Oct 31, 2011

Soprano Porn

So Beau came over to sleepover one night. I had Paul Potts, the opera tenor singer who won the first UK-XFactor playing on the hi-fi with the surround sound system and all, trying to take in the vibes one night. And Beau was lying next to me...

Beau: Eh? See see, what you downloaded last night?

(I downloaded porn from some website.)

Clay: Yoooorrrr... where got people watch porn with the opera songs at the back one...


Oct 30, 2011


So when we were staying in one weekend...

Clay: What to order ler?

Beau: You decide la...

Clay: McDonald? Pizza Hut? Dominos?

Beau: You decide la...

Clay: Popeye!

Beau: Can also...

Clay: Or Nandos?

Beau: You decide la... anything also can... Everytime you ask me to decide, today you decide...

Clay: You give me some opinion la...

Beau: Yerrr... Then might as well I decide lo..

Clay: Opinion mar...

Beau: I know your trick one. Later you sure say okay with whatever I say.

Clay: Heeeee... :P

Oct 29, 2011

I will Follow You...

So we came to know that a mutual friend had an encounter in the gym shower room. And Beau asked me what this mutual friend told me.

Beau: Such thing happened in the gym?

Clayden: Don't know. Never encountered.

Beau: Ya meh? The uncle who followed you leh?

Clayden: That one different, follow only...

Beau: Have to follow you around first also then only something can happen.

Clayden: Yerrr.. No lor. Nothing happened.

Beau: Next time I follow you lor.

Clayden: Wah. Good wor like that. Got hunk follow me in the shower rooms...

Beau: Heeee *blush*

Oct 28, 2011

Miss Me Not?

On MSN one night...

Beau: Dear dear... how's your day?

Clayden: Okay lor...

Beau: Dear miss me ah?

Clayden: Err... no wo...

Beau: Har? :(

Clayden: Emo ah?

Beau: Yalor..

Clayden: Aiyor... of course got la. Pulling your leg ony.

Beau: Yer... My dear also know how to tease people already...

Clayden: Long time lor...

Beau: *hugs*

Oct 27, 2011

Manwatch 025: Celebrity

I was sitting in Starbucks one day when there was this handsome guy coming in to sit right next to me. I stole a look. One second. Two seconds. And I stole another look.

He looks preeeetty familiar... Anyone knows who he is?

He left his friend about 1 hour later. Friend was asking when he wanna go out drinking again. He said he thought his friend was busy all the time. Friend replied he wasn't that busy. And I thought they mentioned that night it self they were going out for beer.

Wooo... so man....

Oct 26, 2011


And the following day... Beau called up.

Beau: Dear... are you okay?

Clayden: Yeah I'm fine... What do you mean?

Beau: I pass motion so many times since this morning... All water one...

Clayden: Is it? I'm fine wor.

Beau: I thought it was the sushi...

Clayden: But I'm okay lor. Maybe it was your drink.

Beau: Okay... I'm literally sitting in the toilet the whole morning.

Clayden: At home? Not at work ah?

Beau: How to go to work? Every half hour needs to go to the toilet... Sigh...

Clayden: Dear got the Chinese medication not?

Beau: No... But I finished the whole bottle of 100plus d...

Clayden: Oh... can also.. Now still got ah?

Beau: Got... but not so much anymore. This morning like pee like that...

Clayden: Yeeee.....

Beau: I should've taken a photo lo... Yellow colour one...

Oct 25, 2011

Not So Surprise After All

Clayden: I was wondering what you were buying...

Beau: *smiles*

Clayden: Kinda weird for you to actually buy things. Some more after gym... And then it occured to me...

Beau: *smiles*

Clayden: The half price sushi!

Beau: *eyes wide open* You expected jor?!

Clayden: No lar. You said you were on your way, and you bought something. So I started to wonder what it was...

Beau: Yerrrr.... No fun one...

Clayden: Who asked you tell me so fast...

Beau: Then next time I don't wanna tell jor...


Oct 24, 2011

Sushi Supper

Beau knows I love Japanese food.

And so, we headed out to find a place to sit down. Was contemplating between Starbucks and the hawker centre, but opted for the later in the end... Because Starbucks seemed to be more strict in their 'no-outside-food-allowed' policy. LOL

Oct 22, 2011

Manwatch 024: Car-stopper

I nearly got into accident for this! You guys better leave comment for this post. LMAO!

And he waved back... At the lady in the car in front of mine though. HAHA!

Oct 21, 2011

Manwatch 023: Clayden lookalike

Clayden: Wah... Me!

Beau: Huh? You mer... You really posting that?

Clayden: Well, lookalike mar...

Beau: Yeeeeesh!

Oct 20, 2011

Double Standard

So Beau and I joined this fun run organized by NTV7 months ago, and in our goodie bags there were lots of stuff. Amongst them is a tub of TLC's body lotion. I've yet to use mine, since well, it's not like we've got winter here and I never have any dry skin problem. Not sure about Beau's though.

One day while doing our shopping, we came across TLC's product on the shelf. And guess what...

Beau: Eee! The Feel Good Run one wor...

Clayden: Eeee... wah, not cheap. 20 bucks.

Beau: Mine's the Matahari one.

Clayden: How can? Mine's purple...

Beau: Dunno wor. I got orange one.

Clayden: Yeeerrr! Double standard. I got cheaper one.

But of course, all for the joke. No offense!

Oct 19, 2011

Different Sized Egg

Beau: Yerrrr!!!! I feel cheated! Why one big one small?

Clayden: You didn't know I was talking about it just now?

Beau: I feel so cheated!!!!

Clayden: =.="

Oct 18, 2011

Different Size

Clayden: Yer... How come the eggs one big one small?

Beau: Why cannot? People one also one big one small.

Clayden: Where got? Mine's same size.

Beau: Same meh?

Clayden: Of course.

And by balls, think dirty. LOL

Oct 17, 2011

Sushi Plates

We were finishing our dinner in a Japanese restaurants with some empty plates and were waiting for the waiter to confirm our orders before we head to the payment counter.

Clayden: You think got people hide half of these plates under the table before they leave or not?

Beau: Ish!

Clayden: Well, we don't have to pay so much.

Beau: Oi!

Clayden: Hehe. I can do that before the waiter comes.

Beau: Don't lah.

Clayden: Hehehe...

Oct 16, 2011


Can't remember what we were talking about, but somehow the conversation were led into staring at the crotch when you're looking at men.

Clayden: Where got people look at the crotch one?

Beau: Why not?

Clayden: You look at a person from the face on...

Beau: I know for sure some people do go straight to down there.


Do you? Like, wanna assess how big his dragon is? LOL LOL LOL!

Oct 15, 2011


Clayden: The guy at the other table kept looking at me wor...

Beau: Why? You know him?

Clayden: Not that I know of.

Beau: Then he knows you?

Clayden: Gasps! He knows I'm the the author of this blog!

Beau: So fo-fu-lar meh?

How I know? XP

Oct 14, 2011


Beau: Dear not wearing underwear today ah?

Clayden: How you know?

Beau: Of course I know.

Clayden: I might be wearing underwear.

Beau: Touch one place can know already.

Clayden: =.="

Oct 13, 2011

Too Much Skin

Following last night event, I actually looked into my attire when I went out with Beau.

Clayden: Maybe it's because of what I wear.

Beau: Why? What about it?

Clayden: Too much skin exposure.

Beau: Just sleeveless only isn't it?

Clayden: But gym shorts...

Beau: Oooooh yea lar... So short some more...

Clayden: I came out from home without changing mar...

so yeah. Sometimes too comfortable and casual an attire attracts attention...

Oct 12, 2011

Gay Group

So as usual it was our supper time in Asia Cafe and on our way out heading towards the car park, we passed by this group of 4 guys sitting near the staircase. And... I accidentally heard one of them saying...

"Fuck me sideways!"


So in the car, I told that to Beau.

Beau: Yeah I know. Even though I didn't hear anything.

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: Because they kept looking at us when we left.

Clayden: So obvious ah?

Beau: Yeah. Sometimes you are.

Clayden: -.-"

Oct 11, 2011


Clayden: Do you think I can finish this wasabi?

Beau: Why?

Clayden: Just wondering if you want to bet with me.

Beau: Don't want. If I bet with you, you sure can finish it one.

Clayden: Heeheee...

I did. In the end. OOOOh my nose!

Oct 10, 2011

Underwear Lines

When you wear some tights and when you've got underwear inside showing the outlines on the butt cheek, it's kinda sexy in a way. I thought.

So, in the gym the other day, I saw this guy who came in tracks and owh-so-bouncy butt but I just couldn't find any outlines of the underwear he was wearing. Did he just go commando?

Ser-weet! I've gone commando a lot, even going outings. But work and gym are the two occasions I've always got something underneath to hold my bird and my balls. LOL.

Oct 9, 2011

No Underwear

So we were going up the escalator to the upper floor with 2 ladies in front of us. It was unintentional that when one of them stepped off the escalator, we actually caught a glimpse of what's underneath her miniskirt. It was not intentional I swear!

Beau: You saw also?

Clayden: Omg. My eyes. Can see the vagina even.

Beau: Really? No underwear?

Clayden: Noooo... ooo my eyes...

Beau: I thought I saw white underwear...

Clayden: No lah... She didn't wear any... my eyes.....


Oct 8, 2011


Couple 1: What are you looking at?

Couple 2: The Isetan member card thing.

Couple 1: You have meh?

Couple 2: I think I have one. At home maybe.

Couple 2 asked the cashier: Sorry, where to check the points ah?

Cashier: At the I Club on the 2nd floor.

Couple 2 again,: What do I get from the points?

Cashier: Usually you can redeem as vouchers.

Couple 1: You got?

Couple 2: Dont know leh...

So schweet.... like married couple like that. Or maybe they are. LOL

Oct 7, 2011


Was in the cardio class one day when this foreginer came in half way taking his seat next to me. He was buffed! And in a singlet, you could so see the outline of his pectoralis major and the veins on his biceps, gosh... I was trying to control my raging hormones. LOL. But true enough, it's indeed a motivation because you just don't want to embarrass yourself in front of such a hot hunk. LMAO!

Rest assured, we got acquainted. I mean. A handshake. I did after all, helped him out with the set up and all.

But I have no idea what his name is. LMAO!

Oct 6, 2011

Uncivilised People

To my utter disbelief, I actually saw this in the locker-room in the gym. What the heck?

Oct 5, 2011


Clayden: Whoa. No more locker left but this one. No wonder it's empty.

Beau: Why ler?

Clayden: Everyday die.

Beau: LOL!

114 in Hokkien is pronounced as 'yat yat sei', which sounded similar to dying everyday, i.e. day='sei', and everyday='yat yat'

Oct 4, 2011

Biggest Loser

Beau: Dear I didn't gain weight wor...

Clayden: I did... 5kg.

Beau: Whoa... can join Biggest Loser Asia d...

Clayden: cheebye.

Beau: Yerr... Dear scold me.

Clayden: *angry mode* Dowan to talk to you d...

Beau: Don't la....

Oct 3, 2011

Blur Cyclist

So there was this hot guy in the RPM studio one evening, riding on a bike preparing for the class. And then... Another lady member came in, and started scolding him. "This is my bike. Do you know that? This bike is number 6! This is my bike! Did you register? At the front desk counter! You have to register you know?! You cannot simply take my bike!"

I looked at them, shocked. Like seriously? Gurl, there's no need to shout! He's a new member! Talk properly.

So in the end, hot guy went to register for a bike and came back in. I was half hoping he would sit next to me. After all, he noticed I was looking at him. But too bad, he was on the far end of the studio. But true enough, our eyes met more than a dozen times throughout the class...

Gay? Definitely. LOL

Oct 2, 2011

Flowery pants

Saw this guy walked out of the locker room in erm... green shorts that has monkey face printing all over it from front to the back, pretty much like that boxers you wear when you go to sleep... Seriously? Comfort has a limit ya' know...

Oct 1, 2011

Couple-watch 002

It's almost always definite, when 2 hunky guys say hi to each other and walk down the escalator together, that they're either a gay couple, or gay singles dating each other, or gay singles who are friends...

Hottie from the gym going for food! :P