Sep 13, 2010


So we finally went out one day. After all the failed attempt for public display of affections, we finally managed to perform some french kiss in Pavillion.

Beau said he wanted to get some working attire. He said he need some new ones so that when he meets the customer, he'd have something decent. So we went around the premium Parkson there and started our shopping frenzy.

But at the end of the day, he only managed to purchase a shirt. I on the other hand, a shirt, a long pants and a t-shirt.

Beau said, "How come everytime we go shopping, you're the one who purchase more than me one?"

I pouted my lips. "Because I'm more gay than you lor."



-aLEx- said...

Great answer! ;)

Qboy said...

Nyorrr, you two sho cute la :3

Jason said...


Green Bear said...

yea~that ends up same for me too.

ichimaru akira said...

erm, I thought u guys wanna be discreet? erm2