Dec 13, 2011

Lousy Parenting

So we were in a hotel having breakfast one morning, and there was a young couple with their 2 year old son in the next table.

Beau: OMG! The mother doesn't control her son!

Clayden: Let her be. Not your son.

Beau: He got a knife on his hand! ANd he's climbing up the chair!

Clayden: Let him be. When he falls only he know.

Beau: But he'll injure himself!

Clayden: There'll be some doctor around.

Beau: And now he's holding a fork!

Clayden: Never mind, he could injure his eyes. And some eye doctor out there can earn more money.

Beau: Why you like that one?

Clayden: Why you wanna mind other's business?

1 comment:

Tempus said...

I will just keep one saying I want to slap em, though it never happened. If he overboard, just screw him