Oct 22, 2009

Part 2: The Bear

Ever since he gotten to know Mr. Bangsar, Behrman has been keen to meet up with him. So when he got his phone number, he texted the man 2 days later. It was a Friday night, and Behrman has nothing to do.

"Hi there. It's Behrman here. What's up?"

2 minutes later, Mr. Bangsar replied, "Nothing much. Just watching porn."

Interesting guy, Behrman thought. And he replied. "Would be cool to watch with you. I never watched one."

Corny? Or just plain horny?

It wasn't before long that Behrman was on the train to meet this man. When he got off the train station, he tried to find his way according to the direction given to him. But he found himself lost in some commercial park. So upon numerous calls, he finally got back to the point where he started, just outside the train station. It was 8p.m. then.

He waited patiently by the main road. It was a pretty busy night. The road was never once clear. It wasn't before long when Mr. Bangsar arrived, with a fed up look. Behrman must've pissed him off with his stupidity in following instructions. But it wasn't really on that much of a bright side for Behrman either.

He thought to himself, "Gosh! He's... FAT!!!" Behrman wanted to turn around and leave the place but it was too late as he just answered Mr. Bangsar's call.

They walked along the road, back to Mr. Bangsar's place. Apparently, the later just moved back from Australia less than half a year ago, therefore he wasn't keen in driving just yet. Upon reaching Mr. Bangsar's rented room, he was led to the edge of the bed, and before him, first time in his life, he saw a man on man action. On the television.

Mr. Bangsar came out from the shower a while later and got onto the bed. They were both fully clothed still. But the more Behrman watched the gay porn, the hornier he got. His cock grew slowly. He just had to lower himself down from the edge of the bed onto the floor, adjusting his underwear to reposition his growing little thing between his groin.

Eventually, Mr. Bangsar broke the silence.

"Why are you on the floor? Come on, onto the bed. Now."

Behrman turned around, and saw the hard-on underneath Mr. Bangsar's shorts as well.

"Erm... you know I'm still pretty... erm.."

"Just relax. Come on." Mr. Bangsar indicated the space to his right.

So Behrman climbed over and lied there, palpitating while Mr. Bangsar's pillowing right hand played with his ears. Ticklish! Behrman turned his head, in an attempt to move his ear away from the fingers. But he was just inches away from Mr. Bangsar's face, and Mr. Bangsar was looking at him.

After a few seconds of freeze, Mr. Bangsar repositioned himself and groped the erection Behrman was trying to hide earlier.

"What's the worse that could happen? There's nothing to be ashamed of." He laughed. "Now, let's take that off shall we?"

Pretty unromantic. But Behrman just followed his commands and got stark naked on the bed while the host got off to dim the lights. Behrman fixed his eyes onto Mr. Bangsar as he slowly lifted his clothes. Hairy chest. Big belly, but not really the beer belly. Muscular arms. And while he lower down his shorts, Behrman realized the boner was gone. The shorts gone off to reveal what seemed to be a very very big cock. Even while it's unerected.

The bear walked over to the side of the bed and got onto the bed, pulling Behrman close to his side, and planted his mouth onto Behrman's shocked face while his hands were touching Behrman all over the body. Their lips met, but as the bear opens his slowly, Behrman followed suit. Behrman was trying to learn how to kiss as a matter of factly when he felt the bear's tongue inside his mouth. He was licking his teeth and protruding his tongue into the mouth cavity, playing around with Behrman's tongue.

"Hmm... you're pretty good in kissing." Mr. Bangsar pulled away after about 5 minutes of French kissing. "Wonder where you learnt that."

Mr. Bangsar repositioned both of them, and asked the boy to lie in the middle of the king sized bed, while the bear was on top of him. There were a little bit more of kissing before the he moved down from his mouth. He twirled around the nipple, with the tip of the tongue, alternating with some sucking and licking around the aereola. After quite some time of servicing both side of the nipple, he slowly moved south.

Using the tip of his tongue, he did what he had done earlier to the nipple. He teased around the cockhead and licked around the shaft of the cock. He moved further down to the balls and sucked at it vigorously. But he just refused to suck on the proding cock just yet. He gave a final lick at the bottom part of the shaft of the cock before he move up and attacked Behrman's nipples again.

This time round, Behrman felt something hard proding him between his groin. Mr. Bangsar was having an erection.

"Like that?"


bluesoul said...

would this consider molestation? lol

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... someone sure have very good memory :P
and i think im dumber than the person in term of sense of direction :P

ichimaru akira said...

Same here,very dumb in following directions.

Erm....... will reserve my comments till I read part 3

Just B3cks said...

me too..same as ichimaru LOL