Sep 3, 2009

Lowest Turn

I know I haven't been really updating this blog. But things have been going downhill for me. I haven't been really updating because I just couldn't bear the pain that I was going through.

I was laid off from my work because of a mistake I wasn't aware of. In fact, I didn't even know why I was placed in this "under monitoring" group of people by the management. Beau said it is the most absurd reason to fire me because I failed to seal the contract in Bangkok. After all I'm still a new worker in this company. Maybe not so new, but 3 years isn't exactly long considering I'm the youngest in my department.

My boss didn't give me a reason other than to tell me to behave myself while the director board monitor my performance. There are a few others who to me, were pretty hardworking workers too. And yet, out of no where, they came up with this trial period of "under monitoring" group of staff, to which, is sort of like a warning sign that we might be laid off anytime soon.

I'm not sure how the evaluation was like. I carried on with my work, although I guess I appeared to be less cheerful nowadays in the office.

Beau has introduced me to take this course for a certification that would allow me to improve myself. He said it is time that I upgrade and move on with my life. I don't know about it, but I'm taking the challange alright.

But with everything so messed up at the moment, I don't know if I could ace through the exam in about 6 weeks time. It came in just right in time as the supervisor was going to retire in a couple of months. This qualification would be a booster for me to get that position alright.

I just hope would make it.

Meanwhile, the beau's facing some financial difficulties. Not exactly a major one to the extent of selling off his properties and sort. But big enough to give me worries.

God... I really wish things will turn out alright soon...


Takashi said...

it will be better dear..

life is like a roller coaster.. sometimes its up, sometimes its down, then only life is fun~

hang in there.. muacks

Leu said...

hey clayden boy~ dun get sad and down... i think things will turn out to be fine soon~

that course might be good for u, go for it :)

freddiewee said...

Dear Clayden,
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the happy go lucky one said...

so sorry to hear your misfortune, im sure everything will be alright for you soon, theres always beautiful sunrise after the dawn :) take care *pat pat*