Mar 30, 2011


Clayden: A bunch of kids.

Beau: College kids.

Clayden: Nah. I think they've just gotten their STPM results. Coming out celebrating.

Beau: How do you know?

Clayden: Well... They look like they are... acting mature. Know what I mean?

Beau: =.="


ooi2009 said...

dont envy them lahhhh

tuls said...

i did form 6 too.. so hate the uniform! hahahaha.. ooi2009! you shingz!

savante said...

But I like school uniforms! I think they can be sexy - though the dark olive pants is crap.

ooi2009 said...

tuls , are u seriously asking sex from me , haiya , u really want means ask la

Elween Locke said...

haha! I know what you mean!!! Kids! haha~~~