Sep 21, 2009

Oh My God Hottie!

Admittedly I would go gaga all over a man who's over 6 ft tall, broad shoulder with big chest and big arms and solid tummy, not necessarily 6-packed although it would be a bonus.

When I opened my mail this morning, this guy popped up.




I drool like a silly little bottom boy waiting to be picked up and banged on the wall and got my brains fucked out. Like hello, is there anything else you can describe that picture?

But I know shit about this guy, honestly. Only by chance I came across this website to some clubs and subscription to God knows what sort of e-mails, and upon further clicking, I came to learn he's a DJ. Big Kid. Hailed from Singapore apparently.

10 minutes later, he's just another hot guy. Lust perhaps. But nothing more than that.

Because I know back home I've got another hot guy whom I call mine, whom I know, whom I could touch, and kiss, and have intimate love-making with. Lust? Definitely. But this lust have got something more too... Something more to life. Something more to passion. Something more to something we call ourselves.