Aug 30, 2009

Ferrero Rocher

And the beau arrived in front of the apartment after he told me over the phone half an hour earlier that he was caught in the jam. And I looked at him, the same man whose stuble was freshly groomed earlier the day I presumed. He looked back, and with this same expression none excited nor frustrated but a mix of curious and anxious, "what?"

"Nothing, just looking at my dear." I said. And turned to look at the road again. Cars were moving at snail-speed especially when it's in the fasting month and everyone's heading to the nearest restaurant to break fast or perhaps, their home.

He extended his hands over the sling pouch and opened the zip. We were talking about the selfish drivers of the city and how they were driving like crazy people who barely passed their traffic laws and what not, and I thought he wanted to take out his digital camera.

Except that this time, his "digital camera" appeared to be of a brand called "Ferrero Rocher".

"For my dear." He said while he was half trying to concentrate on the road and looking at me at the same time.


"Aww... Why are you wasting your money on these... I didn't even get anything for you!" And I felt so bad because I never gotten him anything before. Like, yeah, NONE!

"Just because. And I noticed my dear's pretty down lately too. So chocolate would do just fine to cheer you up."

I looked at him and smiled. "Can I open it now? You could make use of some yourself too." Knowing he'd probably lose his temper soon with all the traffics as such.

"Up to you, it's yours now. I can't find any of heart shaped, but I suppose this will do."

Are you kidding me? Of course it does! Anything would do. For all that he has done for me, and for all that we had gone through together, do you really think I would mind gifts still? Although, heart shaped chocolate would look pretty, erm, girlie to me. LOL.

Happy anniversary my darling... Love you lots.


Takashi said...

omg so sweet!! put ur hand on his lap next time he drives :)

Takashi said...

omg so sweet!! put ur hand on his lap next time he drives :)

ichimaru akira said...

I'm turning green de. Sigh

Leu said...

wow~ so sweet :) envy

Evann said...

Lovely! :)