Mar 20, 2011

GO-GO Show

So we were planning to go to Bangkok for a week for a weekend. Beau decided to call up a mutual friend of ours to ask if he was interested.

Beau: He would definitely wanna go to those kind of places. (meaning the 'boys' show)

Clayden: Ah... Then dear you don't go la... I'll go with him.

Beau: Yer! What's that supposed to mean?

Clayden: You don't wanna go... but I wanna go mar...

Beau: Yer! Cannot cannot... I also wanna go...

... to keep an eye on Clayden! HA-HA!


William said...

Shows are still safer than massages. ;)

Skyhawk said...

@William: Massage not safe meh? How come? lolx!