May 31, 2010

Celebrity Watch

Just about one month ago, while the beau and I was having our drinks in a mall, I spotted a very very CUTE guy on the next table. Was thinking of taking a photo of him, but bloody phone was low on battery!!! Frust frust frust!

Left a message on FB "OMG OMG OMG! Cute guy on the next table! Why lah my phone battery died on me at moments like this! ISH!!". It wasn't before long that some other gays on the friends list strated to leave comments asking who it actually was, and that was when I came to know the name of the actor. It's ...

Gosh he looks sooooooo much cuter in person. And he's got the first two buttons of his shirts unbuttoned! Sexy hot chest too! *Drool*

May 29, 2010

Confirmed Gay

The first time we joined the class of this RPM instructor by the name of so and so, I told the beau I thought he looked cute. And the beau asked me if my gaydar was ringing. I was guessing it's a half and half, don't know why my gaydar wasn't working properly for the past few months.

Apparently that night while we were on MSN...

Dear, your cutie RPM instructor is confirmed gay.

How do you know?

Because... xxxxx

And he gave me the link of a guy in, none other than the instructor's profile.

Somehow it seemed that the beau is getting pretty good in searching for profiles on that web page....

May 27, 2010

Gay Instructor (?)

One fine day after our RPM class in the gym, we were totally beat and were sitting at the couch. There was this super hot Malay private trainer leaning against the pillar not far from us and was trying to catch a glimpse of us. Not sure if he was looking at me or the beau, but as to why I say he was trying to peek at us, because whenever I looked at his direction to admire his beautiful body, he'd turn away.

So I teased the beau.

The instructor was checking you out.



He's gay?

I don't know. Maybe. But he was checking you out just now.

Maybe he's checking on you more. You have more potential to become his client ma. Coz you're fatter.


May 25, 2010

Swim Wear

I bought a swimming trunk from Mad Wave not long ago and told the Beau about it. He was so eager to see me parading in that skimpy thing and was begging for me to put it on and show it to him. See, he wasn't there when I bought the swimming trunk, but when I refuse to even tell him what's the design, he got even more anxious.

Beau: Dear wear for me to see lar...

Clayden: Dowan lar. Later when we go to the pool you can see what.

But it's unfair.

What unfair?

I have to see it together with so many other people at the pool. But I'm your dear ler, no sneak peak first?

Well, after that, I did a fashion show in front of him in that skimpy wear.

Wahhhhh so sexy!


May 23, 2010


"Ish... I thought this uncle wanna leave one."

We were in the Curve looking for a carpark one weekend, and the Beau was grumbling for the availability of one.

"Hey, he's not exactly that old, he's younger than you lah."

"Don't care. As long as he walks slower than me he's an uncle."

"Err... Speechless."


"Waah! Then I'm also an uncle lor!"

"Eeh, you said yourself one! I didn't say that."


Apparently, sometimes I couldn't catch up with the beau, saw when we were walking towards a certain place in a limited time and all...

May 21, 2010

KY Gel

I remembered Beau was actually quite a shy guy when he first made the first move, in terms of sexual intercourse I mean, because, well, we are both shy men. LOL.

So the other day when we walked into Watsons in a mall, we got separated for a second. When I caught up with him, he walked further along the aisle.

I stopped at where he stopped a moment ago, it was a shelf of condoms and KY gell. He was looking at the lower shelves, and the only thing that looked similar to what he finally picked and paid at the counter was, the KY gel. They were blue.

After we came out from the shop, I confronted him.

"How come you were standing at the condom shelves? The lower shelves were of KY wor. You wanna buy KY ah?"

"No lah! I wanna buy shoe spray."

"But shoe spray is not under the same category as condom leh."

"I thought I saw it there mah."

"The only thing that is blue in colour is KY wor!"

"There's other thing there as well, you wanna bet and go back and see?"

"Don't want. You were obviously looking at the KY."

"Am not! Come let's go back see now."


Beau can be soooo defensive sometimes. LOL. But we didn't go back in the end. I gave in. LMAO.

May 19, 2010


We were at Seoul Garden in OneU one weekend. It was a all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, serving mainly beef, chicken and some seafood. We were sitting in the same table when Beau first brought me there about one year ago. Memories alright, the first time I did prawn for him as a couple.

Anyways, Beau cooked some squid in the soup and asked me if I wanted one.

"Don't want. I'm not sotong." (sotong = trans)


The next thing that Beau took was crab.

"Don't want. I don't eat crap."



"So what do you eat? You eat beef because you're beefy."

"YESH! And I eat chicken because I'm a chicken."


May 18, 2010

Crowded Studio

Who says gym classes are for the whineys? Just look at the BodyPump class!

I dare those bodybuilders who think so to come join BodyStep, I bet you can't even complete the class.

Showoffs. Ptui.

May 17, 2010


One night after dinner in Bangsar Village, Beau was asking me what did I want to do...

"Don't know. Wanna go hiao in Celebrity Fitness?"

"What? Why would you wanna do that?"

"Just so. Pretend you wanna join, see their facilities a bit and walk around inside."

"You wanna join CF?"

"I'm a happy FF member."

"Yalor. Then why wanna go CF?"

"To hiao lar!"

Beau narrowed his eyes.



May 15, 2010

Private Structure

We walked passed a Private Structure shop one day, gosh their underwear are so damn beautiful! Like, so much more than my CK! And I just couldn't help staring a bit longer at them underwears, only to have the shop assistant looking up from behind the counter and saw me staring into the shop while the beau waited for me just one step ahead.

When I saw the assistant looking at me, I quickly walked away.

"Nice undies."

Beau pretended not to hear.

"Guess what the guy in the shop would be thinking?"


"These two gay couple..."


Like seriously, how many straights do you know that wear PS??

May 13, 2010

Stranger's Smile

There was this guy, I have no idea if I know him or not, but I have seen him around in the gym, we used to follow one particular instructor's class. But since I've stopped joining that class for a year already, I seldom bumped into him, like not everyday anymore. But heck, even when I joined his class, I never talked to anyone else! I'm pretty introvert if you wanna put it.

So today, I saw the guy in the locker room. He was packing his stuff and about to leave while I was just out from the shower, clad in a towel and my shampoo in my hand.

When I walked into the open, he saw me and smiled. I thought, shit, him! I returned with an awkward smile, looked down and walked to my locker, only to realized I HAD to walk pass him. T.T Shy okay! As I approached closer to him, he smiled even WIDER! Like, seriously you don't have to do that. I returned with another super awkward smile, and quickly headed to my locker.

During dinner, I told the beau about the encounter. "Wah, dear got stalker!"

"Hey, it's not a good feeling okay! Feel so weird... and so wrong... I don't even know him!"

But then again, I don't think I'll walk up to him and ask him what's his name or what nots. He's presentable, but not exactly that attractive. My gaydar was rusty, I can't tell his preference. And I never seen him with another guy or even a girl. So I really don't know. And heck, I never seen his profiles too!

This is just so so weird.

May 11, 2010

Changing Gender

It seemed like nowadays a lot of the heterosexual couples, the boyfriends are helping the girlfriends to take their handbags, and they'd happily sling those extra big bag over their shoulder, God knows how many packets of condoms they have inside.

So while we were going down one escalator one night, the beau made a funny remark after he said guys nowadays like to help their girlfriends to take their handbag.

"Come I help you take yours."

I stared at him, "Eh! I'm a girl meh?!"

I must've over-reacted cuz the couple in front turned around and looked at us. Beau laughed out loud.

"No lah, I help you take. Younger one help the older one to take their bag one."

"EH! I'm not SOOOOO old okay!"


May 9, 2010

Physique Discrimination

There was actually a sequale to the post 4 days back when I asked the beau how come my butt was as if it was sticking out in the cardio class despite me watching my proper posture and all and he gave a reason that I have a big butt.

5 minutes after he made that comment, there was this lady who walked pass us. She was very obese, like, I'm not kidding you, she could easily weigh twice my weight. It's a good thing that she see the long term side effects of being obese and come to gym. But having the talk that I have a big butt earlier, and there was another bigger butt walking in front of us 5 minutes later, the silence that followed was a uncomfortably hilarious.

Beau's trying to hold back and not to laugh out loud.

"You're so bad!"

"What? I didn't say anything!"

"I know what you're going to say."

"I did not say it out loud."

Physique discrimination!

But heck, we're gays. Gays are always so ever shallow. :P

May 7, 2010

Got Milk?

Beau was eating half-boiled eggs when the egg yolk splattered onto his shirt as he was stirring them in the bowl. Coincidentally, it hit the nipple area.

Can't help but to notice the stain and I teased:" Waaah... dear producing breast milk ah?"

Beau narrowed his eyes, "Ishhhhh!"

May 5, 2010


One night while we were in the gym, me joining the BodyStep cardio class while the beau did his weights, I noticed my posture looked different in the mirror. I'm not exactly those who fancy my own body and I always thought I looked quite unglamorous, which was why I never stand in front or next to the mirror in the studio. But sadly, that night the only available space was just near to the giant mirror at the side of the studio.

Subsequently, I finished the class and came out to see the Beau sitting on the couch outside.


What, I did 1 whole hours of weights you know.

I was really wondering. It's not like I didn't watch my posture. I did everything in neutral position as how you've taught me, but then, how come my butt looked as if it was sticking out?

Beau sniggered.

Because you got a big butt.


May 3, 2010


Beau was looking for a new shoes because all his shoes were either cracking or the sole decided to fall of. It's time for new shoes after all, since all his collections of shoes go back as far as 5 years back. So we were heading towards Adidas in e@Curve when the first exclamation out from my mouth was, "Oh my God! So drama!"

Don't you think so?

Beau finally got one much less drama as compared to the one I pointed out. Some training shoes apparently, which would allow him to do weights, RPM and Steps. Otherwise, he'll have different shoes from Nike for different class even I also get confused sometimes.

Maybe it's time for me to get one too? Mine's 2 years old now. :P

May 1, 2010


Beau: What are you doing?


Are you taking a photo of me?


So big! LMAO.