Sep 21, 2010

Beau's Spycam

One night, beau was waiting for his mum in a Starbucks cafe somewhere and we were chatting online.

"Dear, the barista very cute one wor. It's so empty here so we managed to chat a bit."

Jealousy kicked in eventually, and I dared him to snap a photo of that guy.

"But I'm not a good stalker leh."

So I finally melted and said never mind, knowing him. Because later on, he told me he managed to snap the barista's photo.

Later on that evening, he sent me the photo.

"Cute or not?"

"Ok ok lah. Not as cute as me."

Beau was speechless. "No eye see."



tuls said...


no eye see!!

Koala Express said...

hi cutie... may i ask where is this starbucks... please? :P

Jason said...

cute wor... Hahahaha XD

Willk said...

izzit cute?