly loaded and images of men appear, he resized the window into half its size, just in case. He moved his cursor towards the blinking words of "inbox", expecting a reply from one of his contacts a few days earlier who he wrote to.

Living away from home, he has all the freedom he had wanted. But he was still all too new in this alternative lifestyle to which he knew his parents would strongly be against with. Life as a homosexual back in the early 90s, is still pretty much like those of the rats in Ratatouille, most would probably look at you one kind, while the radicals might have some Samurai sword with them, preparing to slash you in the throat and let all those fresh blood gush out from the external jugular vein.

He was just in his second year away from the comfort of home. Isn't it too long for nothing to happen?

"Hey there. I live in Bangsar. Renting here, but have my own room. Town house, just opposite the shopping village. What about you?"

Behrman looked at the profile again. The fourth time he was going through the details. 5ft10, 210lbs, stocky muscular, single, looking for sexdate, friends, relationship. And the picture of a smiling bald man appear, with numerous others smaller pictures of himself lined up at the bottom of the main display picture.

"Hi there. Glad to see your reply again. Staying with friends here, near the campus in PJ. Hey, why don't we keep in touch via phone? It's a bit troublesome for me to get online as I don't have my own connection. Am online in the school computer lab. Text me, 012-xxxxxxx. Hear from you soon."

He knew he needed to get it going somehow. He was keen in meeting, but nothing seemed to happen thus far. And this man he was corresponding with, attracted him in so many ways. Not entirely his look, after all he's in his early 40s. But somehow there was this aura with him that attracted Behrman.

When it was all done, he quickly logged out from the porn site and logged in into Friendster instead.

Oct 13, 2009


It was a bad week perhaps. What's with all the stress and preparation for the final proffesional course exam next week. And me just back from Manila and the beau in Tokyo. Luckily, with the advancement of technology nowadays, we were able to keep in touch via text messages.

Somehow, things between us got a huge shock after what I thought was a little bit dull lately. Not sure why. But it seemed that I was getting less interested in replying the beau's message the more that we were together. I'm falling out of love? I'm taking things forgranted? I've been too comfortable because the beau loves me so much?

One night, while we were online, I asked him one question that would probably risk our future together. All those dreams of buying a place and settle in together, traveling and doing things together, they all seemed like a gamble at stake when I asked him that question.

It was a very intense atmosphere, I could definitely feel it even though we were seperated by miles of sea. But despite trying to ask his opinion to test out what his views on what I wanted, he finally sensed something was up.

"Tell me, honestly, what has been happening?"

I was scared. He didn't quite approve from the way he answerd my beating-around-the-bush questions earlier, after all we are in a monogamous relationship. And those vows that I made to myself where I'll love him and only him and I'll only fuck with him and only him, it seemed like I'm the one causing all this beautiful tale to crumble. I was restless. I didn't want to answer, but he was suspecting, and he was waiting for me to answer.

"I might've been sending text messages to some of my old fucks and ask them how they're doing and stuff."

At that instant, I knew he would've probably ripped his heart open and stabbed it repeatedly and let those blood oozes out and stained all those bedsheets. And I have NO IDEA what gotten into me that night.

Perhaps I was blinded by the memory of this superb sex session with this one guy who I met quite often before I settle down with the beau. Superb-sex-session guy texted me one day asking how come I haven't been looking for him anymore. And I replied I was busy. I didn't even know why I didn't mention I am already taken. And for the next few days, we exchanged some more text messages, with him pleading to get something arranged soon...

Perhaps that was why I lost my control over my lust.

"I was just wondering if it is okay for you if I have sex with other men?"

Looking back at what I asked, I was surprised, very very surprised I even had that thought.

And I only have myself to blame for this scar caused.

Oct 11, 2009

Aery Stomach

I've since last week been having this stomach full of air. So of course, there was this bloatedness that I'd kill to be relieved. My tummy grows bigger as I watched the air inside increasing, and yes, it was so hollow that when you hit it, it's making a noise like that of the drums.

I would most logically assume it's from the food I took in Manila. But I certainly hope it would be gone before the major presentation week in 2 weeks time where we'll get observers from all over the world coming in to see me stammering on stage. Damn. Thinking about it makes my legs weak.

The diarrhoea started on the 2nd day of my air-filled tummy. All water. I was basically peeing through my anus. Not quite pleasant to the ear when I was in the toilet, especially since this shit-peeing is accompanied by some pleasant machine-gun- like farts.

So when I look into the toilet bowl again after I've done my business, you'd expect there to be lotsa bubbles. It was brownish in colour. No solid stuff at all. And sourish smell. Very appetizing indeed. Only that since I had this stomach discomfort from all the air-filling, I just lost all those appetite...

Cleaning my anus changed from using toilet paper to water spray. I had to stop torturing my anus with my rough un-gentle strokes from the fingers or I'd literally bleed down there. And so... I used the water spray instead. But then again, there were occasions where the amount of water used to clean the arse diluted the brownish "stool" down in the toilet bowl and yeah, you can see the leaves from the dinner earlier.

So yeah, my stomach and my anus had been tormenting my timid soul for the past one week now that neither charcoal nor Loperamide pills are helping... I pray I pray I pray it's really just food poisoning and I'll be good soon... Because I've been missing sex for the longest time ever. LOL

And I pray I pray I pray it's not HIV. This medical dude's such an addictive bastard!