Jun 22, 2011

Kicked the Bucket?

Well... I wouldn't say we are frequents at Giza Sunway, but at least I would say we are there quite often. We know that an independent gym was operating outside on the first floor although there was a major commercialized branch being a major tenant. So I told Beau, that the independent gym probably won't last long anyways. He begged to differ though, claiming such independent gyms are actually quite nice...

It was probably just 2 months later when we were sitting in the same place at the Japanese restaurant overlooking the park when Beau saw the gym again.

Beau: Gasps! The gym stopped operating!
Clayden: They probably don't have any members tonight. That's why the lights are off...

Beau: No no... there's a "to let" sign!

Clayden: Really???

Beau: Yeah!

Clayden: Ohmegosh.... what a pity!

Speaking about competitions... :(


tuls said...

but the guys there are hot... oh my gosh.. i drool everytime i walk pass and bubu will pinch me everytime i look! hahahahah

Deicidal said...

I always walk past that area too..... on the way to TEO HENG KTV that is. hahahaha
That pic of Harrison Jub always attracts my attention.

Tempus said...

people go for brands ma.. but sometimes these gyms are cool too!

Takashi said...

its a business model that failed to take off.

*~DaisyQueen~* said...

They Moved to a bigger space. In Subang avenue.