Jul 31, 2011

Itchy Arse

Clayden too, had been having some diarrhoea after Beau had his.

SO that night over MSN,

Clayden: Dear... my ass so itchy...

Beau: Huh? Why?

Clayden: Had diarrhoea...

Beau: Arse tear?

Clayden: No... Too much purging. Feel sore...

Now now horny lads, let's not think too much. Though honestly, I would've thought the same as you too. LOL. F**ked too much? LMAO.

Jul 30, 2011

Drunk Driving

Beau is the stronger drinker between the two of us. So he is usually the driver even when we were just to drink 2 glass of beers. (Of course, if we were to get pissed drunk, we usually had a proper plan, accomodation included).

So one day, after drinking 3 pints of beers in one of the bars, and getting slightly tipsy, he got all worried as I was driving.

Beau: Dear, are you okay to drive?

Clayden: Yeah of course...

Beau: Sure?

Clayden: Positive...

Beau: But you looked high...

Clayden: I am... But not as high as that time in xxxxx.

Beau: Of course not. You can't even walk straight.

Clayden: But I wasn't the one vomitting.

Beau: *pouts lip*


Jul 29, 2011

Losing Weights

Beau's been having bouts of diarrhoea since the past week. Not sure what was the cause. But he didn't go to the clinic, just rehydrating himself after each visit to the loo.

End of the week when we meet up,

Beau: Dear... I feel so light.

Clayden: Huh? After shitting so much?

Beau: Yeah... Shit until I lost 2kg.

Clayden: Seriously!

Beau: Yeah! You don't believe me do you?

Clayden: No. That's scientifically impossible.

Beau: Haha.

Jul 28, 2011


We're both quite fans of Japanese sashimis. So we've tried the few Japanese buffet restaurants in town. Tenji and Shogun, as well as Tao. And most of the times, we would just go for the raw oyster, raw salmon, raw tuna and any other sashimis available. Very rarely would we take the sushi or the tempura.

So one day, before heading for our reservation in one of the Japanese restaurant...

Clayden: How much is 2kg?

Beau: Just a small plate in the gym.

Clayden: But the amount of salmon weighing 2kg, is it a lot?

Beau: *choked* Of course!

Clayden: Yeah... that's what I thought. I'd probably gain less than that no matter how much I eat.

Beau: =.="

-.- Well hey, buffet isn't exactly in the diet for one who's watching is food intake for the Zeus-like physique, no? LOL

Jul 27, 2011

Shitty Business

Over MSN one night...

Beau: Dear...

Clayden: Yes dear...

Beau: I have stomachache again... Big business a few times. And kept farting... Loud smelly farts T_T

Clayden: Me too... But not much shit... Just small little portion of smelly soft shits.

Beau: Dear... How come both of us are having stomach problem at the same time?

*shrugged* Me wonders too.

Jul 26, 2011

Straight ahead

Sometimes, Clayden becomes the driver for Beau on their usual weekend dates.

Clayden: So... where is it?

Beau: Straight. Go straight.

After a while...

Clayden: Straight again?

Beau: Yeah. Just go straight.

After a while...

Clayden: Straight?

Beau: Yeah, turn there.

Clayden: Then?

Beau: Just go straight...


Clayden: Can you just roughly tell me where is it? I get restless over so many directions...

Beau: LOL Ok ok!

LOL. Seriously, if you were to drive, would you be told the exact location first, then only the direction; rather than to follow blindly at a direction. It's just like you're walking not knowing where you're headed....

Jul 25, 2011


After running the half marathon, the leg was so painful, no thanks to the lack of training, that Clayden walk so slowly.

Beau: Dear... why are you walking like that?

Clayden: Cuz my leg hurts still...

Beau: You walk as though you erm...

Clayden: What? Like what?

Beau: Like you were just *toooot*.

Clayden: *double swt*

Jul 24, 2011

Tank tops

Beau came back from work one late night and asked if Clayden wanted to go out to the open-air hawker centre for supper. It was 11 at night, so Clayden just headed out in broadshorts and tank top.

After supper on the way back, Clayden asked Beau...

Clayden: Am I too sexy wearing like this?

Beau: Nah... Normal.

Clayden: Then why are the people watching me like I'm some alien or something?

Beau: Cuz... they've never seen you before?

Clayden: =.="

Jul 22, 2011

Salty fries

Clayden and Beau headed to McDonalds for value lunch one day. Upon sitting down and starting on our lunch...

Beau: Gosh... the fries are so salty. Look at the salt cubes!

Clayden: Go change then...

Beau: No use. I'm gonna write to the papers.

Clayden: But then again... we're in a fast food restaurant in the first place. If health is the main concern, we wouldn't even be here...

Beau: Still...

Clayden: So fattening...

Beau: But salt is different from fat.


Jul 21, 2011

Old driver

So we were driving one day, and there was this car in front of us driving at a slow speed cutting into the fast lane, and we had no to make a sudden brake and nearly hit the car... SO I was bitching about the driver's action, despite at a slower speed, might also cause accident. We finally overtook the car and realized the driver was an old man.

Clayden: Grandpa...

Beau: Dear, don't say that... Next time you will also become a grandpa. And when you drive your hand so shaky you can't even put on the signal sign...

Clayden: Ohmygod... when you're that old and shaking, why would you still wanna drive?


Clayden can be so mean sometimes. :(

Jul 20, 2011

phone blogging

clayden: YES!!!!!

beau: why what?

clayden: I manage to blog on my phone!

beau: =_="

Jul 19, 2011


so we were drinking in a bar during happy hours, buy 1 free 1 starker, either aromatic or lager. when the beers arrived, I took aromatic first while Beau took the others. during our 2nd pint of free beer, as earlier agreed upon, we swapped.

but seeing Beau's first reaction when he took the sweeter one of the two, I said, 'never mind, I'll take aromatic.'

clearly, Beau prefer something less fruity when it comes to alcoholic beverages... so killKenny's out of the list. lo

Jul 18, 2011

tummy blown

beau: tomorrow I'm planning to go to gym for 2 hours...

clayden: ok sure.

beau: otherwise I'm getting fatter and fatter.

and Beau blew his tummy.

it was an omg moment... literally.

clayden: oh my god!!!! so big!

beau: what, you have one too.

clayden: no I don't.

so I inhaled using my chest.

clayden: see... no tummy...

beau: *pouts lips*

Jul 17, 2011

silence is comfortable

we're at a stage where we are just comfortable with each other's company even if we're doing our own things, playing our own phones and not talking all the time. I don't know, I read somewhere some one get all furious when his date wasn't attending to him.

sometimes I personally think, when you're meant to be with someone, the silence moments are not meant to be awkward.

just my two cents.

maybe it was just us...

Jul 16, 2011


we were out on a date one day and were sitting in Starbucks killing time enjoying ourselves.

Clayden: come let's update the Facebook status that we're here...

Beau: are you sure?? later people would come stalk us...

Clayden: nah... no one's that free to bother anyways.

so there I did it, announcing our whereabouts. indeed, like myself, I think many are not bothered with those Facebook application anyway.

but time and again, Beau's too cautious. lol.

Jul 15, 2011

indecisive Clayden

so we were contemplating what to do after movie...

Clayden: what to do what to do?

Beau: you decide...

Clayden: gym?

Beau: can.

Clayden: or lunch first?

Beau: no problem.

Clayden: or drink? I'm sure this time round a lot of the bars are having happy hours.

Beau: sure.

Clayden: so which one you wanna do? gym or drink?

Beau: you decide...

after some 10 minutes,

Clayden: lets go drinking...

lol. that's how indecisive people decide. lol.

Jul 14, 2011

kid in the cinema

we headed for RIO the animation movie one day, only to realize 70% of the people in the hall were less than 15 year old.

Beau: oh... no.... the parents better make sure their children behave in the movie...

but it turned out to be the other way round. during the prelude, he kept making remarks as to which movie he wanted to watch, the actors acted in another movie... etc...

Clayden: dear, I think you are talking more than the kids...

Beau: *pouts lips*


Jul 13, 2011

smelly shirt

so one day, I picked Beau up for our regular weekend date...

Beau: dear, you're wearing the same shirt as yesterday!

Clayden: is it? I wore this yesterday?

Beau: yea, we went to the gym remember?

Clayden: oh yea! but you're also wearing the same clothes!

Beau: I didn't. I word black yesterday.

Clayden: no you word the same shirt too. don't lie... I got proof some more.

so there we were, wearing some smelly shirts and became the smelly couple for the day.

Jul 12, 2011

Closed Doors

So we were watching the television programe one day...

And all of a sudden I felt my tummy churning and my anal sphincter relaxing.

CLayden: Gotta hit the looo....

And I ran into the toilet, and closed the door.

Beau: Is there a need to close the door?

Clayden: Yeah... of course.

Beau: It's only big business.

With Beau, there is no secrecy. Open door policy. -.-

Jul 10, 2011

Heavy Wallet

So we were in the changing room in the gym weighing ourselves.

Clayden: OMG. Ha ha... Dear... your weight's increasing!

Beau: Impossible...

Clayden: No look, it's true!

Beau: This is not accurate...

CLayden: This is! The doctors in the clinic uses this type of weighing machine.

Beau: Still, I have so many things with me. My wallet, my handphone, my keys...

Clayden: How heavy can those stuff be?

Beau: And my pants...

Clayden: You're in denial...

Beau: They could easily be 2kg...

Clayden: Still, you've passed the xx marks...

Beau: Yerrr.... *pouts lips*

Jul 8, 2011

Gay Party

So we were at a buffet dinner by the beach, just Beau and I. There were not many customers. Just a group of caucasians of 10, and another lesbian couple plus 2 straight couples. Well... the highlight was of course the caucasians men. Most of them were probably in their 40s, beefy chunky solid biker type, with a few who are athletic in singlet. So after Beau came back with his food, he told me what he overheard from their table...

Beau: They're gays...

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: One of the guys mentioned something about him going to the boys town in Pattaya.

Clayden: Interesting...

So out of curiosity, I headed out to the dishes near to their table as well. But I didn't catch anything significant, apart form some balls passing around...

Boys being passed around perhaps? LMAO...

But indeed, when I was walking back to our table, the athletic guy who was wearing a singlet winked at me.

Jul 7, 2011

Manwatch 012

Clayden: What do you think about that one?

Beau: So fat...

Clayden: But he's the stocky muscular type wor...

Beau: Don't really like lor...

Jul 6, 2011

Sexy Singers

You know in the hotels, resorts especially, located in some secluded isolated beaches and all those places... Sometimes there would be a bar with live singers entertaining the guests at night... It was the second time we went to such bar one night... And on the stage, was 3 Filipinos, dressed to the sexiest they could, singlet and a super short pants. What topped it all, was the way they shake their booty. It was sexual provoking. Imagine the hip thrusting and bending forward that you could see slightly more of their boobies.

Clayden: Dear... do you think you would get a hardon?

Beau: Why?

Clayden: I mean... look at the girls... They were so provocative...

Beau: Erm... nope... You're getting one? IS that WHY you're hugging on the small pillow?

Clayden: No... I didn't get an erection. I not wearing any underwear under my broadshorts... So... it's easier to get the frictional rubs...


Jul 4, 2011


I like it when Beau spoons me when we were sleeping... But there was once when we were away in a resort and the air-conditioning wasn't really working that well and it was not as cold as we expected it. But we were tucked under the comforter anyways, only that I had my legs out for some breathing.

Throughout the night, I didn't quite recall Beau came spooning like he usually would. He was sleeping, in fact, with his back on me. :(

Next morning...

Beau: Last night, the airconditioning wasn't really working was it? I felt so hot...

Clayden: Not too cold, but I didn't feel too hot either. Still can sleep under the comforter.

Beau: I felt very hot... that's why I didn't even hug you... Cuz if I did, we won't be comfortable at all....

Awwwww... he knew what I was thinking!

Jul 3, 2011

Big Triceps

Was doing back muscles workout when this bodybuilder came over for his triceps workout. He could so lift me up!

Jul 2, 2011

Weekend Getaway

While driving back from our roadtrip over the weekend...

Clayden: Thanks dear... Really enjoyed myself this weekend...

Beau: Yeah... Feel very relaxed...

Clayden: Feels like it was a long holiday...

Beau: What do you mean...

Clayden: Just feel longer. As compared to the last time we were in Port Dickson...

Beau: *swt* Port Dicksone was a 2 days 1 night trip... This time we had 3 days 2 nights... of course it's longer.