Aug 2, 2010


There are times when you just suddenly feel empty. Beau went out with his girlfriend on a Saturday night and I went home to catch more sleep. When dinner time came, I went out for dinner. Tired. Solemn. But there was a piece in me reflecting what another friend mentioned.

"Not everyone appreciates their boyfriend when they have one, and when they lose it, they were all lost again."

I just sat there, alone, on that plastic table, by the side of the road, finishing up that bowl of dumpling noodle, wondering. What have I turned into?

Alone time like these, I came to realize, helps everyone to reflect on their own lives.

And I came to realize, how much Beau loves me... I have my own weaknesses. I have my own flaws. But he never complained about it, and accepted me for who I am.

I couldn't have asked for more.

And I'm filled with remorese...


Takashi said...

good u still give him room to go out with his frens

bad u might be too dependant on him??

Lucifer said...

don't be remorseful. it's not to late to realize that.

tuls said...

agree with lucy.. you'll be just fine..

Qboy said...

Don't be what Lucifer had said above..

It's really good that you understand the things that he did for you, and i believe that you know how lucky a person you are to have your Beau being the awesome persona he is to you.. You should change it into feeling loved, and do the same in return (not meaning that you're not doing it now..)

Don't worry la :)

pikey said...

Glad u r enlightened... perhaps you can do some time with your own friends too like Beau did to his.

Chen Xing said...