Oct 1, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 021

Want some buns?

Sep 28, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 020

Nooo don't... I'm shy...

Okay the reason of my drooling was actually his arms. Gosh so veiny...

Manwatch v2.0 019b

Sep 25, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 019a

Wanna see his upper torso?

Sep 22, 2012

Aug 2, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 017

Oh sexy back and sexy butt...

Face full of pimples though. Huhu...

Jul 30, 2012

LDR (Part 3)

previously, Clayden told Beau he's chatting with a guy through Whatsapp... And Beau asked for the picture of the guy.

Beau: *received pic*

Clayden: *silent*

Beau: *silent*

Clayden: Dear you jealous ah?

Beau: Huh? Why you say that?

Clayden: Just wondering...

Beau: No la... How to have LDR if like that also will jealous?

Clayden: Hehehe.

<3 <3 <3
All is well.

And his name is Ben. Singaporean, back from overseas cuz his parents are old and he had been away for too long. And he knows Clayden is attached. XP But hell no, he doesn't know Clayden blogs. LOL

Jul 27, 2012

LDR (Part 2)

Beau: Huh? You gave to who?

Clayden: Just one guy... He just came back from Australia to Singapore...

Beau: Is he hot?

Clayden: Not exactly.

Beau: Fattie?

Clayden: Not really la. Decent guy. Lean.

Beau: Got pic?

Clayden: *whatsapp pic*

Beau: *received pic*

To be continued...

Jul 25, 2012


So one day on Whatsapp...

Beau: Dear... I'm at Starbucks... So many gays... Cannot open Grindr. Log in only got 5 people saying Hi.

Clayden: Yea? So hot meh?

Beau: Yeah lor... Shy shy... Some even want my number...

Clayden: You didn't give?

Beau: No lor... don't want lor...

Clayden: I gave to one.

Beau: Huh? You gave to who?


Jul 22, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 016

Hehehe. Hot hot...

Jul 20, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 015

Man: Come on babe, you know I'm huge. See my bouncy chest?

Lady: ...

Man: We could try candle tonight. Or maybe roleplay...

Lady: I'm bored.

Man: Seriously? Like... really?

Lady: Yeah. I know who you shags outside.

Jul 13, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 014

I wasn't paying much attention initially. He had this funny looking shoe and he looked as if he just got off from some hangout with friends. But as I looked up from my phone, I saw his veiny hands... And that cleavage on his shirt.

Now do you see what I see? Damn why are Singaporean men having all these big juicy chest?!

Jul 10, 2012

Comparing weights

Clayden: Dear... I lost weight jor

Beau: Huh? How come?

Clayden: I'm starved at work... No time to eat...

Beau: Then ma become very slim already...

Clayden: Yeah... I am 78kg now.

Beau: How can!!!

Clayden: Why not? You're 84 ah?

Beau: No... I will be 72 one month later.

Clayden: I will be 68 then...

Beau: =.="

Jul 3, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 013

Mind if I see what's underneath the zipper? LOL.

No puns intended. But I was sitting and he was standing. And his crotch is just right in front of me. And yes, he has got this dominant type A vibe. Got off at different stations though.

Jun 28, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 012

Taking the train very early in the morning has its perks. LOL. Hot hunk just fell asleep in the train. :D

Jun 22, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 011

This man is by far the most erection-inducing guy I've seen in the MRT. Like seriously. Spontaneous hardon man... That arms. That chest. That calves... Ooooh la la... and let's not forget he's actually a very very very very handsome man. Blacked out his eyes in case he's actually reading this blog. LMAO. But yes, it's a compliment.

Jun 14, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 010

Ooo the biceps cut the biceps cut!

Jun 7, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 009

Hate it that other hotties are clad in singlets running and getting sweaty together and I am in long sleeve shirts and slacks and leather shoes heading to work.

This one wasn't as hot as the one who came later though.

May 31, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 008

Man purse on a pinoy. Hawt.

May 28, 2012


Conversations just stopped short. Clayden was just too depressed to talk to anyone. He wanted to scream his lungs out but it was a concrete jungle and he'd probably be deemed crazy if he did that... And Beau wasn't helping asking him to accept the workload and take it positively. It was just unbearable. It's basically... Unbearable. And no one seems to be helping.

So Beau sent a drawing...

May 23, 2012

Drastic change

So Clayden and Beau went to the Curve one day, where they used to hang out in the past before Clayden relocate overseas...

Clayden: How long haven't you come here?

Beau: Too long... Nowadays my life is office-gym (another branch)-home...

Clayden: Eeeee same as me! Work-gym-home...

Apparently, both of us lost a part of ourselves - spending time together.

How pathetic no? Seems like we have no other friends to hang out with at all.

But come to think about it, it's kinda true that I don't have any friends at all down south.

May 19, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 007

Jeng jeng jeng...

Jow jute...

Jwo jay juy jalking jogether...


May 12, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 006

For some reason, although I never fancied younger boys, this one in the MRT seemed to catch my attention. Broad shoulder and pecs. Hmmmm..

May 6, 2012

Cycling with a Hardon

So Clayden spotted a semi-erection before cycling class one day.

And as you know, it's gonna be a problem riding on that saddle with a semi hard rod attached to you down there...

And it wasn't helping that the member riding next to him was a muscular hunk no less.


So arousing can!! LOL

May 2, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 005

Yes I am a stalker. But no I shall not reveal his face. Gosh muscle man in shorts are such a turn on!

Apr 27, 2012

Beau's Drawing 03

Clayden was down on many occasions. Not having Beau by his side made it worse...

Apr 22, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 004

Hotties in uniform! Yummy biceps!

And if you're wondering about the two guys sitting next to him? I am too. haha

Apr 18, 2012

Apr 15, 2012

Lousy Life

Now you may as well be wondering why this blog has gone from mushy mushy daily lives of two man in love to just photos and screenshots of random hotties.

Some of you might have known, well most of you I suppose.

Yes Beau and I are separated... by distance that is! LOL

So it's been busy for both of us. We hardly meet. I mean we didn't at all! So the only means of communication was mobile internet (Thank God for that). Having said that, the bandwith is actually not fast enough to support normal browsing on the laptop... Add that with the draining workloads...

But then again, when two hearts are joined, distance is the last thing that could break it...

Apr 13, 2012

Apr 9, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 003

Gay or nay?

Apr 3, 2012

Missing Beau...

LDR for a month and it felt like years already...

I wonder how long would this go on...

Mar 31, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 002

Even the butt looks good.

Mar 18, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 001

Manwatch series is back! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Mar 7, 2012

Sex Date

Not me...

But this guy standing in front of me in the MRT one day.

And he was chatting with his soon-to-be fucker. Fucker was asking him if he likes "big one". And he said "moderate. Too big is painful when enter."

And his counterpart "This weekend you free?

He replied "Tomorrow morning I'm free if you want?"

Ahem. LOL

Mar 2, 2012


So I dozed off without intention one night, was just lying on the bed and somehow dozed off... Woke up in the middle of the night to check if Beau actually sent me anything...

Later in the morning...

Beau: Dear... You can't sleep ah?

Clay: Huh? Why you say so?

Beau: I saw dear you checking whatsapp at 3am.

Clay: Hehe...

Beau: Miss your dear ah?

Clay: Eeee how you know ler?

Beau: Hehehe... I could feel even when I sleep...

Beau: *blush icon*

Feb 28, 2012


Beau: Dear... you're sad?

Clay: Yeah...

Beau: Y ler?

Clay: Coz miss u...

Beau: I miss my dear too... Now having dinner also alone...

Clay: T.T

Feb 25, 2012

Different Guy

So the beau went to RPM class that we used to go together. And whenever we went in the past, we would be taking the same old bike. Just that this time round, he was alone. And the bike that I used to ride on, were occupied by another guy...

Feb 22, 2012

Feb 18, 2012

Feb 16, 2012

DJ Station

We were in DJ Station, Bangkok...

And you were pretending to be high from the alcohol that we drunk. But I was.

And this song came up.

And everyone else cheered and started jumping and singing along to it.

And I jumped as I turned around to see the people around me.

And when I turned back to you, you were closing your eyes.

Shaking your body up and down.

Enjoying the song too.

I love you dear...

Feb 14, 2012

Feb 12, 2012


So we were in Starbucks, enjoying our coffee and free wifi and aircon and the quietness...

Then suddenly there was this young-aunty came to sit RIGHT BEHIND of us...

Pek pok ching chong ting tong sing long....

I rolled my eyes at Beau.

Beau: (quietly) salesperson mar.

Clayden: (quietly) chirp chirp chirp.

Beau made a hand gesture with the index finger and thumb like a bird's beak.


Feb 10, 2012

Starbucks Ang Paw (2)

Clayden: So dear... got 5 packs inside...

Beau: Ooooo Okay...

Clayden: How many you want ler?

Beau: Give me 2 la.

Clayden: Ok.

Beau: Wait... 3 la.


Beau: No no, 4 la.

Clayden: Waaahhhhh from 2 to 4...

Beau: Aiya... all la.

Clayden: =.="

Feb 8, 2012

Starbucks Ang Paw

Clayden: Eeee... how come we were not given the Ang Paw geh?

Beau: Supposed with every purchase with the card mar...

Clayden: yealor.

Beau: Go go... claim for the barrista

Clayden: Eeee dear you go la...

Beau: Ish...

Feb 6, 2012

Sunny Penang

So we were in Penang over the weekend. And we were sitting in Starbucks. And I brought my jacket along.

Beau: If they switch on all the air-con, it'd be so cold here...

Clayden: Ask them to...

Beau: Oi! I know you have jacket.

Clayden: Yeah... So warm and so comfortable. *rubbing my palms*

Beau: =.="

Feb 4, 2012

Cleaning the Sai

Following the previous post...

Clayden: Dear... faster clear your sai lor... Tomorrow you still need to work leh...

Beau: Clearing lor now. So many. Dear cannot smell meh?

Clayden: =.=""""""""

Feb 3, 2012

Lao Sai

Beau: Dear... I lao sai wor...

Clayden: Har? Why ler?

Beau: I had hot & spicy KFC for lunch...

Clayden: Serve you right. You know you cannot have hot and spicy food still take.

Beau: Boss treat mar...

Clayden: =.=

Feb 1, 2012


If you did read the previous post, before the public toast to Beau, yes, there was some issue in Clayden's family. Parents flew in from overseas to request that he go back with them, and start settling down.

Details will not be put here. Only those who are close to Clayden would know. But otherwise, let's just assume it's a family matter.

And when Clayden's mum asked that question, he was just... literally... torn apart.

How could any mother ask the son to choose between his spouse and the family? But of course, her not knowing that the friend that her son had been close with all along, were none other than the son's other half.

Clayden was left restless and distressed and totally depressed. When his mother saw him in such condition, she continued to pester him. After all, they were the one who raised him up since he was born. They were the one who gave her food and clothings and place to stay. They were the ones who sent him over to KL and let him be for all these while. So now that they decided it's enough, they thought they'd get him home.

Not knowing that while he was sent away, he met a man...

A man that changed his life.


Jan 28, 2012


Dear Beau...

Here's a toast to your birthday!

Happy XXth Birthday and do know that I love you so very very much.

I wish your dream comes true.

And I know that's my dream too.

So I wish both our dreams come true.

Love you dear.

:-* :-* :-*

Jan 27, 2012


Who would you choose?

Your spouse or your family i.e. your parents and your siblings?

Jan 20, 2012


So one day, Clayden saw someone uploading this link on Facebook. "Westlife's Mark Feehily to marry Kevin McDaid next year."

That night, the couple were out for dinner. And Clayden saw the couple ring that they bought together on Beau's finger.

Clayden: Dear you're wearing your ring everyday?

Beau: Yeah. Even to work.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Oh well. Not like we were not on "Married to" status on Facebook already right? LOL

Jan 18, 2012

The Ring

We bought a pair of stainless steel ring during our honeymoon a while back. One for myself, one for Beau.

Beau doesn't have the habit of wearing a ring. But it seemed that he does after we bought the ring together.

Beau: I wore to work today.

Clay: Eeee. Your colleague didn't ask?

Beau: They, waaaah, got ring worrr....

Clay: Then how did you respond?

Beau: I ma like that lor. Bought during our honeymoon mar, I said.

Clay: They just "Ooooo" and didn't ask some more ah?

Beau: No lar. Understood one.

Jan 16, 2012

Emo Clayden

So one night Clayden was unhappy with his mother due to some personal issues.

While chatting with Beau...

Clayden: Dear... I emo jor...

Beau: Dear don't emo lar...

Clayden: I miss you so much. I wish you are here to cuddle me.

Beau: Dear you miss me ah?

Clayden: Cuz when you spoon me I feel safe. Now I feel so alone...

Jan 14, 2012

Blur blur Beau

We were in Asia Cafe one night having satay. Beau ordered 20 sticks.

So after 8 sticks, I was counting. There were 3 left on the plate.

Beau: So this all mine ah?

Clay: Huh? I only had 8 wor.

Beau: How come? I had 7 wor.

Clay: I ate 8 mar... see... *count*

Beau: I had seven leh... two... four... eight... seven.

I looked at Beau.




Jan 12, 2012

Calming Clay

Following the incident with that CHEEBYECHAOHAIFACE lady...

Beau: Cool down la dear, no need to be so angry with her one. Why spoil your morning because of such a selfish stupid bimbo?

Clayden: I'm trying to! But she's bloody selfish! And that's like SUPER selfish! Urgh! Angry!

Beau: When I first saw her bitching to her friend I already know. Her face already has a "Selfish" stamp in the forehead. Why bother? Don't waste your energy being angry at this kind of people one.

Clayden: Bloody hell.

Beau: Aiyah. Let her be la. What for waste your energy?

And so we continued with the class. Kinda satisfied to see that the bitch couldn't even follow the beat properly. Stupid bimbo. No wonder.

La la la.

Jan 11, 2012

Angry Clay

So there was this incident in the gym just before New Year.

Went to a Pump class.

And a lady placed her board in a place so awkward that other people couldn't stand near her. The space between her board and the next board is not big enough, and s

he's not behind enough, and she's not front enough, and to her right it's not big enough for another board. To the right corner it's not big enough for another board as it's near to the pillar already. In short, she's dumb and she thought she owned the gym.

So, Clayden placed a board next to hers. And pushed her to the left, to make more space that would be comfortable for everyone.

She came into the studio stunned.

Clayden: Do you mind I pushed your board over?

CheebyeLady: No...

Clayden: Okay? Ok.

CheebyeLady: No... NO! NO! NO!

And she continued to pushed her board back to her original place.

Clayden: You can't move?

CheebyeLady: NO NO!

Clayden: So you okay with that place or you want your old place?

CheebyeLady: NO NO!

Clayden: You mean your original place?
CheebyeLady: Yes...

Clayden: Okay fine...

I walked away initially feeling unhappy because I couldn't stand comfortably. But after a while, my unhappiness turned into anger. And I spent the next 10 minutes bitching with Beau. Because she fucking go and bitch about it to her friend.

What the fuck lady. When you said NO to my "Do you mind?" Question, it means you don't mind.

1. And when you said you don't mind, it means you are oka
y to stand at another place. Mind you, that's like, BASIC English!

2. But if you minded, then you should explain politely why you minded. Not "NO NO NO NO NO!" in such a tone as though I've stolen your space.

3. And then you go and bitch about me pushing your board to your equally bimbotic aunty friend. What the fuck bitch?

I wouldn't be as angry if you hadn't been bitchy. But I am now because you are one. So yeah, FUCK YOU! And if you do read this, here's your big fat butt. Yes the one in Pink top.

Next time, learn some manners. Everyone PAID for the gym membership. The gym is NOT YOURS! So if you don't like it, FUCK OFF!


Jan 9, 2012

No Puns Intended

Clayden felt bimbotic that this had to go down in this blog...


Jan 7, 2012

Pearl Milk Tea

SO we were sipping our pearl milk tea which I bought to share...

Beau: My mum said guys who drink this and eat a lot of the pearls will have small cock one wor.

Clayden: Is it?

Beau: Don't know. That's why they say Taiwanese got small one.

Clayden: Yerr... How you know?

Beau: I don't know. I was told only.

Clayden: Yawor... dear one also small jor.

Beau: Eeeeee!!!

Jan 6, 2012


Beau and I have came to like this drink even though I used to think it's overpriced and over-rated last time. So one day we were walking towards some shops and this milk tea shop came into view.

Beau: Chatime wor!

Clayden: You want ah?

Beau: Can can... We get one share share la...

Clayden: Okay...

Beau: Dear get pearl milk tea can ah?

Clayden: Can...

Beau: Or you want to get the one you like? The jelly one? You decide la.

So I went into the shop. Wanting to get my jelly milk tea. But somehow my fingers just pointed the pearl milk tea. I think. And when I saw the waiter preparing the drink and all without any pearl seen, I sort of wondered if he got my order correct! But alas, it was the pearl milk tea.

So I came out and meet up with Beau halfway between Chatime and the shop.

Beau: Eeee! Pearl wor... Dear didn't get your jelly one?

Clayden: Dear like pearl mar.

Beau: Hehee... Me dear think of me so much geh?

Clayden: Of course la...


Jan 4, 2012

Nuffnang Cash Out

I toldja I'm making a living from the ads on my blog (to those who knew about it from my FB status months back). So today I was checking my nuffnang account, and there was just a measly RM100 something. I thought I'd transfer it into my paypay account. But when I clicked on the cash out link, everything was gone! POOF! NADA! Disappeared!!!

Honestly, I'm an internet noob. I don't know how to deal with a lot of things online, and sometimes even a simple online transaction got me up all night trying to figure out how.

After Beau checked on the website, he said I'll just have to wait for the arrival of the cheque. @.@

I hope it's not a scam! LOL

Jan 3, 2012

Foot Touching

I find couples who brush their feet under the table especially in Starbucks where the table are so open and the customer sitting on the next table is just so near to you, terribly annoying and DISGUSTING!

No, I'm not jealous.

Jan 1, 2012



May we all live for another happy year and toast to another great year to come

ps: Not sure why JUICE magazine go all out about partying before the doomsday in their November 2011 series. Kinda depressing that they label 2012 as our 'death' year.