Nov 30, 2010


I don't know how to cook. I can't cook. So one day after I finally found out how to cook chawamushi, I happily told the beau I was cooking the steam egg for dinner.

Clayden: Hehe. I'm cooking chawamushi.

Beau: Cook also didn't tell me.

Clayden: Next time I cook for you lo...

Beau: Say only.

Beau likes chawamushi as a dessert whenever we go to the Japanese restaurant. Everytime we go to any of those Japanese restaurants, we'd end our meal with chawamushi. But somehow, I think I still need to perfect my cooking. Apparently, my steam eggs were done in big bowl instead of small cups. LOL. Perhaps that was why I couldn't estimate the amount of soya sauce needed to give it some taste.

Nov 28, 2010

Long Distance

So it's formalized, this mental preparation for a long distance relationship.

Clayden: Then when are you going to come over?

Beau: Soon. When I manage to apply for another new job there.

Clayden: How long?

Beau: Don't worry lah. It's not like we're going to be so far away. You can always come back for a short break, or I could drop by when I'm off.

Clayden: Okay... if you're okay with that.

Beau: But you must keep in touch one wor. Don't say so busy until chatting also no time.

Clayden: Huh? Why?

Beau: Still dare say...

@.@ Ooops. Maybe I could be too engrossed with somethings at time... Wasn't even talking to beau for a week when I was posted outstation a couple months ago. LOL.

Nov 26, 2010

Spotted: Hottie

Appearance: 90/100

Physique: 80/100

Manliness: 85/100

Pose: 85/100

Smoking: -400

Total: -50/400

Sorry man, if you saw this. But I don't really like smokers. Don't like the smell, don't like the yellow teeth, don't like the breath, don't like kissing the ash-tray, heck even the cock smells of smoke... So yeah, stop smoking! No matter how fit you are, smoking is the ultimate turn-off.

Nov 24, 2010


Apparently... the narcissistic self-loathing gym instructor wasn't the only person moving down south to the hot island country down there. No puns intended. I received my offer letter for a position I've been longing for for a while by now.

The thing is... I'm afraid. I have very bad impression of the coountry you see. I've lived in some other countries, and I've always take quite a long time adapting to the local and well, let's just say KL is where I felt home the most when I came back from overseas. After 4 years here, I can't believe I need to move again. Nomad much?

Have no idea how this relationship's gonna be. Beau's probably going for a promotion in his company. And that would mean it's quite impossible for him to quit as easily as I could.

Is this what we call impermenance in life?

Nov 22, 2010

The Horny BF

If only there's a type of BF who, upon seeing your body, in the room or
locker room or anywhere else, would just come over seductively, and kissed you
on the lips, and started fondling with the package between the thighs. And then
you guys'd end up in some locker room making out and having sex. Like, he just
can't see you without any clothes on, or else he'd be doing you already.

See, I was at the locker room changing before going to shower when the Beau came into the changing room. He caught a glimpse of me, and smirked, and headed to his locker. I was partially naked, correcting the towel over a naked bum. And that thoughts above came into mind.

And if my partner were someone like Viktor Krum in Harry Potter 4, I think I'd die from over-palpitation. My heart would always be beating so fast that I just wouldn't be able to control! LMAO. And I'd be raping the so-called fantasized boyfriend daily. LMAO.

Then again, I think I'm satisfied with what I have now. :P Although my sex life is barely adequate, I think we're both thinking with our head, on top of the body, not the one in between the legs. Compatibility somewhat makes me feel thankful for having such a wonderful boyfriend.

Nov 20, 2010

Ithcy Butt

Clayden: Dear... my butt so itchy wor...

Beau looked at me one kind. "Why?"

Clayden: Don't know ler... I cleaned with water already one lor.

Beau: Erk...

Clayden: How ah?

Beau: How ah? I don't know?

Apparently, water-cleaning the butt after big business, rather than using toilet paper, sometimes leave the ass itchy. But why?

Nov 18, 2010

Angry Birds

One of the games on Iphone...

Initially the beau didn't download it. But one night, after he mentioned about it, I was asking if he played the game on his iPhone.

Beau: Nope. My colleagues all playing though.

THe next day, while he was waiting for me in the car outside my condo, I came in and saw him playing the game!

Clayden: I thought you said you didn't play the game?

Beau: Nope. Just downloaded the Lite version for fun.

Clayden: Before you know it, you'll be addicted.

So halfway driving, I asked the beau if I could play with the game. And I did.

Beau: I stuck in level 4. Dunno how to proceed.

Clayden: I'm at level 6.

Beau: Eeee! So fast one?

Clayden: No ah... but now cannot pass dy...

Beau: Haha. You addicted jor.

Nov 16, 2010

Moving Together

Clayden: If I move to Australia how?

Beau: I will look for job there lor.

Clayden: Is it easy for you to look for a job there?

Beau: Shouldn't have any problem, with my qualification and all.

Clayden: What if you didn't get any job there?

Beau: Then I'll stay in KL lor. What to do?

I suppose it's common for decisions like this to happen along the way in a relationship?

Nov 14, 2010

Indian Movie

We went to watch the Legend of the Owl when it was still showing a few months back. So when I took out the movie ticket and noted the title of the movie printed on the ticket, I started to panic.

Clayden: Shit! Bought the wrong movie!

Beau: What movie is it?

Clayden: Some Indian movie.

Beau: Huh? What do you mean?

Clayden: It's called Ga'hoole.

Beau: -.-" It's called the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole.

Clayden: Is it? Oh I was just trying to fool you mar.

Beau: Yea... right...

Nov 12, 2010


Clayden: My nose so many black heads. I'm thinking of getting those metal thing with a little hoop at the end to squeeze out the black heads.

Beau: Erk. Since when you become so hiao one?

Clayden: Huh? What do you mean?

Beau: Why you suddenly care so much about the black heads one? Last time not so hiao leh.

Clayden: Heeee... I like leh.

Nov 9, 2010

Six Pack

Beau: There's a machine there for abs. Quite nice. Been using it for a week.

Clayden: Really? That means there are 2 in the gym.

Beau: Yes. Quite a good machine. I wanna train back my six pack.

Clayden: *smirking*

Beau: What? Don't believe me?

Clayden: Nope.

Beau: If I get my six pack how?

Clayden: Like that lor... it's yours, not mine.

Beau: Hmmm... Maybe should bet with you who gets the 6 pack first.

Clayden: Cannot... Then I sure lose one.

Beau: Not necessarily, you're younger.

Clayden: So?

Beau: You're younger, so you lose more fat compared to me.

Clayden: -.-"

Nov 8, 2010

Cracking Eggs

Previously on PS. I love you. Clayden asked his readers to guess whose eggs are these in the pictures.

Almost forgot about it until today.

Shamefully, I can't crack an egg properly. :P

Nov 5, 2010

Loyal Hookups

Monogamy is overated. At least that's what I thought. So... more often than not, when the beau's not around and when I'm extremely horny, I'd go online and start hunting for hot men in actions. And before we know it, that little brother in between my muscular legs were hard erected, pumping and thrusting.

Sometimes I'd control the ejaculation. Sometimes, if it was meant for a quickie, I would just let it go at 10 minutes into the thrusting. But at the end of the day, all these random hookups at the oddest hour of the days, would probably leave me unsatisfied. It's after all, different compared to a proper passionate sex.

But of course, thanks to the loyal hookups that comes whenever I call. Those really loyal hands...

Nov 4, 2010

BodyBalance New Release

While everyone got hyped over the new releases of Les Mills group exercises, I actually gave a damn about it. In fact, for RPM for instance, I prefer to have a mix of the previous releases whereby there'll be great songs from various releases. That, is gonna be a great class.

So one day many weeks ago, while having a drink after a cardio class in Empire, the BodyBalance instructor sat down next to me. God knows why of so many empty seats he had to pick one just next to me. Another female member came over and asked him about the new release.

Member: How was it?

Instructor: VERY..... EASY!

Member: Really?

Instructor: Yeah, no challenge at all. That's why for certain poses, I went for more...

Sometimes, I think, it's okay to give a comment to show how good yourself are. But to make it in a tone as if you're very good, I don't think there's any point to that, in fact, I might've thought it's a bit of a show off too.

Then again, since he's already an instructor, won't wanna say any further.

Nov 2, 2010

Long Journey

One Utama is one of the malls that we seldom go to nowadays, mainly because it's... huge? LOL. And we didn't find much that we can do there. Except for the food, and perhaps some movies. Nonetheless, even if it was for food, we seldome go all the way to that gigantic mall, because parking alone is a hassle. Imagine parking in the New Wing when you intended to eat in a shop located on the Old Wing...

Me: So far...

Beau: Walk a bit la lazybum...

Me: If only we also got the minitrain to carry us...

Beau: There! (pointing at those musical entertainment machine)

Me: That train doesn't move.

Beau: It's got small tires underneath, can move one.

Me: Why don't you carry me? Piggy riding...

Beau: =.="