Jan 29, 2011

Starbucks CleanUp

You would be asking why the more Starbucks around in Klang Valley, the more crowded they are. God knows why these students are so rich, spending the whole afternoon in the cafeteria. We gave up on the one in Mutiara Damansara, despite there are 3, THREE freaking Starbucks in that place alone, and we know it'd be forever crowded.

So we thought we'd head over to Sunway Damansara instead, thinking it'd be less packed. But who knew, it was also packed to the brim. But upon looking around, a lot of the customers were just sitting there without any Starbucks drinks on their table. Pissed, Beau went up to the store manager.

Beau: How can you allow people who are not drinking to occupy seats in the shop and use your facilities, when there are real customers out there who drinks and doesn't even have any seats at all?

Manager quickly went to talk to one African girl, and chased her out. And she came back, "Sir, we've one space for you."

Following that, we notice a few other customers packing up and leaving too. LOL.

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