Oct 18, 2009

Chapter 1: How it all started

Behrman cautiously logged onto Gay.com using the computer in the lab. It was midday one Tuesday and the next class only started in one hours time. He logged into his account and looked around, making sure no one came in through the door. Not that he has to be extremely cautious about it, but sometimes his classmates would barge into the lab while waiting for the next class. After all, it's fully air-conditioned.

As the website slowly loaded and images of men appear, he resized the window into half its size, just in case. He moved his cursor towards the blinking words of "inbox", expecting a reply from one of his contacts a few days earlier who he wrote to.

Living away from home, he has all the freedom he had wanted. But he was still all too new in this alternative lifestyle to which he knew his parents would strongly be against with. Life as a homosexual back in the early 90s, is still pretty much like those of the rats in Ratatouille, most would probably look at you one kind, while the radicals might have some Samurai sword with them, preparing to slash you in the throat and let all those fresh blood gush out from the external jugular vein.

He was just in his second year away from the comfort of home. Isn't it too long for nothing to happen?

"Hey there. I live in Bangsar. Renting here, but have my own room. Town house, just opposite the shopping village. What about you?"

Behrman looked at the profile again. The fourth time he was going through the details. 5ft10, 210lbs, stocky muscular, single, looking for sexdate, friends, relationship. And the picture of a smiling bald man appear, with numerous others smaller pictures of himself lined up at the bottom of the main display picture.

"Hi there. Glad to see your reply again. Staying with friends here, near the campus in PJ. Hey, why don't we keep in touch via phone? It's a bit troublesome for me to get online as I don't have my own connection. Am online in the school computer lab. Text me, 012-xxxxxxx. Hear from you soon."

He knew he needed to get it going somehow. He was keen in meeting, but nothing seemed to happen thus far. And this man he was corresponding with, attracted him in so many ways. Not entirely his look, after all he's in his early 40s. But somehow there was this aura with him that attracted Behrman.

When it was all done, he quickly logged out from the porn site and logged in into Friendster instead.


bluesoul said...

Your coming out story? U sure know how to fully utilize the computer lab LOL


waiting for the 2nd part :D

Anonymous said...

when can we expect chapter 2 and how many chapters are there gonna be? Not a very patient person... LOL...

Clayden L. said...

Writing part 2. :P