Jul 30, 2012

LDR (Part 3)

previously, Clayden told Beau he's chatting with a guy through Whatsapp... And Beau asked for the picture of the guy.

Beau: *received pic*

Clayden: *silent*

Beau: *silent*

Clayden: Dear you jealous ah?

Beau: Huh? Why you say that?

Clayden: Just wondering...

Beau: No la... How to have LDR if like that also will jealous?

Clayden: Hehehe.

<3 <3 <3
All is well.

And his name is Ben. Singaporean, back from overseas cuz his parents are old and he had been away for too long. And he knows Clayden is attached. XP But hell no, he doesn't know Clayden blogs. LOL

Jul 27, 2012

LDR (Part 2)

Beau: Huh? You gave to who?

Clayden: Just one guy... He just came back from Australia to Singapore...

Beau: Is he hot?

Clayden: Not exactly.

Beau: Fattie?

Clayden: Not really la. Decent guy. Lean.

Beau: Got pic?

Clayden: *whatsapp pic*

Beau: *received pic*

To be continued...

Jul 25, 2012


So one day on Whatsapp...

Beau: Dear... I'm at Starbucks... So many gays... Cannot open Grindr. Log in only got 5 people saying Hi.

Clayden: Yea? So hot meh?

Beau: Yeah lor... Shy shy... Some even want my number...

Clayden: You didn't give?

Beau: No lor... don't want lor...

Clayden: I gave to one.

Beau: Huh? You gave to who?


Jul 22, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 016

Hehehe. Hot hot...

Jul 20, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 015

Man: Come on babe, you know I'm huge. See my bouncy chest?

Lady: ...

Man: We could try candle tonight. Or maybe roleplay...

Lady: I'm bored.

Man: Seriously? Like... really?

Lady: Yeah. I know who you shags outside.

Jul 13, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 014

I wasn't paying much attention initially. He had this funny looking shoe and he looked as if he just got off from some hangout with friends. But as I looked up from my phone, I saw his veiny hands... And that cleavage on his shirt.

Now do you see what I see? Damn why are Singaporean men having all these big juicy chest?!

Jul 10, 2012

Comparing weights

Clayden: Dear... I lost weight jor

Beau: Huh? How come?

Clayden: I'm starved at work... No time to eat...

Beau: Then ma become very slim already...

Clayden: Yeah... I am 78kg now.

Beau: How can!!!

Clayden: Why not? You're 84 ah?

Beau: No... I will be 72 one month later.

Clayden: I will be 68 then...

Beau: =.="

Jul 3, 2012

Manwatch v2.0 013

Mind if I see what's underneath the zipper? LOL.

No puns intended. But I was sitting and he was standing. And his crotch is just right in front of me. And yes, he has got this dominant type A vibe. Got off at different stations though.