Jan 23, 2011

Fatso Kidnapped

Beau drove to Citibank last night wanting to withdraw some money. Before he left, he asked me to lock the door. I guessed I must've forgotten, was looking at this guy getting ready to ride off in his bike.

When Beau came back 2 minutes later, he asked me why hadn't I lock the door.

Beau: Later the whole care gone then you know.

Clayden: Who would dare? Got a fatso in the car.

Beau: Got fatso in the car?

Silence for 10 seconds.

Clayden: Ohhh! No? Nevermind lor. Hahaha.

You don't get me do you? LOL. Beau calls me fatso sometimes, meaning "fat" in his own slang. So since he said he didn't see any fatso in the car, that means I'm not the fat guy! LOLS.

Okay. Cold. Never mind. LOL.

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Chinese Prick said...

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