Nov 19, 2011

Middle Eastern Food

Beau is quite an international traveler before we settled down. Lots of flying here and there and stopping by in Dubai Airport and all... So one day, as I chanced across this coupon on one of the online mass voucher website, I thought I'd ask if he's interested in dining at this restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara called... something.... can't remember.

Clayden: Dear, wanna go try out in the best Middle Eastern restaurant in KL as named by Time Out?

Beau: Middle eastern? No way.

Clayden: How come? I thought you like it?

Beau: I HATED it...

Clayden: Haha. okay....

Beau: Why? You tried that place before?

Clayden: Nope, just wondered if you wanna go try together.

Beau: Don't want la...


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