Aug 14, 2010

Couple seats

So we headed over to the cinema one day, wanting to catch Inception. There were two other men walking in front of us, taking the elevator and heading, none other than, the cinema as well.

Me: Couple wor.

Beau: How you know?

Me: I know lor.

Beau: Going to watch movie also wor...

But unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out! Disappointed, I decided that we just head home and cuddle in bed. That was when we saw the couple who walked in front of us earlier.

Me: Same couple wor.

Beau: Is it?

Me: They also couldn't get the movie ticket.

Beau: How you know?

Me: Because we also didn't have tickets mar.

Beau: -.-"

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Antinous said...

I <3 those comfy couple seats too!