Feb 1, 2012


If you did read the previous post, before the public toast to Beau, yes, there was some issue in Clayden's family. Parents flew in from overseas to request that he go back with them, and start settling down.

Details will not be put here. Only those who are close to Clayden would know. But otherwise, let's just assume it's a family matter.

And when Clayden's mum asked that question, he was just... literally... torn apart.

How could any mother ask the son to choose between his spouse and the family? But of course, her not knowing that the friend that her son had been close with all along, were none other than the son's other half.

Clayden was left restless and distressed and totally depressed. When his mother saw him in such condition, she continued to pester him. After all, they were the one who raised him up since he was born. They were the one who gave her food and clothings and place to stay. They were the ones who sent him over to KL and let him be for all these while. So now that they decided it's enough, they thought they'd get him home.

Not knowing that while he was sent away, he met a man...

A man that changed his life.



Advocate said...

stay strong, both are equally important, but to me, my family is everything. Try weighing both and evaluate the condition. Dont act hastily and you'll do fine. All the best in life ;)

Le Chatelier said...

No matter what happened in the end, good luck lah. Life is nothing without storm and typhoon, stay strong u2!