Jul 30, 2012

LDR (Part 3)

previously, Clayden told Beau he's chatting with a guy through Whatsapp... And Beau asked for the picture of the guy.

Beau: *received pic*

Clayden: *silent*

Beau: *silent*

Clayden: Dear you jealous ah?

Beau: Huh? Why you say that?

Clayden: Just wondering...

Beau: No la... How to have LDR if like that also will jealous?

Clayden: Hehehe.

<3 <3 <3
All is well.

And his name is Ben. Singaporean, back from overseas cuz his parents are old and he had been away for too long. And he knows Clayden is attached. XP But hell no, he doesn't know Clayden blogs. LOL

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