Dec 24, 2010

End of One Year

So that's it. The end of the year 2010. Major things happened. Relationships going steady. Carreer tsunami. Environment change.

Been busy for the past few months flying in and out of the country trying to look for a suitable place in down south, Beau came by a few times with me for short breaks as well, trying to get hold of the new lifestyle we're going to be having in the next couple of years, hopefully not too long. Finally settling down in a small cozy unit. Looks like it's going to be a long distance relationship for a while. *sobs* While Beau's still need a few time for arrangement of internal transfer, I suppose I will be alone down there for a while.

I served my previous company for the final couple of months just for the resignation notice, totally care-free and happy. I wasn't given any heavy tasks, and life's been good. I went in late, came out early, and everyone in the office were practically my friend; even the hot Burmese cleaner in the 5th floor toilet. No other intentions. Which was why, I spent quite a lot, shopping for myself and everyone else I love. I'm gonna make sure everyone misses me. LMAO.

The annual family gathering this year will take place in Vietnam. The parents flying in from Hong Kong on Christmas Eve just in time for the gathering. 2nd Uncle's orchard have been the regular meeting point, pretty much because it's huge and big enough to accomodate the big family. After the grandparents' passing 7 years ago, we started having this sort of gathering, not sure why. Perhaps Dad's siblings thought it's better to strengthen the family bonding before it's too late. Not that I'm complaining, I'm pretty contented. 2nd Uncle's eldest son is... YUMMY. Don't ask. LOL. Plus, 3rd uncle's son, since we bumped into each other in Frangi 2 years back, been quite a close friend. Oops, maybe I shouldn't say so much about my family.

But needless to say, it's going to be the break before the start of a new life down under. Aussie-bums, here I come! No puns intended. LOL.

Before I forget, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

ps: Will update after I got back from the 2 week long holiday. ;)

Dec 22, 2010

New Year Plan

Beau: Dear, what's your plan for the New Year's Eve.

Clayden: Not sure yet...

After a while...

Clayden: Wait wait, cannot go anywhere. I've already booked my flight to Vietnam!

Beau: Gasps. When did you buy?

Clayden: With my cousins. We're going there for our annual gathering. My parents will be flying in from Hong Kong.

Beau: Can I come together?

Clayden: Sure. There's lots of rooms. Though you'll have to sleep on the floor. Because my room only got single bed.

Beau: Ish...

Dec 20, 2010


While the Beau was busy with his work in Starbucks, a friend of ours bumped into us and sat next to me.

Friend: Oh gosh. No I know why you like the roughful looking men.

Clayden: Why?

Friend: You see your other half. So serious. So fierce.

Clayden: Is he now?

Friend: Yeah!

Lols. Never realized that.

Dec 18, 2010

Highly Confidential

Beau met me in Starbucks after work one day. I was reading when he arrived.

Beau: Can I sit at your place? You sit out here.

Clayden: Why?

Beau: Cuz I don't want people to see what am I doing on the screen.

Clayden: Why can't? You're surfing porn?

Beau: Blimey, no... My work is confidential.

Clayden: Don't want.

Beau pouted lips. But continued to sit at the more open seat. LOL

Dec 16, 2010

Ankle Pain

One day, after doing the threadmill in the gym for half an hour, I sort of felt some pain in my ankle. Not exactly a sprain, but it's did indeed feel like the very very mild version of sprain; which led to quite a limp in order to reduce the pain on the ankle.

After gym,...

Clayden: Ankle pain...

Beau: Why?

Clayden: Don't know. Maybe run too much.

Beau: I think because you're getting fat.

Clayden: -.-"

Dec 14, 2010

Six Pack

Clayden: Woah dear, that lady instructor inside the studio, look like man like that, summore the abdomen six pack so obvious one.

Beau: Is it?

Clayden: Yeah, better than yours.

Beau: -.-"


Dec 12, 2010


Hi. My name is Clayden. And I'm an obese.

... Not!

Happy December's Fool!

Saw this lady in the mall. But really, how could anyone got so fat?! Isn't she worried or anything?

Dec 10, 2010

The cutie

Beau: Dear... finish your gym?

Clayden: Yeah... Just now the instructor kept on asking me to add more. So tough.

Beau: Cuz you're cute mar. Hehe.

Dec 8, 2010

Nike from the USA

Beau's cousin was coming from the United States for Christmas this year.

Beau: So what do you want from the US?

Clayden: Hmmm... Iphone!

Beau: Why? Ipad better. Or Itouch. Besides, Iphone from the US, you can't use in Malaysia.

Clayden: What's Itouch?

Beau: Iphone without the phone.

Clayden: Then what's the point of the thing?

Beau: Like a portable laptop.

Clayden: I've got my laptop already.

Beau: But Itouch is cooler.

Clayden: Maybe just an Android.

Beau: You're using Diamond!

Clayden: Or just a pair of Nike.

Beau: That's better.

-.-" So he just wanted me to say that...

Dec 6, 2010

Falling Sick

One night while waiting for the Beau to finish his workout, Clayden suddenly felt chilly. Perhaps he had just finished the RPM class earlier and was all soaked in sweat.

Clayden: Dear, cold wor...

Beau: Want my big towel? (Instead of the small face towel which ran out, the front desk counter gave him the big shower towel.)

Clayden: For what?

Beau: So can cover yourself up.

Clayden: -.-" I think I better go shower.

And he headed straight to the shower for a good hot shower.

It was the first day he fell sick, down with a bad tonsils infection.

Dec 4, 2010

Kevin Cheng

Clayden put up a status on his Facebook page one night when he saw Kevin Cheng on the television programme, "OMG Kevin Cheng schooooo cute!"

The next day, when Clayden and Beau were having dinner after gym;

Beau: Dear watched the drama series?

Clayden: Not really. Just that I was in time to watch some of him last night.

Beau: Actually you looked quite like him in certain angle.

Clayden: Really?

Beau: Certain angle lor.

Clayden: Yea right... a fat version of Kevin Cheng probably.

Beau: Haha. Maybe.

Clayden: -.-"

Dec 2, 2010

Zero Fat

Managed to go to the gym in Singapore the other day.

I suppose it's true when people said Singaporean men have zero fat.