Sep 10, 2009

Duplicating Beau

Being in a relationship means you're with your other half no matter what, that's if you're in a monogamous relationship. And by saying that, eventually you'll get use to the other half of yours and sooner or later, unconciously, you'll notice that you'll copy some of his little actions. Or maybe more, for example, impatience in driving.


We were on our way to the gym this afternoon. I was the driver this time. And all along the way, I cursed and cursed and cursed.

"Bloody driver! Don't know how to drive one is it?"

"What the fuck?! No need signal one ah?"

"Stupid aunty! Stick to your lane!"

"Fuck! Can you go faster pleasee!?!"

And the beau looked at me every other time I cursed. "Since when my dear become so impatient on the road? I thought all the while you're the one asking me to cool down?"

I wondered too. Maybe it was because I haven't been driving for a long time, and driving after taking a long break from driving somehow got me annoyed with those who has been driving everyday yet they drive as if they never drove before.

But more logically speaking, I wonder if it is because of the beau's "influence".

The beau protested, "You're suppose to learn the good attributes, not the bad one!"

And I replied, "There's this Chinese saying about easier to learn the bad attributes compared to the good one innit?"

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sgboy said...

Just like the spice girls song "2 become 1" sweet