Aug 29, 2010


One day after coming back from BodyBalance, after skipping those abs workout, I experienced really sore abs the following day.

Me: My lower abs so weak...

Beau: NO's your legs very heavy.

Me: Where got like that one?

Beau: Of course. Some people legs heavier than upper body mar.

Me: No lah. is my lower abs weak, that's why cannot do the leg crunches.

Beau: Cheh. You think you're doctor ah? Say anything also correct?

Me: Yea lor.

Beau: *pouts lips*

Aug 28, 2010

Gay's Cafe

Gay men have a weird taste and lifestyle. They wear Prada, they held iPhone, they walk in flip-flops, and they drink Starbucks like plain water. Because they don't need to spend their money FOR anyone, i.e. their wives and kids, they've got all their salary to themselves.

But that aside, when a guy like that walk into Starbucks, what's the percentage you reckon of him having a sexual preference for men?

Aug 26, 2010

RPM Nuts

The curve has got a lot of nuts. 20 minutes before the bike-riding class, as per usual when the registration for the bikes are opened, it's a shoking that members were already waiting for 15 minutes. I'm not kidding you, all these kiasu people come lining up for the bikes more than half an hour earlier! So, when the registration is opened, all the bikes were gone in 5 minutes!

Grrr!!! Hateful!

Where's the bloody upgrade about the bike with RPM programmes for the member should we miss the class?! What kind of platinum club is this?!

Aug 24, 2010

Sissy Revenge

Look at the picture.

Look at my title.

Stop smiling. :)

LMAO! Clayden can be so sarcastic sometimes... :P

Aug 22, 2010

Spy Cam

... is back!

Thought the guy looked decently delicious.

Beau kept on turning around to catch a glimpse of the guy when I said "a group of gay people" at the back. Don't you think so? LOL

Aug 20, 2010

Longer Than My Penis

We came out from the yoga class one day when we saw a lady, who also joined the class earlier, put her feet into her footwear, a very SUPER tall high heels. Like, seriously 'high' until she was practically standing on her tip toe.

So I looked at beau, eyes wide open.

Me: My goodness! Look at her high heels!

Beau: Yeah... I know...

Me: I read somewhere it's gonna ruin her feet!

Then a while later, still fascinated at what I saw, I made another remark.

Me: It's even longer than my dick!

Beau: *faints*

Aug 18, 2010

Which Eggs?

Make a wild guess, who cracked which egg?

Beau laughing like mad when he saw the photo.

Aug 16, 2010

Marathon Hunks

Finished my 10km run in one of the running events at 50 minutes. But apparently, all the other male runners were all able to finish faster than me, snatching away MY finisher's medal! T.T

So, while queueing up for the refreshment drink, I saw this caucasian walking around semi-naked with a finisher's medal on his neck. Darn! I want that!!! I want that... that... medal!!!


Am not really a potato... guess I prefer rice more. LOL

Aug 14, 2010

Couple seats

So we headed over to the cinema one day, wanting to catch Inception. There were two other men walking in front of us, taking the elevator and heading, none other than, the cinema as well.

Me: Couple wor.

Beau: How you know?

Me: I know lor.

Beau: Going to watch movie also wor...

But unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out! Disappointed, I decided that we just head home and cuddle in bed. That was when we saw the couple who walked in front of us earlier.

Me: Same couple wor.

Beau: Is it?

Me: They also couldn't get the movie ticket.

Beau: How you know?

Me: Because we also didn't have tickets mar.

Beau: -.-"

Aug 12, 2010

High-risk Kiss

So 2 weeks ago I finally succumbed to a very bad infection of the throat. Had to go to the hospital for some antibiotics and routinely took the medication so I could gain my sexy voice back.

One night, while we were in the room, Beau leaned over, waiting for me to plant that kiss...

Me: Donwant... I got sore throat.

Beau: Never mind la...

Me: Must mind... Mine very bad infections leh.

Beau: No lah... Never mind one...

Me: Cannot. Half my office is coughing away. Summore when you sick you take very long to heal some more...

Beau: *pouts lips*

Aug 10, 2010


I remembered there was a time when the Beau joked that I could never go to a massage because I was so ticklish. I literally jumped when we were in bed. I mean, it was explanable that time, because I hadn't had much 'human touch'. Especially when he just touched me using the fingers, at the sensitive parts so to speak; I'm sure I wouldn't have if he properly 'touched' me rather than being so 'shy'. Therefore, it's not a reason to deter me from going to a massage right?
Then again, I'm looking for a real good massage parlour, where the massages are supposed to relieve the body from aches and not solely for the happy ending, although I'd prefer a male masseur compared to the opposite gender. And that was when I came across this parlour nearby the gym.

Wondered who tried it before... Hmmm... Who's up for a mid-day massage? Hmmm...

Aug 8, 2010

Smarter Waitress

Went over to Sakae on a weekend night, and ordered cold green tea instead of the warm one as we usually did in the past. The problem with cold green tea is, we can't refill our glass soon after we finished it. And everytime we need a refill, we had to call the waitress...

Knowing how sucky the service is, I was always pretty reluctant to call them waiters or waitresses.

Me: I wonder if they'll just put their cold jug of green tea on the table instead.

Beau: You ask them and see?

But nope.. They still took away the whole jug, and repeatedly came over whenever we raised our hands for a refill..

It was only towards the closing time when one of the waitresses just put the giant jug of green tea on the table.

Me: Finally. They learnt to be smarter.

Beau: Cuz they saw your annoyed face dy...

Me: They should've just provided the whole jug right?

Beau: Not when they've got other tables to serve as well...

Me: Hmmmmph... fine....

Aug 6, 2010

Protein Drink

Saw this bodybuilder in the gym the other day. Couldn't help but to snap a photo of him from afar. But as we were about to head out, that was when I saw what's all the big fuss of the Beau not wanting to continue drinking his protein drink...

Bodybuilder's body full of freckles. Quite a dirty looking body so to speak...

True enough, as we sat across each other over dinner that night, beau indeed looks fairer...

Aug 4, 2010


Saw in the news in that the police raided some massage parlour somewhere and found out that the massage service provided in there was actually sex service. Not surprised. But it's definitely a pity of those sex workers who were cheated to come to the city only to be raped again and again by total strangers. Or maybe just a blowjob. But it's still of unwillingness nonetheless.

So while we were dining out one night, we saw this massage parlour on top of the food centre.

Then again, we're looking at some 'skillful' masseurs here...

Now... who wants some Chinese boys? LOL

Aug 2, 2010


There are times when you just suddenly feel empty. Beau went out with his girlfriend on a Saturday night and I went home to catch more sleep. When dinner time came, I went out for dinner. Tired. Solemn. But there was a piece in me reflecting what another friend mentioned.

"Not everyone appreciates their boyfriend when they have one, and when they lose it, they were all lost again."

I just sat there, alone, on that plastic table, by the side of the road, finishing up that bowl of dumpling noodle, wondering. What have I turned into?

Alone time like these, I came to realize, helps everyone to reflect on their own lives.

And I came to realize, how much Beau loves me... I have my own weaknesses. I have my own flaws. But he never complained about it, and accepted me for who I am.

I couldn't have asked for more.

And I'm filled with remorese...