Jan 31, 2011

Instructor ShowOff

There was an RPM class we attended, where the instructor sort of modified the tracks at his own will. Track 4 was changed to a hill-climb track, despite we just had one in track 3. And track 6 wasn't a speed track as well.

So, Clayden being the bitch, started complaining. (Because he was cranky that day.)

Clayden: What the hell? Finishing finishin and still not finished! So many last round!

Beau: *smiles*

Clayden: What the fuck! I'm not into these kinds of games! This is supposed to be an ordinary 9-tracks class, not a challenge!

Beau: So you want to complain is it?

Clayden: Well... Not really also lar. I don't want him to lose his job.

LOLS. Well, we so understand the drama that would stir up should we lodge a complain. A few of the steps class we used to attend were replaced just because some members could not catch up and complained to the manager. So with that in mind, I thought I'd be "kind" enough and just complain to Beau. LOL.

Jan 29, 2011

Starbucks CleanUp

You would be asking why the more Starbucks around in Klang Valley, the more crowded they are. God knows why these students are so rich, spending the whole afternoon in the cafeteria. We gave up on the one in Mutiara Damansara, despite there are 3, THREE freaking Starbucks in that place alone, and we know it'd be forever crowded.

So we thought we'd head over to Sunway Damansara instead, thinking it'd be less packed. But who knew, it was also packed to the brim. But upon looking around, a lot of the customers were just sitting there without any Starbucks drinks on their table. Pissed, Beau went up to the store manager.

Beau: How can you allow people who are not drinking to occupy seats in the shop and use your facilities, when there are real customers out there who drinks and doesn't even have any seats at all?

Manager quickly went to talk to one African girl, and chased her out. And she came back, "Sir, we've one space for you."

Following that, we notice a few other customers packing up and leaving too. LOL.

Jan 27, 2011

Early Gym

Beau: Wakie wakie dear... still in bed ah?

Clayden: Yeah...

Beau: Come let's go to the gym...

Clayden: But it's only 9...

Beau: Early morning not much people in the gym...

Clayden: But still so early...

Beau: Then... what time you wanna go?


Beau: So?

Clayden: oklah oklah...

It was supposed to be a weekend... -.-

Jan 25, 2011

Narnia Potter

Clayden: Why you wanna watch Narnia?

Beau: Because I think it is nice.

Clayden: Then why you don't like Harry Potter?

Beau: Because... Harry Potter not nice.

Clayden: But they're both fantasy stuff and magical stuff...

Beau: Harry Potter so... dark...

I guess he has some point there. LOL

Jan 23, 2011

Fatso Kidnapped

Beau drove to Citibank last night wanting to withdraw some money. Before he left, he asked me to lock the door. I guessed I must've forgotten, was looking at this guy getting ready to ride off in his bike.

When Beau came back 2 minutes later, he asked me why hadn't I lock the door.

Beau: Later the whole care gone then you know.

Clayden: Who would dare? Got a fatso in the car.

Beau: Got fatso in the car?

Silence for 10 seconds.

Clayden: Ohhh! No? Nevermind lor. Hahaha.

You don't get me do you? LOL. Beau calls me fatso sometimes, meaning "fat" in his own slang. So since he said he didn't see any fatso in the car, that means I'm not the fat guy! LOLS.

Okay. Cold. Never mind. LOL.

Jan 21, 2011

Locked Out of Home

Clayden: Roads into KL all blocked. You cannot go back home.

Beau: Don't be ridiculous. How can I be denied of my rights to go home?

Clayden: Yeah, try reason that out with the money suckers who blocked the roads.

Beau: Nope, not gonna reason with them, just gonna fuck them up.

Clayden: LOL.

Jan 19, 2011

Gay couples

We were heading out of the parking lot when we saw two guys walking together. Slim built, one Malay and the other Chinese. From the way they walk, it's pretty obvious they've got the campiness.

Beau: Homos?

Clayden: Confirm.

Beau: How do you know?

Clayden: When two guys walk together, it's confirmed they're homos.

Beau: Erk! Then everyday I walk together with you I'm also a homo?

Clayden: Huh? D-uh!


Jan 17, 2011

Homemade Chawamushi

During dinner in Sakae last night, we ordered 2 Chawamushi as our last dishes.

Beau: What to do. My dear don't want to make for me.

Clayden: Huh? You didn't say you want?

Beau: Still dare say? Dare to blog it out some more.

Clayden: Did I? But mine not as nice as this...

Beau: Sigh. The taste doesn't have to be nice mar. It matters who's the one making it.


Jan 15, 2011


Beau: Sunday night 10pm I wanna be home already.

Clayden: CSI is it?

Beau: Eh? How did you know?

Clayden: Abuthen? Every Sunday 10pm you're missing one. SMS, MSN also no reply.

Beau: Heeeee...

Jan 13, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Clayden: There's a riot in KL today.

Beau: What riot?

Clayden: I don't know. Looking up the net now.

Beau: Water bill increase by 37%.

Clayden: What the...??? How did you find out?

Beau: Twitter.

Clayden: You tweet?

Beau: Nope, go to their main site, and search for KL Protest. Got live updates by all the tweeties there.

Jan 11, 2011

Marathon Registration

Clayden: Dear... I decided to join the Bareno run. Full marathon.

Beau: Wow. Good. I'm not going to join still.

Clayden: Nope, not asking you to join.

Beau: Then why are you telling me ler?

Clayden: Hehe. Want to borrow your credit card.

Beau: Erks... Again... I think I need a 555 book. To record down all that you owe me.

LOL. Yeah, I used his card to do lots of online transactions before. LOL. Don't ask me why, I just, well, didn't apply for any cards. Still.

Jan 9, 2011

Bitchy Clayden

The social stress put forth by the family members pretty much turned Clayden into a cranky guy, to the extent that he took it out on Beau. Not a quarrel, just that the sarcasm was probably 3 or 4 levels higher than who he usually was. After dinner, we went back to our seperate abode.

Beau: Hmmm... my dear so bitchy today. Why ah?

Clayden: Always like that one lor.

Beau: Is it? But never mind la, I still like...

A few seconds later....

Beau: Miss my dear jor.

Clayden: Really?

Beau: Yea...

Clayden: Miss the bitchy Clayden is it?

Beau: :P

Jan 7, 2011

Sex by the Window

We passed by a condo with floor to ceiling window one night. One of the units had the lights on, and we could see clearly what the people inside the unit was doing.

Clayden: Oh my gosh, we could have one of those!

Beau: What one of those?

Clayden: So that we could have sex by the window with the lights on and everyone on the road could see.

Beau: Eeew...

Clayden. Hee...

Jan 5, 2011

Smoke vs Fog

We decided to have a driving trip during our stay in Indochina last month, despite it being a rainy season. But having all the screaming children and the inquisitive relatives, pretty much put us on the brim of breaking down. So, we drove out anyways.

Clayden: Gosh, we're driving into a fire!

Beau: Where? Where??

Clayden: In front!

Beau: Where??

Clayden: Front, see so many smoke!

Beau: -.-"

All the fog are limiting the visibility...

Jan 3, 2011

Foot Touching

I find couples who brush their feet under the table especially in Starbucks where the table are so open and the customer sitting on the next table is just so near to you, terribly annoying and DISGUSTING!

No, I'm not jealous.

Having Sex

Beau was being naughty and opened the files in the external hard drive in our room one day during the year end trip in Vietnam.

Beau: Shit... Lower the volume, lowere the volume!

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Later all your relatives thought we're having sex in the room.

Well, who asked him to open those videos before muting the laptop, knowing there'll be pleasure moans. OOhh aaah aaah aaah aaah... LOL