Jun 12, 2011

What happened in the Sauna?

Well, this gym that I went to, where I saw a "picking up" process in the sauna, I suppose it's really that happening.

After the guy lured the boy for some hot sex, another guy came into the sauna, and looked at me constantly. I was sitting at the bench on the wall, and he came sit on the same bench. Usually people wouldn't be crowding on the same bench you see, so I already suspected that he's trying to pick me up. But I didn't bulge, was trying to see what he was going to do next. He kept hissing, and moaning softly. I didn't look at him directly, but from the corner of my eye, I could see that he was looking at me. It was pretty obvious, he was sitting next to me, with his head tilted to look at me, that he was trying to get something going.

I moved towards the corner of the sauna, away from him. He got the hint, so he stood up, and headed towards the door.

I continued with my own activity, closed my eye and tried to enjoy the steam and sweat. I had my one of my leg flexed, allowing some heat into the groin.

But when I opened my eyes, lo and behold, the cruiser was sitting so near to me and was staring at my... opening...

I didn't move, but just stared at him.

He stood up, and went to the bench perpendicular to where he sat earlier, lied down and flexed one of his knees, like what I did, so his erm, thing would be visible.

I still didn't show any interest. I mean, I wasn't at all.

But he didn't give up. So he sat up, and positioned his towel to show his, erm, package. He was having a hardon. I well, okay I admit, I was looking at the shape of his tool, trying to figure out how big it was. Excuse me. I'm quite a size queen. LOL.

He noticed I was looking finally, so he took off his towel, and walah, there it was, his skinny cock.

Such a disappointment. I thought I was just an average, but his was... I'm not boasting seriously.

He stroked it a bit, and was trying to get me to help him. He put his hands on my shoulder and godamnit, he was trying to get me to blow him!

I got up, and leave straight away.

All those effort he put in, trying to lure me... in vain.


-aLEx- said...

s-c-a-r-y x.x!!

Deicidal said...

wow....wouldn't someone walk in on you?? :O

Naughty Prince said...

stay firm with ur principle...

Mak said...


ooi2009 said...

its such a pity beau got u

Tempus said...

you must be one of those who have come-and-get-me look typo like my sg friend.