Aug 31, 2011

Couple Shopping

Was at the food court getting some cakes and dessert when I saw the two of them. It was obvious they were not just friends, because well, the better looking one was checking me out! LMAO. Because I did the same.

So when they left, I overheard the not so good looking one telling the better looking one, "Very expensive you know..."


By the way, Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

Aug 29, 2011

Friend of friend?

Cute guy was looking at me when I was doing my weights, not deliberately, but when he walked from the dumbells to the fountain, when he had to pass by where I was at, he'd turn to look at me. I wasn't taking any interest in him. But after a few times of similar incident, I began to wonder if he really do know me! Chances are, he's probably a friend of a friend. LMAO. So who knows this guy? Tell him I think he's kinda cute. Love the big biceps. :P

Aug 28, 2011

Stalker on the Lose: Manwatch 018

This blog could so turn into a stalker blog. LMAO. But what to do... Beau not around... Clayden can only entertain himself ogling at men from the street. Literally.


Aug 27, 2011

Juicy Man: Manwatch 017

So I put status on FB not long ago about this muscular hunk manning the juice bar. Like seriously lor, what is HE doing there?! I would so walk up to him asking if he needs any worker. :D I'm assuming he's the owner of the juice bar.

Gosh his arms... SO huge and so muscular...

Aug 26, 2011

Bearburry: Manwatch 018

OOOoooohhhhh Yummy muscular bear! Om nom nom nom....

LOL... love my 'bearburry'?

Aug 25, 2011


So the Beau went overseas right? And we could only rely on occasional SMSes once or twice a day charged on international rate.

Beau: Dear, slept already? I'm heading to the club with Andy and Bobby. Go kapzai. :P Will text you once I got back to the hotel. >.<

About half an hour later...

Beau: Dear didn't reply to my message? Dear emo jor? I'm in the clubbing area. If only you're here with me now. I didn't enjoy myself lor...

4 hours later...

Beau: Dear I just got back... Going to sleep now. Nite nite <3 <3

I woke up the next morning and saw the SMSes...

Clayden: Dear... I didn't emo la. I slept jor. So late d wat. Hehe. Dear emo I didn't reply ah? Rest well hor. Enjoy your stay there!

Beau actually went to the club at 12am... =.="

Aug 24, 2011

Sleep Early

Before the Beau left for his overseas trip, he called to ask if I wanted to go out for supper the night prior. But I was tied down with some stuff, so I had to, with a heavy heart, said perhaps after he's back from his trip.

Beau: Nevermind lah dear, chat with you on MSN later?

Clayden: Okay... Sure..

Beau: You don't sleep first la... I wanna chat with you...


Apparently, I fell asleep every night around 11pm or earlier and didn't chat with Beau like how we used to.

Oops... Beau finally grumbled. LOL

Aug 23, 2011

Manwatch 015

Was browsing through the photos in my phone when I saw this. Can't remember where I saw him. Can't remember what was the occasion. But boy oh boy oh boy oh boy....

Love the cheekbones!

Aug 22, 2011

Sloppy Clayden

Once, I accidentally toppled Beau's Starbucks tumbler that's still half full off the table, when I was to sit down. Luckily it didn't break.

Beau: Aiyo... you always like that one...

Clayden: What like what?

Beau: So sloppy. So messy...

Clayden: Your fault...

Beau: What my fault?

Clayden: Make me so excited and make me stand up to see what's over your laptop screen....

Beau: EEeeee... my fault some more....

Clayden: :P

Aug 21, 2011

Aug 20, 2011


We were hanging out in Starbucks one day. When we left, there was this guy who looked at me straight in the eye, and he gave me a smile. I swear he threw in a wink too. But it wasn't as obvious as the smile.

Clayden: You know that guy?

Beau: Nope. Why?

Clayden: Why was he smiling?
Beau: Is he?

Clayden: I thought he smiled at you cuz he knows you.
Beau: I don't know him...

Clayden: So if it's not you, then why was he smiling at me?

Beau: Cuz he knows...

Aug 19, 2011

Sitting posture

Clayden: Dear... gay wor...

Beau: How you know?

Clayden: Cuz the way he sits lor.

Beau: But you also sit like that sometimes.

Clayden: Then I'm sometimes gay lor.

Beau: =.="

Aug 18, 2011


Know what people say about learning a new language or dialect? The first thing you learnt is always the bad words.

And so I did.

Chee bye kia.

It means vagina kid.

Aug 16, 2011

Fat Die You

Talking about how nice ice cream would be...

Beau: So fattening.

Clayden: Should be fat die you.

Beau: Fat die me?

Clayden: Yeah. Direct translation.

Beau: Fat die you? Ooooh fat die you...


Aug 15, 2011

Boss Not In

So there was this couple of days when Beau asked me to go to gym at 3 in the afternoon. Rarely could he go to gym so early, especially since he's working office hours. But, his time is actually quite flexible; just that, he's the super goody guy type who follows all the rules and regulations.

Clayden: Dear... you leaving office early, your boss didn't say anything?

Beau: Boss was away attending some course.

Clayden: Ooooh!!!!


Aug 14, 2011


We went for a group exercise one day, of which we know would be pretty packed... But as far as we were concerned, group exercises are always packed, what am I talking? LOL. Anyways... after the earlier class ended, all the other members rushed in and reserve their spot inside the studio, while I was being all too gentlemanly letting people go first... And in the end, the usual spot where Beau and I would be taking, were taken up by some member we never saw before.

Beau was a bit frustrated... and hissed... "Asked you to be kiasu a BIT already just now..."

Clayden just smiled stupidly.


Sometimes I just don't understand why would all these members rushed in before all the members of the previous class clear the studio. It was ridiculous really.

Even more ridiculous, people starting to place the step board 45 minutes before the first evening class. WTF?!

Aug 13, 2011

Japanese Boy

So we were in the regular Japanese Restaurant we always frequent after gym one night, and this boy who never served us, but ALWAYS the next table, was just at the table across (again), taking order.

Clayden: Dear... (showing him the picture, cuz Beau sat with his back on the boy)

Beau: Huh? What's this?

Clayden: The waiter...


Clayden: Heeeehe....

Aug 12, 2011


Clayden: Can we go to the launch?

Beau: Nope... You're not invited...

Clayden: Yerrr... How to get invited?

Beau: No idea...

Clayden: So unfair lor... I want the goodie bag also.

Beau: =.="

1 Mont Kiara launch 26th May 2011.

Aug 11, 2011

Manwatch 013 BUBBLE BUTT

Yummy yummy yummy yummy super yummy!!!!

Well, perhaps he's already a bodybuilder. Huhuhu.

Aug 9, 2011


We went to a cafeteria for drinks one night. Beau ordered a super large watermelon juice.

Beau: We share la.

Clayden: One drink only?

Beau: Yeah...

Clayden: In public wor...

Beau: Doesn't matter la.

Clayden: *grinning from ear to ear*

Aug 8, 2011

Manwatch 010: Many DILFs

Haha. A whole table of stocky muscular men for the beers! Was down in Overtown for their evening promotion after gym one day and saw this sight. Then again, maybe not everybody's type. And I think they're straight anyways. LMAO. But their body, despite chunky, I believe they do workout. :P

Beau thought otherwise. LMAO

Aug 7, 2011


Sometimes I really wonder... Some gays make a profile and posted their photos on the profile visible to everyone else and well. So. Seeing that, it's only normal that I know who in the gym are gays from the past sightings of their photo on gay personnels websites.

Never really attempted to write to them. Just had fun going through their profiles and such. And yea, sometimes I really wonder. If I know they're gay, those who has their photos posted would've exposed that they too have viewed other people's profiles.

My point. If 2 persons who know each other are gays, wouldn't a nod or a smile be better than to act as if you don't know each other? And they're just working out next to each other.

Or maybe I guess, they're just avoiding awkwardness. I know I had. Still avoiding the muscular man whom I communicated with, and turned out not being his type and was told that in the face. Or maybe it's just me. Need to be more narcissistic next time. ;)

Aug 5, 2011


So Beau showed me the profile of someone he knows that we bumped into the gym who got us wondering if the other guy that was with the guy he knows was his new boyfriend. Erm. Yeah. Try swallow that.

Beau: Dear... (link). See under his friends list, there's the guy that was with him.

Clayden: I don't have Axcest account lar dear... I deleted mine.

Beau: Huh? How come?

Clayden: Got boyfriend already wot. What for keep the account? Plus, I hate the interface, it's not user friendly.

Beau: Hehehehe.... (Kiss icon)

Aug 4, 2011

Gym Buddy

A: Don't force yourself...

B: I can... do... this...

A: You're gonna break your arm...

B: I don't wanna lose...

These two cuties... are so gonna end up together one day. Just like Beau and I. LMAO

Aug 3, 2011

Half a Venti Frappucino

Was drinking at Starbucks... And Beau sitting opposite where I sat. And we were talking about something, and he was on the net, and we were excited over something, so I stood up to peek over the screen from above. As I was to sit down, I sort of accidentally spilled my Frap., luckily I already finished more than half of it.
Beau: Your venti sized drink is actually just a tall size.

Clayden: No thanks to you. Making me excited.

Beau: You opened the cap.

Clayden: You had them put the whip cream on top.

Beau: Still, you spilled your drink.

Clayden: *pouts lips*

Aug 2, 2011


So we were driving in Mont Kiara, as you know, the hilly bumpy roads, and cars parking by the side of the road... So naturally, you wouldn't want to drive too fast because your car would be torn apart bumping into some holes or bumper. But all of a sudden, this bloody car overtook me!


Beau: Singaporean. You know how they are.

Clayden: What? Is he some kind of ambassador or something?

Beau: Why did you say that?

Clayden: The red plate.

Beau: Nah... they have different rules on their roads remember?

Clayden: Still. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM? Can't wait to die is it?

Beau: Calm down dear.... No point getting angry over these ignorant people.

No offence my Singaporean readers. But I do think some of your country-men need some moral education. Ignorant. Arrogant. Show-off.

Aug 1, 2011


Beau came back from a talk on the phone.

Beau: Yeee? Dear you managed to crack the egss already wor.

Clayden: Abuthen? You're on the phone for so long, the movie's about to start soon.

Beau: Okay okay... Quickly finish this...

And off we went to the cinema.

I cracked them half-boiled eggs! Finally.