Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!

Kinda fast isn't it? It was just like yesterday that we got together and became a couple. But it seemed like we've been married for decades! Haha. Maybe both of us talked to much and got to know each other a lot already, but for the past few months we were together, it was really happy times. Somehow, it just happened without me even expecting. And I thought I was looking for love with other guys when my perfect man has been standing right next to me all along. :)

I have to express my gratitude here again and again. You're the best that ever happened to me this year dear. :) Well, amongst the best. Hehe. But rest assured, I love you a lot. Very very much.

Happy New Year 2010 again!

Dec 30, 2009

Thinking Alike

I guess it's pretty true that when you're in a relationship, you could guess what your other half thinks. Especially when he's not the spontaneous type. Not all the time.

We were at Summit one evening after gym and he was asking me where I wanted to go for dinner.

I said "Up to you."

"You decide please. You always asked me to make decisions, it's your turn this time."

"Fine. The Chinese double boiled place upstairs then."

"Eh? How did you know I wanted to go there?"

"I could see from your face."

Not. HAHAHA. >.<

Dec 29, 2009

Motorbike Cover

It was yet again another rainy evening when we headed to gym in the Curve. As we passed by the toll plaza, we saw so many bikes stopping at the toll plaza, causing quite a clog it seemed, although the cars were still able to move. Apparently all the motorbike riders were trying to seek cover from the rain.

"Why are they stopping by the station! So jam already still wanna stop there."

"It's raining."

"Yea, that's why it's already jammed on the road."

"They want to seek cover mar."

"That's why the toll station should built some space for these bikers to seek cover."

I looked at him. Somehow I thought he lost out and he's trying to find a sneaky way out! >.<

Sorry. Cold joke. HAHAHAHA

Dec 27, 2009


It was raining one evening while we were going to the gym. We passed by TTDI and there were all those rain water accumulated by the curb. He drove slowly trying not to run over those water pots to avoid splashing those pedestrian walking to their respective cars. Traffic was slow-moving of course, considering it was raining quite heavily. But somehow, he couldn't avoid a passing lady and splashed her dress.

I looked at him astonished.

"What? She crossed the road even though she knew I was coming!"

"But you could slow down at least!"

"I was already slow wasn't I?"

"Yeah but you still splashed her!"

"She knew I was coming!"

"Fine... She must be cursing you gazillions now."

Dec 26, 2009

Computer Guy

I just got my laptop reformatted not long ago. HP headquarters in Damansara Height reformatted and reinstalled everything. But somehow rather than not, there were so many problems subsequently. Microsoft Office couldn't be registered. My printer software didn't work. Bluetooth service didn't function. SQL thingy interupted my installation of Photoshop. It was all a mess really. I thought I would explode, but somehow it seemed that whenever I complained to the beau I wanted to get it reformatted, he said he'd help me out. He'd spend hours on end looking for solution on the internet and help me fixed it. And so far it's working fine until again, I think I'm going to erupt because bloody Microsoft updates are taking hours to shut the laptop down.

I just wonder how long could I actually be patient with it.

And I have yet to complain to him about the shutting down process taking more than 24 hours because of the update. It stucked at "Updating 2 of 8". ARGH!

Dec 25, 2009

First Christmas

It's our first Christmas as a couple. But it's a pity that we didn't spend it together as I had a gathering with my family instead. He texted me throughout the day asking where I was and all. And it was a miss that when I received his last message saying he's at Starbucks in Ikano, I just left the place for dinner in Taman Megah food court.

I wonder what would my mum's reaction be like if I introduced him to her as my boyfriend. Out of the blue.

She'd get a heart attack probably.

Dec 20, 2009

Similar Laughs

Remember I once wrote about duplicating the beau?

Apparently, I was told just the other day that our sniggers sound similar as well. I was like, wtf?! I snigger like this all along didn't I? But my friend said, he used to be able to differentiate who was the one laughing half a year ago, but not now.

And I was wondering, can spending enough time with somebody leads to similar behavior as well? LOL

Dec 18, 2009

Confirm Gay

The beau and I were in Starbucks Summit one afternoon and I was getting the drink while he got the table with a couch. So when I came back with 2 cups of drinks in my hand, I took a peek at the next table. 2 young guys, from their trendy clothings, can tell they're gays. Not quite exactly gay couple, as they were looking at this design thingy on one of their's laptop, the owner commenting on the composition and colours, from what I heard. But it was just so coincidentally before I sat down that he closed that window and I saw the wallpaper of this guy.

I sat down, smiled to the beau and said "gay."

He was at that time looking at the guys as well, and he responded with a smile as well.

Not long after that, as I was sitting backing them gay guys, and the beau sitting opposite me, he held up his hand, seemingly greeting some guy behind me. I thought it'd be some passerbys he knew. But who would've guess, it was actually one of the two gay guys in the next table!

I looked at him, asking him who it was.


My eyes wide open, and I just grinned.

Hennesy is apparently one of the bodystep instructors whose class I go to. LOL

Dec 17, 2009

Sinfully guilty

I admit I might be a visual slut. I slut around even when I'm with the beau. And when I mean I'm a visual slut, I cruise around wherever I go! In the gym, in the mall, while dining, basically everywhere. And when I see 2 possible guys walking together, I'd say "gay couple" and he'd look at me and ask, how do you know? to which I reply, I just know. >.<

So while we were at Starbucks in Subang Jaya the other day, there was this young chap in purple tights fondling with a phone or something. His biceps are just so big I couldn't take my eyes of it. I had the thought of wanting to snap a picture of it but he didn't appear to be large enough in my camera, so I gave up.

The thing is, the beau was sitting in another table with a proper couch because well, who wouldn't want a couch right? I was sitting in those wooden chair because it's nearer to a socket. So we were seated seperately... And I was turning my head to look at big biceps guy like once in every 30 seconds.

So this guy, he's actually in his early 20s I think. Definitely a gym member, and I assume he's a student of Taylor's. Just an assumption. Fair skin, spikey hair, tight shirt, jeans, white shoes. Either he's a sportsman or he's an avid gymmer. And he's got like, amazing body!

Die la now I even blog it out here. The beau's gonna strangle me. HAHAHA.

Dec 16, 2009

Staying together

The last that we ever talked about staying together was... never. LOL But the closest thing that we ever talked about staying together would probably be him refurnishing his abode and I could head over anytime I wanted when his parents moved back to their old house.

I envied my friends who stay with their boyfriends. The thought of coming home and having the rest of the night together with the boyfriend seemed all too romantic for me. And I would love to lean on the beau when we're watching television or dvds on a Sunday night. You know, domestic stuff.

But then again, it dawned to me that we might as well be staying together right now even. It seemed like I'm spending more time with the beau than I have with my family! LOL. We've been going out almost everyday after I got back from work. We go to gym together, dinner after gym, or we'd go everywhere else when we're keen. And if you're asking me over the phone who am I with when I'm not at work, 80% of the time I'll answer, "the beau." LOL

Dec 15, 2009

Sunway Pyramid

We decided to bunk in the Starbucks in Sunway Pyramid last weekend after our gym. It was about 1pm when we arrived in the mall. Traffic was pretty heavy, but it got worse inside the parking lot.

We entered from B1, entered LG, entered B2, then followed the bloody cheating indicators to the hotel side of the parking, go to level 2, and level 3 and level 4 and finally level 5 when all the cars just got stucked up there.

The beau has gotten really hungry by then and was cursing multiple CIBAI-s, and he was whacking on his steering wheel trying so hard not to follow what the other drivers were doing honking all the way.

So after being stucked in the parking lots for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes with no parking, we finally gave up, and went for the exit. Sunway Pyramid has got the lousiest parking system amongst all the malls in KL and PJ. And we shall never ever ever everrrr go there again! Bloody hell...

Dec 14, 2009

Prime of his life

Was chating with a close friend the other night when the talks of relationship came into mind. He's happily married to his boyfriend for about 2 years by now while mine still maturing at 8 months. Both of them are in their 20s, him 25 and his boyfriend 27. Us on the other hand, are 13 years apart.

So our conversation drifted to the future when we were talking about 10 years from now. And then it hit me. I'd be erm, 30s and he'll be in his 40s. Somehow the figure just appeared so... old for me. LOL.

And I said something pretty selfish, that I would be in my prime in my life then, while the beau's getting older, and we're this old married couple and life's getting boring.

Then my buddy whacked me.

"He's also in the prime of his life at the moment, and he chooses to be with you. You ever thought about that?"

I'm such a selfish guy! I promise to see things from both sides from now on...

Dec 12, 2009

Missing you...

See, I know from 2 close friends of mine that the beau went wacky while I was away in Taipei. I didn't go online and chat on MSN with the beau in Taipei, as we had the whole day fully packed with conferences and workshops as well as visits to the required sites and the nights were usually spent strolling up the night markets. But I still kept in touch with the beau and my family members via text messages. So upon coming back from Taipei, I texted a friend regarding some issues that he brought up while I was in Taipei.

"Your beau was so lost without you..."

I couldn't quite believe him.

But later yesterday when I was chatting with another friend online, he told me the same thing.

"Your beau gone insane while you were away. He kept on asking me out. Even told me he'd willingly drive down to my place for satay. Which was total bull. CB wanna bluff on snake me."

I couldn't help but to wonder whether the beau was really somewhat like those who broke lose from an asylum.


And the later friend told me that he didn't even bother to want to go out with the beau, reason being that he wanted to force the beau into missing me more.

Must've been quite a torture without the boy around eh? Love you lots dear. *kissy*

Dec 10, 2009

Seperated by the Sea

I remembered he told me the night before I flew to Taipei,

"If you could go online in Taipei text me ya, so that I can go online and chat with you on MSN."

Sometimes in a relationship, there are things that didn't turn out as how you expect it. He isn't exactly the horny kinda beau who wants sex 24/7 nor is he overly romantic with all those flourishy languages, but little things like what he said before I left for Taipei touched me till now.

And I heard from my friends he missed me sooo much while I was away.

*hugs and kisses* Love you too my dear.

Dec 1, 2009

Hardrock Fan


I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. *beaming from ear to ear* Happy happy joy joy.

I didn't know what I could get for the beau. It must be something practical. All those ornaments souvenirs would be useless as they would probably be stashed away somewhere rotting and collecting dust. He has already got a fridge magnet from his sister, that's the best ornaments one could get for him.

So I just asked him straight, knowing he'd rather know what I would get for him rather than a useless surprise.

"Hardrock cafe t-shirt lah." He said.

"Another addition to my Hardrock cafe t-shirt collection. Hehe. I want the type that has the logo in front and the scenery of Taipei at the back. Not those pasar malam type okeh?"

So I was already setting aside 100 bucks for him when he came tell me he changed his mind.

"Anything will do lah. Pasar malam shirt is fine with me already."

Then I probed.

And he said, "I looked online, there's no Hardrock Cafe listed in Taipei."

Awww... shucks.

Taipei Taipei here I come! Wooooooooooeeeeeeeeee! :D