Mar 28, 2010

Honeymoon in Cambodia

Flying off to Cambodia for the ??th honeymoon with the beau. LOL. Not exactly some romantic place, but can't really afford anything romantic like that of Hawaii or Morocco with my meagre income. So, Angkor Wat on the sunset and sunrise it is. :D

But of course, it's not gonna always be as picture perfect as the photo I stole here. Either way, I think it's gonna be a great trip. Will be there for 5 days. Gonna go around Angkor for 3 days, and just hang out in town for some free and easy activities. None of us been there before anyways. LOL. First time to the Indochina! Woot!

Matta fair gave quite a good offer. Was contemplating whether to get the package for Halong Bay or Angkor, but lastly decided for Angkor. A friend of mine said it's breath-taking. Can't wait!

Flying off in 2 hours!

Mar 27, 2010

Farmville's Fault

The beau is so engrossed in harvesting!

Clayden *grumpy grumpy*.

But if that could help alleviate his mood after work. LOL.

Mar 25, 2010

Blur Face

I'm sorry if this one is gonna make a lot of you puke, heck it made feel nauseous too. Beau wasn't that much of a romantic person to me, or at least I was given that impression. He's all manly and so straight acting and all, although, well yeah there were a little bit of this and that which he DID showing that he loves me. But otherwise, I think we've only been mushy verbally once, when he said "I love you, dear" to which I replied the same.

So yeah, I thought he must've gathered quite a lot of courage to spill out those words that morning. He was looking at me in my sleep when I woke up, and I asked him, "what?", in that sleepy tone...

"Nothing. Just looking at you. I like to see you when you wake up. Your face like still blur blur like that, so cute."

Mar 23, 2010

Fat Model

I admit, I'm not exactly those underwear models with washboard abs or big solid muscular chest. I'm just plain fat. I've got flabby skin tugged away under my chin. Yeah, I'm THAT fat. No really, I'm not lying to you.

Anyways, while the beau was away last 2 weeks, we were chatting on MSN. It was night over here.

Clayden: It's raining here.

Beau: Really? Good lor, cooling, no need to be naked.

No wor, I'm naked wor.

REALLY??? Not wearing anythng at all?

Got lah. Wearing Calvin Klein's undies.

Oh, the type with the string one ah?

No no, I'm wearing brief. Just a tight shorts, very short type.

Wah, how come I never seen one? Next time show me lah. Do an underwear fashion show for your dear.


Mar 21, 2010

Full Cream

Beau: So many mosquitoes!

Clayden: Is it?

Ya lah!

Why the mosquitoes only bite you and not bite me one?

How I know?

Cuz your blood sweeter I think.

*slap slap* *scratch scratch*

No no, I know already, cuz you're low fat, I'm full cream.


Mar 19, 2010

Our Song

I never knew we had our song. Well, when we were officially in a relationship, I was hooked to the craze of Jon Schmidt's piano version of Taylor Swift's Love Story meeting Coldplay's Viva la Vida. I remembered I told him I love that song, and I gave him the link to it, and he thought it was nice too.

But ever since then, whenever the radio played Taylor Swift's Love Story, we would be reminded of that piano version.

That day, while we were heading to my home, the radio was airing the lovey dovey song. And the next word that came out from the beau was, "Our song!"

Mar 17, 2010


I've always fancied Jonathan Cheng. I mean, GOD he's HOT!

But while I was watching the television just now, there's this advertisement showing Kevin Cheng, like, okay, WHOA! I've heard of Kevin Cheng a lot, I was told he's hot and all, but I'm not exactly a HK drama series follower you see, I watched some series, but I'm not really into finding out who those actors are and what nots, until just now. So THAT is Kevin Cheng.

But somehow, there's this nudge in my head. Like, erm, are Kevin Cheng and Jonathan Cheng somewhat related? Like, seriously, I think they have got some resemblance there.

Speaking of which, I saw Jonathan Cheng once in Plaza Damas while I was with the beau many weeks ago. Like, SUPER HOT!

And no, I didn't think he was with his boyfriend that time. It was some Malay dude. And he knew I was staring at him. But of course, no pic. HAHA.

Mar 16, 2010

Bigger than Kancil

Some time ago, we were driving along the highway in the middle of the night, but amazingly there were so many vehicles on the road. So there was this big motorbike drove passed us, with this loud engine sound even with the window closed we could still hear it.


Like, yeah I did dragged that "Big" word. I've always been fascinated by "Big" things.

"No cheap you know, it cost as much as a Kancil.

"It's as big as a Kancil!"

The beau *swt* LOL.

Mar 15, 2010

Being Naughty

Beau not around, Clayden comes out and play. Erm. The eyes I mean.

There's this Malay guy in the gym yesterday, long hair but super hot. Been seeing him in the gym for a while, definitely loved that body of his. Man his man boobs are like, so deliciously muscular!

Although beau's got quite a solid one, but this man's is one for the drool. LOL

Mar 14, 2010

Sure Can Sleep

We were hanging out in one of the coffee shop one evening and the Beau was drinking Nescafe. So somehow the conversation drifted into the speculation as to whether or not he would be able to sleep that night.

But later down the line, the attention suddenly falls upon me.

The Beau said, "My dear doesn't matter one right? Sure can sleep one. Some more can Kooooooooooohhhhhh..." making a snoring sound...


It's not like I snore a lot really, I don't normally snore. And I only snore whenever I'm tired. The muscle holding the tongue were too tired and the tongue falls back and obstruct the airway, which causes the snoring. But really, on normal days, I don't snore at all!


Mar 13, 2010

Being Careful

Sorry to tell you this, but, Clayden decides to stay closeted at the time being. Not that Clayden doesn't go to the clubs or what nots, but being in this field and all, he's quite a prominent person in the sense that, he thinks it's going to be a problem if speculations start to spread that he's actually gay. It's going to be a halt in his career should the news spread out, be it the public or his boss. And that, is something that he doesn't want.

After all, he's already married, and he thinks it's best that he remain silent, and not to meet anyone, not to post any face pictures or whatever not. So, sorry about that folks. But whatever I'm blogging, or whatever I had on facebook, that's actually pretty much the real me, behind a computer screen on the other end of the world wide web.

Apparently, the beau thinks the same too. But... with a different reason. LOL

A few nights ago, during a conversation with the beau...

Beau: Dear, I think you should stop posting about the exact gym classes that you go to lar. What if there are stalkers out there how?

Clayden: I never specifically blogged about which class I attended did I? But I'm running around. Now I'm doing weights as well. Wait... OMYGAWD! I blogged that we went to the Easy step once!

Yalor! Later people go to the gym to stalk you how?

Aiyah, not like they'll know which one is me also. There are a lot of gay guys there too. Plus, I'm not a regular in all those cardio classes now, since our time are so un-flexible already...

Yea but still, I think better be careful lor.

Hmm... Fine, whatever you say lor. Won't blog about it anymore...

Good good.

But can I blog about me kap-cai in the gym?

LMAO. Beau *fainted*.

Mar 12, 2010

My Arrmmmmssss

Beau's gonna laugh and rolled on the floor over and over and over again. Yes this is my arm, just wanna show you how "hot" I could be. In the future. HAHAHAHA.

Was doing biceps 2 days ago, did 5 reps of 12 times each on both arms, well, of course on just 7.5lbs only. But after that I must've done too little stretching that the accumulation of the lactic acid is killing me now.

I can't extend my arms after I flexed it. It hurts a lot. I had to slowly extend it, clenching my teeth while I tried to bear with that soreness. Ouch!

No more biceps for the whole week. That's how long it's gonna take to heal.

Luckily my pecs doesn't hurt, else I'm only left with back butt and legs. LOL.

Mar 11, 2010

The Death of Clayden's Memory Card

Death, is inevitable.

One night on MSN with the beau...

Me: T.T

Beau: Why my dear?

My memory card corrupted....

Har? Got anything important inside or not?

Got. A lot.

What thing wor? You didn't back up?

Nope. Was thinking of slowly posting those photos onto the blog.

What photos?

My kap cai photos lor. Cute cute face and hot hot people with hunky body...


Still, those photos are like, so important to me. They gave me this kind of satisfaction after I secretly took those pictures. Sad... T.T

But after a few times inserting it back into the phone and trying to delete off those corrupted pictures, the memory card finally failed me. The last time I checked it in the phone, all the photos were gone. Had no choice but to format the card.


Mar 10, 2010

Valentine's Day

The Beau and I, we're not so much of a movie goers. I might've been quite a fan in the cinema 2 to 3 years ago when I was still in college and all, but ever since the work life kicked in, work loads started piling up, so I stopped going to the cinema. As for the beau, I guess he's not so much of a movie guy at all either. LOL. I mean, I haven't really asked him, maybe he used to date his previous partners to the movies, but as far as I've known him, we've only been to the cinema a dozen of times. Or so.

Neither of us are really particular about the genre of movies we're watching, as long as it's not horror movies for me, and nothing gory for the beau.

So the last movie that we watched together was Valentine's Day, because we were both attracted to the line of casts they put up in the movie.

Like, come on, who would resist Julia Roberts? And not forgeting they've added in McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and McSteamy Eric Dane! New Moon guy Taylor Lautner was there, Ashton Kutcher forevers cheer up the Beau, and and Jamie Foxx, and oooh the forever adorable Bradley Cooper!! Men aside, they've also lined up so many mega stars, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Garner, even Taylor Swift played a role, although just a small one.

It was hilarious in some way. An interwining stories of dating people who breaks up, confided in a best friend who later become lovers, and colleagues who started to see what they never saw before, teenage puppy love and long lasting stupid people who makes love only to their partners... Totally loved the "Pretzels" part where Julia Roberts was flirting with Bradley Cooper in the plane. But the most heart-warming story amongst the many stories in the movie, I'd say would be that of Julia Roberts's. Not the part where she flirted with Bradley in the plane, but her flying 14 hours just to stay one night with the man of her life, her son.

The scene where she came into his room, and his son screaming "Mummy!" and they both hugged each other so tightly, my heart was almost squeezing out a tear...

It's another chick flick or some sort, not for the mega stars lovers like both me and the Beau. But once a while, I thought it's still nice to sit back and just relax, enjoying what little stuff happening in our daily lives could be heart-warming stories too.

Eric Dane isn't as hot as how I first saw him shirtless on Grey's Anatomy though. T.T But Taylor Lautner has got really HUGE arms! LOL.

Mar 9, 2010


Like seriously, I've never seen any G-men in KL all my life! All those G-men like those in the Japanese gay manga, they turned me on.

I mean, fine, they have tummy, but heck, those tummy aren't exactly flabby. And mind you, they've got big biceps and their pecs are so huge I swear it could crush your head when he squeezed it on ur face. LOL.

But lo and behold, guess who I saw in FF Manulife last Monday? G-MAN!

I didn't peek at him from the corner of my eye, I stared at him straight a head. He winked! And I smiled back, got back to my shoes, and headed out for my workout. LMAO. No, I didn't know what his name was, I didn't get his phone number, I didn't talked to him as well.

I'm a married man after all.

Mar 8, 2010

New Pants

Beau: What's your waist dear?

Me: xx. Why?

Can you wear xx?

Of course!

Sure or not?

Sure lah, you think I so fat ah?

Haha. Okay okay, see lor later if you can wear or not.


My Sis coming back from US, I asked her to buy 3 Levi's for me. So if you can fit I give one to you lah.

Eeee really ah?

If you can fit lor.

Cheh... Sure can... I go diet first.


Mar 6, 2010

Failed PR

Was walking towards the toilet one day when I saw a glimpse of two guys I had on my Facebook. I didn't walk up to them as they were heading off somewhere, I think. And partly because I was really going to wet my own pants. So yeah, I didn't say 'hi'.

Me: Guess who I saw just now?

Beau: Who?

The other sugar gang on Facebook, as how Ichimaru put it.

Bear and salmon?


Really? Where where?

They walked off somewhere.

So you said hi?



They were going somewhere I think.

Eee... Lame excuse!

What? I'm shy mar...



Mar 5, 2010

12.5 Facts about Clayden

12.5 Clayden is actually a Buddhist. But he burns josstick at Kuan Yin Temple as well.

11. He is born in Hong Kong to a Malaysian mixed race father and a Chinese mother while his daddy was working there.

10. He actually studied in Malaysia since primary one. He had been staying with his aunt while both his parents remained in Hong Kong.

9. He discovered he likes to look at men at the age of 15. Hunky men. Hunky muscular men.

8. But he only had his first sex at the age of 19. With a lecturer. In Kuala Lumpur. It wasn't really a ONS, he went back to the lecturer for 2 more times after that before they totally lost contact.

7. He never been to a sauna. Not the private ones operating independantly in town. This piece of information is swear-my-heart true. As itchy as his heart wanted to explore the experience of visiting a sauna, he just never thought he'd actually do it.

6. He wasn't really against chem sex. In the sense that, he actually tried chem sex once before.
However, he didn't quite enjoy it. In contrary to what Viagra is suppsed to do, he thought it didn't took effect on him because he wasn't able to get his little Clayden to erect, and he ended up having a vayeurism experience, watching 3 other couples fucking each others' brains out. Which brings me to...

5. He also tried orgy before. The same occasion where he was given the Viagra for chem sex. But since little Clayden just refused to get erected, Clayden got quite a bad impression of orgies, even up till right before he married the Beau. Therefore, do not ever invite him for any orgies, he hates orgy in fact.

4. But as mentioned in (6), those were all in the past before he settled down with the Beau.

3. The beau is Clayden's first and only boyfriend.

2. And all these stuff, the Beau already knows.

1. Because to Clayden, the beau is the one and only.

Mar 4, 2010


Clayden: No Easy Step wor... How?

Beau: Go lor. Unless you wanna do weights.

Lazy to do weights... I wanna do class...

But it's BodyStep...

I can't do BodyStep ler...

That's why. So how?


Up to you.



There goes another day without gym. It's quite obvious my tummy is growing an inch by the day...

Same goes to the Beau. Wakakakaka.

Mar 3, 2010

Single Movie Goer

We went for movies last weekend. Decided to buy the seats with one single seat seperating us from the other occupied seats, just so that we somewhat have some space between ourselves and the other couple on the other side.

As the movie was about to start, we were just wondering if the singular seat would be taken. It seemed that the cinema hall were getting pretty crowded.

And I said, "No lah, I don't think there'll be anyone who will come here alone and sit here... Who'd be so pathetic one leh?"

One minute later, a Malay girl pardoned herself and sat her butt right next to me in that single seat.

I looked at the beau, "Wah, really got people come to watch movie alone one..."

Ironically, we were watching Valentine's Day...

Mar 2, 2010

12.5 Facts about the Beau and Clayden

1. We're of different decades old this year, but only a few years apart. Go figure. Yes he's slightly older, but he doesn't look THAT old. I'm slightly younger, but I still look the younger amongst us two. But when we walk together, despite we're both straight, gay people still look at us one kind. Hello? What's wrong with 2 straight men walking together?

2. Beau's half Japanese and a quarter Chinese and a quarter caucasian, I'm half caucasian, a quarter Chinese, and one quarter native. Our kid shall be, half caucasian, a quarter Chinese, one quarter Japanese, one eight native and one eight Japanese. Something. My maths sucks. At least we thought our adopted son should be. Find us one and we'll support him, making sure he grew up to be the next director of WHO. That's our pledge. That's if you could find one for us.

3. Beau and I got together via the internet. We started chatting, from one hour per night, to a few hours per night every night for more than 2 months before we finally meet up in the gym. Subsequently, we go to gym together a few times a week, then slowly we meet up in the gym almost everyday, followed by going for meals after gym in the evening, and finally hanging out outside of the gym, i.e. movies.

4. The beau and I, pre-marital sex didn't happen. In contrary to the lifestyle I had before. Not sure about him, but we had a policy of loving the person as who he is now. "When we love a person, we have to take that person as who he is, including his strength and his weaknesses."

5. Our most frequented place as a couple would probably be the gym. Gym rats will forever be gym rats. Though we're both gaining extra weights nowadays. Guess it applies to gay men as well, married men grows fatter. Ugh. Must work harder!

6. It hurt so bad when he said he was seeing another guy, and we could be friends. I kept quiet, and he asked me, "Do you want me to be with him? I like you a lot. If you want to be with me, I shall be your boyfriend." That was how we started. Drama not?

7. I brought up the idea of an open relationship when I started to question if I should be with the beau when I had another guy I liked, 2 months down after the Beau and I were an item. But it hurted me most when I looked at him in his watery eyes, and I never thought I should think of any other men as I know he loves me more than anything else. And...

8. I love him more and more every day that it felt so different if we don't talk for a day. I missed him so much when I was travelling, and I started to worry when he doesn't respond to my text messages or online, wondering whatever could be happening to him.

9. I'm the submissivo, in the sense that I don't like to make any decisions, be it where we go for dinner, or what we wanna do over the weekends. Stuff like those. Beau got really annoyed sometimes, so I guess I should start to pick up the responsibility of making petty decisions for us... He, after all, deals with all those huge decisions, car loans, house loans, insurance, taxes...

10. Our honeymoon was actually to a beach resort somewhere only we know. Not that it's a private beach or anything, but we'd prefer to keep that piece of memory just to ourselves. We strolled down the beach at 11p.m. and sat on the beach, listening to the waves, and looking up into the starry sky.

11. But now when I look back at this relationship, I never thought the boyfriend would be him. We hanged out as gym buddies. Who'd have known we now workout together behind closed doors too.

12.5 I taught the beau how to give GOOD French kiss. For the benefit of myself. HAHA.

Mar 1, 2010

Skipping Gym

There is this class that Fitness First introduces called Easy Step. It's somewhat an introductory class for the members who are not familiar with freestyle steps. So it's pretty much super boring to the beau and I since we've been joining intermediate freestyle steps all these while.

Considering both our uncertain working time and all, it's very rare that we could attend any steps class together anymore since most of the ones that we usually go to are the earlier classes. The only steps class that we could attend nowadays would probably be the Easy Steps in the Curve, which is kinda boring. Therefore, after a few times, we started to get bored.

The only thing that we like about the class would probably be that it's a non-stop cardio class that would guarantee some sweating. So after quite some time off from gym due to the long line of dinners with friends, we finally thought of going to the Easy Step in the Curve since we haven't been there for a while.

So, while waiting for the Beau to be off work, I walked around the mall. Alone. Paid a visit to the pharmacy to get some condoms and lubes when the Beau called. "Am stuck in the jam, you go get your dinner first okay?"

It was merely an hour before the class started. We usually would have our dinner before heading for the class, because it would be too late when the class is over. But since he was stuck in the jam, there's no way we could have our dinner together.

So I went ahead with my dinner, hoping he would make it in time for some light dinner before we go into the class. And amazingly, he did! Just roughly half and hour before the class.

15 minutes to the class, we finally left the kopitiam and walked into the gym, happily get the towel from the front counter, and headed up the staircase. Then, lo and behold.

I waited for him to come up at the staircase.

"We've got a problem. It's not Easy Steps. It's Bodystep tonight."

"What? But the internet said it's Easy Steps."

"Dunno. But it's stated there. See?"

It's indeed Bodystep. Somehow the schedule in the internet wasn't updated. Ugh.

"I can't do Bodystep. We just had dinner."

"I know... how?"

You tell me, how? We usually go to Easy Steps despite having had our dinner because it wasn't as vigorous as Bodystep. But Bodystep requires a LOT of jumping, while EasySteps NONE.

In the end, we walked out from the gym, returning our towels unused. Weights at that time around isn't ideal, Fitness First is getting super crowded nowadays. T.T